The Short Work Week Vaping Quiz

Name the fluid that has no odor or color, is less viscous than its counterpart and is used to provide that “throat hit” that many former smokers look for in vaping?

The atomizer does which of the following:

TCR or Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, relates to the resistance and corresponding heat of what type of alloy used in a coil?

4. In what city and state did Mt Baker Vapor originate?

5. What is the “heart” of an e-cigarette?

6. “Cloud Chasing” is?

7. The main governing organization which oversees the vaping industry?

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7 thoughts on “The Short Work Week Vaping Quiz

    1. Awesome! We are gonna keep em cooooooooooming! Thank you for participating! Unfortunately, we are having some issues with posting results.

    1. The WordPress plugin known as WP Quiz. It is pretty slick – but, they don’t offer stats so we can’t see how many people have taken it etc which is the only downside in our opinion. Would recommend aside from that though!

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