Is The War on Vaping Working?

Is the war on vaping working? It sure seems to be in many regions around the world. The UK, especially.

For all those stuck in a world of misinterpretation, the word ‘alternative’ is defined as one of two or more available possibilities.

The vaping community has never claimed that e-cigarettes were the panacea to the worlds’ troubles. Because quite frankly, they are not. That’s not what e-cigarettes were designed to be. E-cigarettes were created to afford a smoker a better way to ingest their nicotine without having to burn their tobacco which, as we all know, produces a complex mixture of harmful carcinogens. Yet, with that said, those in positions of power see vaping as a threat, rather than what it is: an alternative to cigarettes.

Despite findings from Public Health England and Cancer Research UK, stating e-cigarettes to be 95% safer than their regular, combustible counterparts— there’s still a growing torrent of misinformation surrounding vaping and it’s harming the smoking quit rates among many nations, particularly in the UK.

According to the Augusta Free Press, the perception of vaping as an alternative to smoking is even flimsier than it was before. The All-Party Parliamentary Group or APPG, cited an ASH study which found that only 20% of adults in the UK correctly identified vaping as a better alternative to smoking. The Free Press goes on to mention that this is an alarming statistic for the simple fact that in 2015, 31% of adults were well aware that combustible cigarettes were much more harmful than e-cigarettes. Wow!

The Chairman of the APPG, Mark Pawsey, gave a speech while presenting a report at a reception in the Houses of Parliament warning that, “current methods are not working for the nation’s eight million smokers and that it’s up to the government to ensure such campaigns (PHE’s Stoptober campaign which included e-cigarettes as a viable smoking cessation too) become the norm, not an exception, so that the UK can fully exploit the public health potential of vaping.”

According to the Augusta Free Press, the UK vaping scene only grew by 4% in 2017, in comparison to 2013 where it grew by 86%; in 2014 by 62%, and in 2015 by 24%. Just by these numbers alone, the war on vaping is clearly working.

For more, credible information read here.

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