Vape Quiz 32 | Test Your Knowledge!

It’s Monday again, ladies and gentlemen! That means it’s time to test your knowledge about all things vape with vape quiz 32. Let’s go over last week’s blog posts. Whether we are reviewing why vapes aren’t Tobacco Products, celebrity vapers, or Spearmint E-Juice, this quiz covers it all! Make sure to go over these blogs before you take the quiz! Pull up a chair and get your thinking caps on for Vape Quiz 32!


Welcome to your Monday Vape Quiz 32

Who is the Nicotine and Tobacco Research editor-in-chief?

Which US act allows the FDA and other organizations to categorize all products containing nicotine to be categorized at tobacco products?

Which organization recently did a study which confirmed that vaping helps smokers quit?

How many participants were in a recent study in the UK that showed that vaping helps smokers quit?

What movie did celebrity vaper Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar for in 2015?

What is the scientific name for Spearmint?

What are the mints of the genus "Mentha", like Spearmint, referred to as?

What Greek/Roman goddess transformed the nymph Minthe into a plant when she was jealous of Pluto's love for her?

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