Vape Quiz 43 | Test Your Knowledge!

It’s Monday again, ladies and gentlemen! That means it’s time to test your vape knowledge and quiz yourself on all things vape with vape quiz 43. Let’s go over last week’s blog posts. Whether we are reviewing the fact that Nova Kit by Geekvape  or environmentalism and vaping, this vape quiz covers all the vape knowledge! Make sure to go over the blogs before you take the quiz! Pull up a chair and get your thinking caps on for Vape Quiz 43!


Welcome to your Monday Vape Quiz 43

What kind of tank does the Nova Kit come with?

How many watts does the Nova Kit go up to?

What range of wattage does the super mesh coil in the Nova Kit work best at?

What kind of chip does the Nova Kit use?

Who said, “it is also vandalism wantonly to destroy or to permit the destruction of what is beautiful in nature, whether it be a cliff, a forest, or a species of mammal or bird."?

About how many cigarette butts are deposited into the environment each year?

How many trees a year are burnt for deforestation due to tobacco farming?

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