Vaping While Bearded?

Just yesterday, I found myself at a crossroads as I stood before my bathroom mirror, half-sleep. “To shave or not to shave?” was the question running through my mind as I ran my hand across the stiff, prickly hairs sprouting from my neck, chin and cheeks.

Six days had passed since I last shaved. Although, I was starting to dig the George Clooney, post five o’clock shadow look— my hair, being as curly as it is, was beginning to loop back inside my skin, thus creating some serious discomfort.

As I gazed at myself in the mirror, unsure whether to shave or not, I was reminded of my commercial fishing days in Alaska and the beard that I managed to grow during my time on the water.

The mental image of my gnarly, vagabond beard that many people compared to pro NBA star, James Harden, got me thinking:

 What’s it like to vape with an egregiously long stache?

After scouring the web for hours in search of information regarding beards, vaping and manliness, I stumbled upon several forums where men (presumably men), shared their interesting experiences and stories about “vaping while bearded”.

Here are a some posted questions and responses below:


I’m probably going to sound silly, but has anyone else had an issue with chain vaping and getting their stache soaking wet? I keep my mustache trimmed, but it is fairly bushy. Will the soakings cause me problems in the future (glued together whiskers/stache funk) and does it contain enough nic to give possible od with?


I don’t understand how vaping would get your mustache/beard wet. You’re supposed to vape it, not drink it.
Seriously, how would it get wet.

It gets wet from the vapor that is exhaled and collects on hair follicles above mouth (mustache)

I don’t have a mustache or a beard  (thank goodness!)
I have, however, noticed having some slight moisture above my upper lip from vaping. I think it’s because I tend to exhale vapor in a slightly upward direction rather than downward of straight out.

My bf has a full beard and stash… no moisture unless he exhales out his nose.

Hahaha, yes. Sometimes I exhale upwards just to blow it through my stache because I admit… the cool condensation feels good and I find it rather amusing.

Never had mine get soaking wet, slightly damp at most. I have not encountered any stache funk as of yet. However, noticed the vapor gives my beard a little smell of the flavor I’m vaping.

BTW, in case you were wondering what my beard looked like during my fishing days, here you are.

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