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Happy tenth of July everyone!

Yes, I know. It’s true. Happy tenth of July doesn’t roll off the tongue the way Happy Fourth of July, Happy New Year or a delicious vape juice from Mt Baker Vapor, does. Nevertheless, today is still the tenth of July. And for all you radical vapers out there, know that today is the 191st day of the year and the 40th day of summer. Silver is the days’ lucky color and Pearl is the days’ birthstone. John Calvin, Nikola Tesla and yup, you guessed it—Jessica Simpson, were all born on this day.

Random digression: Did you know Jessica Simpson’s dad, Joe Simpson, vapes? Have a look for yourself: here.

Aside from the remarkable fact that I mentioned Jessica Simpson’s name with the likes of Calvin and Tesla— July 10th has seen its fair share of remarkable moments in history. Remember President Zachary Taylor? No? Me either. Did you know though, that in 1850, after then President Zachary Taylor died of a severe intestinal ailment, Vice President, Millard Fillmore, was sworn in as the 13th President? What about the dam in Switzerland that collapsed and killed 70 people? Or that three years later, again on this day, the former Soviet Union statesman, Mikhail Gorbachev was re-elected as head of the Communist Party?

It goes without saying that the aforementioned are all important moments in history. But if I had to choose a July 10th moment that intrigued me the most, it would have to be the Alaska Court Of Appeals decision to overturn the conviction of Joseph Hazelwood, the former captain of the oil tanker Exxon Valdez that spilled more than 10.8 million gallons of crude oil on March 24th, 1989.

After slamming into Prince William Sound’s Bligh Reef, Hazelwood was found guilty of negligence for his role in the massive oil spill, but successfully contended that he was entitled to immunity from prosecution because he had reported the spill to authorities 20 minutes after the ship ran aground.

Why does this moment in history interest me so much, you ask? Aside from the gross level of oil spillage and the far-reaching devastation to marine life and the livelihood of those who earn their living on the water, I myself, used to fish commercially in Alaska. Before the vaping industry developed into what it is now – to where I became part of it, I worked on various fishing boats. It wasn’t until I saw oil residue on one of Alaska’s compromised shorelines that I understood the gravity of this spill.

What old July 10th memories are you able to conjure up? This time last year, were you in love with vaping like you are now? If so, can you recall what led you to vaping? Please share with us your thoughts…

…and/or anything of value you’re willing to offer. Thanks. 🙂

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