Top 20 Best Reviews About MBV Juice

With the release of our Summit Line at play, we have taken a fine-tooth comb through the reviews left on our website for our top 5 most sold flavors. We wanted to see the positive and negative comments left by our valued customers so that we can continue on our journey back to our roots of 100% customer satisfaction.

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The British Are Coming!

“THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!” shouted Paul Revere in 1775 as he galloped through the streets of Concord, Massachusetts, warning unsuspecting colonist of the impending danger that awaited them. Had it not been for Revere’s daring midnight ride, the Colonial forces would have surely met a severe thumping.

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The Sub-Ohm Lifestyle

There are many different vapes, vaping styles, reasons people vape and probably AT LEAST a dozen other factors when it comes to the “vape industry” as a whole. Today, our focus will be on, what seems to be, the most talked about vaping style out there – sub-ohm vaping.

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How Can Health, Wellness and Vaping be Related?

The topic was posted about a week ago on one of our social media platforms. The individual who raised the question was having great difficulty wrapping their brain around a person advocating health and wellness, while at the same time, promoting vaping.

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