Watch Out, Vapers in Connecticut

Connecticut – one of the smallest states, soon-to-be with one of the highest taxes on vaping?

According to Vaping360,

“Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy has proposed a 75 percent wholesale tax on all vapor products as part of his revised budget plan. Since the state has been operating without a budget for two months, and legislators are feeling pressure to pass a bill this week.”

What does this mean? Well, for starters, a tax that high would most likely force most shop owners to close their doors. They would have to pay almost double to stock their store than they’re currently paying. Knowing the vape community, it’s seriously doubtful the shops would choose to hike their prices instead.

What can you do? Head on over here and send an email to the governor about why imposing such a tax would be harmful to the vaping initiative and local, small businesses within Connecticut. Better do it soon – this vote is supposed to take place this week!

The VapingPost writes,

“Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary for everyone to understand just what type of government body we are dealing with not just Federally, but we must focus more attention locally, especially when it comes to having a state organization to advocate for saving your vapor industry. Believe it or not, they are coming for every state.”

Hopefully, with our voices and powers combined, we can convince the governor (and all involved with the vote) how harmful this initiative would prove to be. Make sure you let them know before it’s too late!

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