… Is the uberly difficult to pronounce word of the minute, hour, day, week, month, year and indefinite future, so it seems… at least as far as vaping is concerned.

Indefatigable, pronounced “in-di-fat-i-guh-buhl”, is an adjective used to describe a person or entity, usually in regards to their efforts, that is incapable of being tired out; not yielding to fatigue; untiring.

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A Revolution This Way Comes

Is it just me or does it seem like the British are one step ahead of the curve on virtually… EVERYTHING?

I mean, think of all the objects and/or items you utilize occasionally if not on a daily basis. Quite a bit, huh? Yeah, same here. Now do a quick Google or Yahoo! search on the origins of these items and I bet you’d be amazed at how many were conjured up and brought into existence by someone of British origin.

It’s really astonishing how revolutionary the Brits were, are… and will most likely continue to be.

Take the World Wide Web for example…

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Good Ol’ Chuck Bringing The Noise…

The bosom buddies or those I like to refer to as the “Orcs” of Big Tobacco are at it again y’all.

Over the weekend, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, in all his wisdom, urged the federal government to reverse a recent decision to delay the regulation of e-cigarettes after citing alarming data that show one in five teens in New York State… wait for it… vape.

– Cue the GASPS from government lobbyist’s! –

A nicotine delivery gadget called, “Juul” has become especially popular among teenagers because it’s easy to hide, Schumer said at a press conference in Manhattan.

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Vaping Abroad – Part 4

From 30 Year Smoker to Marathon Runner; A Truly Inspiring Tale of How E-Cigarettes Changed This UK Man’s Life

Chris Baxter had been a smoker for 30 years when he finally realized it was time to make the switch. Like many smokers, he had tried and failed to quit many times, but after seeing somebody vaping in a local pub, he became curious about E-Cigarettes and decided to give them a try. The story attached is an inspirational tale of how vaping let Chris go from a 58 year old man that would get wheezy from climbing a flight of stairs, to a man who has now completed two marathons.

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The Blood Seekers!

The war on vaping and the governmental regimes that use your precious blood for profit.

Did you know, The World Health Organization or WHO, estimates that one billion people will die early from smoking cigarettes? Yes, that’s right. One billion with a capital—B! According to the United States Census Bureau, the current world population roughly stands at 7.5 billion people. About one birth occurs every 8 seconds while every 12 seconds, a life is lost. So, taking into account the data provided, we can look forward to a lot more room on this planet at the turn of the century due to the loss of life attributed to cigarette use.

What a grim outlook…

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Now This Makes Sense Jerry. Right Ya’ll?

Can anyone tell me what is missing in the image above?

Yes?  No?  Maybe, maybe so?

How about I give you 420 seconds to figure it out…?

Ready… Set… GO!


Okay, time’s up.

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Popcorn Lung?

So, a few days ago I wrote a blog called, It’s What The Doctor Ordered, about a top doctor over in Australia calling for a total ban on cigarettes. As always, the blogs on Mt Baker Vapor are disseminated throughout all our social media platforms and almost always generate some interesting feedback.

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