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26 Jun, 2014  

Mt Baker Vapor Shipping FAQ

At Mt Baker Vapor we offer a variety of shipping options to our customers. The shipping method you choose does not affect how quickly your orders get placed. A large majority of the time your order will be processed in 24 hours. In some situations though it may take up to 3 days to process and ship your order. Our packages are packaged discretely for your security.

Shipping Methods

At MtBakerVapor we have a couple different shipping methods to choose from. It is important to know that the shipping method you choose will not speed up the processing speed of your order. Orders are processed first come first serve basis. We try our hardest to get all our packages out quickly


USPS is one of the most affordable methods to ship packages to our customers. USPS delivers packages six days a week (Monday – Saturday) and work very hard to get the mail out. The only downfall to USPS is the lack of tracking updates and most of the time you will have your package before tracking has been updated.

USPS First Class Mail

First Class mail is the standard of our shipping. We can only fit 13 ounces worth of product in a first class mail package. This is most common shipping method chosen by our customers. It will normally get to its destination in 3 – 7 business days.

USPS Priority Mail

Priority mail is slightly faster then first class mail. We calculate the rate based on the size of the order and the kind of priority mail package that will need to be used. These packages typically arrive to our customers in 2 – 3 business days.

USPS Express Mail

Express mail is slightly faster then priority mail. We calculate the rate based on the size of the order and the kind of express mail package that will need to be used. Express mail must be to the post office by 3pm to get processed for 1 – 2 day shipping. Remember paying for express mail does not give you a quicker processing time it just means that once your order has shipped it will arrive at its destination at the fastest possible speed. Express mail can not be used to ship to APOs or FPOs.

UPS Ground

We also ship via UPS Ground. UPS ground will take a different amount of time depending on where you live. Please take a look at the UPS ground map to determine how long it will take to get your package. This will give you a general understanding of how long it will take your package via UPS ground service. The rates are much better on larger orders and you get much better tracking then with USPS.

Free Shipping

We offer a free shipping method at MtBakerVapor for all domestic orders over $50. Sometimes there are also coupon codes for free shipping. When a customer chooses free shipping we ship via the least expensive method possible. Our system will pick the best method for us to use so your package may ship via USPS or UPS depending on cost. Free shipping will never work on international orders.

Local Pickup

Local pickup is available from 8am-9pm PST one – two full business days after the order has been placed when this method is specified at checkout. Please note that orders placed before 3:30PM PST won’t be available for pickup until the following day due to processing and production time. Also, orders placed after 3:30PM PST will require the following day for processing time and hence will not be available for pickup until one day after the following day. For example, if an order is placed on Monday at 3:31pm it will be available for pickup on Wednesday (not Tuesday), as that is one full processing day later.
Orders can be picked up at:
7159 Guide Meridian Rd
Lynden WA 98224

International Shipping

At MtBakerVapor we ship packages world wide. Keep in mind we are unaware of your local laws and the customer assumes all shipping risk. Once the package leaves our hands there is nothing we can do at this point. All international mail is shipped via USPS or FedEx. If you order any e juice your customs form will be labeled as e juice. We will not stretch the truth or under declare values on any packages. We offer a variety of international shipping methods. Note: Customers are responsible for all customs and duty fees when importing products into their country.

First Class International Mail

International postage is based on the weight of your package. First class international mail is assigned a tracking number. Unfortunately once the package leaves the USA (typically in Las Angelas, California or New York) we will not have any other tracking information on this package. First class international mail can take up to 20 business days to reach its destination. Please also understand that customs can delay this process.

Express International Mail

International postage is based on the weight Express international mail is assigned a tracking number and can be tracked until it is delivered to the customer. Your package will arrive to you in 3 – 10 business days. Please understand customs can delay this process.

FedEx Priority Mail International

This is a flat rate shipping method offered by FedEx. The package can be tracked all the way to its destination. This is by far the fastest international shipping method making it to its final location in 1 – 5 business days. We strongly suggest using this shipping method.

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    Just a heads up, my order #635616 was rejected by Canadian customs and will be sent back to you. Is this something that you will just dispose of once returned or will a re-shipment be attempted? Please let me know if you need another payment to re-ship it, otherwise I will attempt a new order in the future.

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