Vaping Types: Which Type(s) are YOU?

The vaping community is unabashedly weird, and wildly diverse. Amongst this diversity, distinct vaping types have emerged. Though categorizing vapers is overly simplistic, it is impossible to ignore the colorful characters we’ve encountered in this industry. What type (or types) of vaper do you identify with?


"I get my juice from a company you've probably never heard of..."
“I get my juice from a company you’ve probably never heard of…”

This vaper shops for obscure, boutique mods off Etsy from bizarre companies that may or may not exist. Much of his vaping lingo sounds made up. Perhaps some of it is. The Elitist has the latest and greatest products, and they will scoff at your setup, no matter how functional it may be. The elitist tends to be extremely opinionated, even polarized, about products and vapor companies. Beware of the Elitist, as he or she will belittle and scare away new vapers.

Common interests: Ska, podcasts, Reddit, fedoras.




The Cloud-Chaser is a human fog-machine. This vaping type looks like a cloud with legs. These vapers make their presence known with billowing, volcanic gouts of vapor. The Cloud Chaser knows all the vaping tricks and lives in a perpetual state of wrapping coils. This vaper will turn a room into an 80’s music video.

Common interests: Metal, violent video games, the color black, skateboarding.


"Go to your room! Mommy and Daddy need to chuck some fat clouds."
“Go to your room! Mommy and Daddy need to chuck some fat clouds.”

Life changes when you have kids. For the well-being of the children, these vapers have sworn off smoking for keeps. A married couple may vape together, and it may be adorable. A vaping conversation will inevitably become a tangent about their kids. The father can be sighted vaping while turning a ribeye steak at just the right time, even leaving pleasing criss-crossing grill marks on each side. A vaping mom transforms the family minivan into a fragrant oasis of wafting mist.

Common interests: Eddie Bauer, minivans, PTA, barbecue, meandering conversations about a cute thing their child did.


"What does this button do? Why is this happening? Who am I?"
“What does this button do? Why is this happening? Who am I?”

Even the Elitists and Cloud Chasers were new at some point. These people can be identified by their bewildered facial expressions and starter kit setups. They look at mods like alien ray guns, and are aptly full of questions. If you are a Newbie, keep at it and don’t get overwhelmed! If you aren’t, be supportive to the newcomer, and make them feel welcome in the vaping community. Remember, gentle Newbie, you can direct all your questions to Customer Service, or our numerous Social Media platforms. Do not be frightened!

Common interests: personal growth, experimentation, technology, befuddlement.




The Revolutionary is the activist of the vaping world. This type is always up to date on government legislation and the status of vaping in countries you have never heard of. They can be spotted performing monologues to befuddled onlookers. This vaper may be a blogger, and probably still has subscriptions to print newspapers. If ever you need an encyclopedic spiel about the MSA, Vaper’s Rights, vaping bans, or NPR, this is the person to talk to.

Common interests: politics, liberty, blogs, the 1960’s, Orwell novels.

Something to think about:

Is there any type we missed? Which type do you relate with?


Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

49 thoughts on “Vaping Types: Which Type(s) are YOU?

  1. Hmm… I’d have to say I fit in the Newbie category, for the most part. I’m glad to know that (most) vapers are welcoming. I’m have a couple friends who are complete Elitists about it, and always have something snarky to say about my setup… but eh, I’m happy with my setup. Maybe someday I’ll experiment with some of the fancier stuff.

    1. Everyone starts somewhere! One of the many benefits of open system vaping is the endless combinations and choices in setups. If you’ve found something that works for you then stick with it! But it never hurts to try new things 🙂

  2. “The frantic hunter”
    The frantic hunter will be found at vape meets, expo’s, vape shops, and constantly searching websites for the latest updates, new products, new ideas, improvements, and modification ideas in the quest to get the perfect setup/vape. When “the hunter” does find this, he shares this information with only his family and immediate friends, so as not to diminish supplies.

  3. The Satisfied:

    We have the battery we like with 1or 2 tanks with only a couple of juices we really enjoy. Vapes only for flavor and nicotine to keep off cigarettes. Satisfied with minimal setups, doesn’t care for change.

  4. Yeah John I don’t blow clouds around the kids. We use Nautilus minis around the house. Clouds in work truck and outside. Our kids are old enough that we explained to them why we started vaping hence “The Parental”

  5. Innovator- Passionate about solving issues and moving ‘Vaping’ forward. Pays attention to details to a fault. Problems are all opportunities and glass is always half full.

    Personality Type- A trying to be a B

  6. I am more the Flavor Chaser and Satisfied, BUT, I am forever seeking a better Mod with a battery that lasts longer and coils that last longer too

  7. I’ve been vaping steadily for about a year (on and off prior to that), but I consider myself a flavor-chaser/newbie. I finally have 2 good units to use, and found several flavors that I like, but I know very little about VG/PG or coils, building, etc… but that’s OK. I’ve replaced 3/4 of a pack of smokes a day with vaping and enjoy my flavors while I am working or hanging out at the house. It’s working for me, I’m happy with it, and (at the moment) don’t see a need to tinker with what I don’t understand yet lol 🙂

  8. Just got out of the newbie/parental group. However, I do not have children, we started this as an alternative to cigs and love that we no longer smell like an ashtray. So I an a Flavor builder/chaser now for sure, along with trying to get everyone else I know that smokes to vape. I’ve loaned out my old starter kits and back up tanks so my friends can get into it and find what they like without feeling “dumb” for a lack of a better term. I love mixing the great flavors that MBV offers. My favorite right now is a mix of French Toast with Blue Moo and Strawberry. I have also Built my own a mix of caramel candy with vanilla ice cream. We usually order 4-5 30ml bottles twice a month and I am always mixing different flavors. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  9. I probably fit into the parental vaper. anything more seems to be overkill & such a waste. I’m in it for the flavor and the nicotine I need. I don’t have a need to show off so to speak.

  10. I’m a strange breed I think. I rock sub-ohm tanks mostly at 1.5 or 3mg/ml (6mg in something lower in vape density like an iSub vs a Smok VCT Pro etc). Then, there’s 18mg/ml in an Aerotank or Nautilus mini for when I’m out and about and not wanting to blow plumes of vapor everywhere. I dig sweet cake flavors and harsh tobacco-ish flavors. The juxtaposition seems to get rid of vape fatigue and reset my tastebuds.
    I’m going to get serious with building soon, as I’m blind that should be an interesting experience learning how to coil and wick a dripper. Looking at the Mutation X v3 or the Turbo V3 (take the fan out lol).

    1. Building will indeed be interesting for you! There are so many abstract and complex vaper types that it we missed a few types. We’re thinking about doing a Part II! Thank you for your insights!

  11. I’ve just graduated from newbie, after getting a good mod. I jumped right into flavor & cloud chaser. My friend is a bit ahead of me and shared her flavors from y’all and I jumped right in. Always been revolutionist.

  12. A bit of a mix for me. Parental/flavor chaser, with a little revolutionary thrown in.

    Of course we should all try and make sure there’s a little revolutionary in us these days…or we might just lose our right to vape.

  13. I’m a Newbie-Researcher, started vaping 9/6/15, was a pack and a half a day smoker, down to one in the morning and that no longer tastes good. I love research and have learned so much! I see myself becoming a revolutionary as I live in Whatcom County and understand why MBV relocated and it’s irritating. I best stop now before I go on a rant! Thanks to the guys at the store and this blog for my beginning education!,,

    1. So glad you made the switch to vaping! We work really hard on researching new developments in the world of vaping, and we hope this blog continues to be a great resource for newbies and veterans alike!

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