Baker Vapor E Juice Shade Ratings

As you may have seen (or linked from), there is a shade rating diagram in the product description of every e juice that we sell at Mt Baker Vapor. We rate the shade (darkness/lightness) of our juice on a scale of one to five as accurately as possible for your convenience.

What difference does the shade make?

The shade of the e juice comes from the flavoring base, and has a direct effect of the e juice shade itself. Typically, darker-colored juices tend to leave a resin (ingredients in the flavoring that aren’t vaporized) behind at a faster rate than lighter-colored juices, decreasing the atomizer/coil lifespan. Typically, the darker the juice, the faster this process will occur.

Why do we carry dark-colored e juice?

We try to provide many flavor options of e juice and, unfortunately, not all of the flavoring bases are light-colored. Consider it a coin toss, like using a low-resistance atomizer (which will essentially provide more power at the cost of a typically shorter lifespan). In short, we have some great dark-colored flavors that are worth selling; we just want to provide you with as much knowledge as possible about the hardware risk involved.

How accurate is the diagram?

Since we offer a lot of e juice customization options which include many variables that effect the color/shade, it is difficult to be incredibly accurate. The variables that determine subtle differences include nicotine content, extra flavoring shots, and time. More nicotine will always add more of an orange hue to the e juice, and this typically increases with time (steeping). Extra flavor shots add more flavoring percentage to the bottle, which, intuitively, effects the outcome as well. Lastly, steeping (time) can change the color/shade of certain flavors, sometimes dramatically. PG/VG are clear and do not have an effect on e juice color/shade.

Some flavors, such as Ecto Cooler (which is exceptionally yellow relatively), are far from being within the representational spectrum/gradient color-wise and are rated as closely as possible shade-wise.

Iced Tea and USA Blend (a tobacco flavor) are rated “1”, and Green Tea is rated “5”. Are these mistakes?

No. Not all flavoring bases are the color that they would seem. Ideally, all juices would be clear as clear in possible in color, but sometimes ingredients that make the flavor bases dark in color are needed to achieve the best flavor.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

158 thoughts on “Baker Vapor E Juice Shade Ratings

  1. i got my 1st order in today (spending a couple hundred bucks), i quickly discovered that my tobacco flavors juices don’t taste like tobacco at all. i email support and they answered as follows. I must Steep my juices:

    quote: Steeping is just an oxidation process that occurs between the flavoring, nicotine, and base. We recommend at least 2-4 weeks of steeping for the juice to develop the flavor properly (Tobacco flavors may require 4-6 weeks). Just set the juice out of direct sunlight with the cap on, shake it once or twice a day during steep time, and you’re good to go. There’s nothing wrong with vaping right away, but you won’t get the best experience unless you steep.

      1. That is not true my friend. E-Liquids aren’t quite like wine. Not even close actually!!
        First of all, E-Liquids have an expiration date of 2 years – after the 2 years flavorings and nicotine become weaker and weaker, exactly like a Mouthwash or a painkiller like Panadol
        ( Paracetamols commercial name in Europe ) or Advil as most of you guys use in the USA )! The Best timing to Vape the Best Taste that any E-Liquid can provide to you is right after the end of its Stipping period up to a maximum of 1 year!! After that year passes everything simply starts going down hill but off-course you wouldn’t notice any significant difference in its taste until it reaches the 2 years! By the way, many Chinese made E-Liquids contain chemicals ( from 1 to 14 depending on the flavor they want to manufacture ) which after they reach and pass their 2 years of life, more accurately at the age of 2 years and 2-4 months old, not only they become weaker in all ways like any high Quality Liquid. but because of rhe extra chemicals and conservatives that they must use due to their Massive Numbers of Production, after that time then, they Cannot be Vaped simply because they STINK like a camels behind!!
        Second, Yes there is a stripping period for All E-Liquids and that is NO LONGER than 12-20 DAYS – Not weeks and any company that wishes to be listed as a professional company must NEVER ship Un-stipped Liquids to their customers and as far as I know, 99% they don’t!
        I Repeat, The Stipping period for Any Flavor cannot not go over Maximum 12-20 days!
        Paris Mel – Proffesional Vape shop owner for the last 7 years!

    1. I actually love my juices 100% fresh and as unsteeped as possible, which is why I chose this company for my juices. It gives a crisp quality and a bit more mouth burn (in my opinion) that I enjoy. I am an menthol ex-cigarette smoker, and the sharpness mimics the brightness of menthol that made it easier for me to move off of cigarettes completely.

      1. I am not very convinced Constance that MY Baker has ever sent you unsteeped juices.
        As I said based always on my knowledge as a professional Vape shop owner, worst case scenario cases of unsteeped deliveries of juices wouldnbe to just open the cap of the bottlenfor 5-15 minutes and that would be it!!
        Correct me of I am wrong! The US is a huge country with some very “weird”‘if you don’t mind me saying Vapers, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Vapers would ask from companies to be aending them unmatured / unareeped juices just becauae for some weird reason they prefered them this way,hehe!!

      2. I totally agree! It just seems weird being a menthol smoker and not having some sort of burn, I almost equate it to smoking those horrible non-menthol cigarettes when I had nothing else to smoke

    2. +1 on this. I’ve found the flavor improves quickly–within a week, and gets better from there. I do usually try them right away and steep for 2 hours with the cap off if initial flavors seem harsh.

  2. I’d love it if there were a way to search or list flavors by their shade, or search for a shade range. I make it a point to only buy the clearest liquids, and I love that MBV gives us an indication of that. Every liquid supplier should do this! Still though it’s hard to find liquids with the shade you want, since you currently have to click them all and look at each page. Thanks for a great site, excellent service and great liquid πŸ™‚

  3. I have a couple of questions.

    What flavors do you have that have the ice menthol like the Blue Ice?

    Is your regular blueberry the blueberry flavor that you use in the Blue Ice?

  4. I also vote yay in having an easy way to search/filter/display results by juice color. Possibly a “refine” results thing where you just check various juice qualities you want, like which colors, yes/no to known plastic tank issues, etc.

    Also, the link on this page to follow y’all on Twitter doesn’t take you to the Mt. Baker Vapor tweet home; it takes you to:


  5. I just received the juice I ordered from your website. I must say there is a very strong nicotine odor to them. Is there something I can do to eliminate this? I also notice a very saccharine taste as well. I would appreciate any help you can give me since I bought several bottles of juice and hate to not be able to use them.

  6. I vape a tobacco product called Marvel Red from a competitor of yours and it is the closest thing to Marlboro Red I have found. I buy several 236ml flavors from your site, but can’t find anything close to the marlboro taste. Can you duplicate other’s recipes?
    If so, it would be great! Thanks.

    BTW, it is the only product I get from another site. All of my liquids are from Mt. Baker with this one exception.

    1. I would like to no where u get what u say is the closest thing to a Marlboro red im still looking and cant find anything close

      1. Don’t like the quality of the bottle/caps. They don’t feel like quality, and don’t tighten well.
        Leaks are possible, and just wish whatever the flavor, that we don’t end up paying for leakage…

        1. We don’t use fancy droppers and bottles in the manufacturing of our e-juice so we can maintain a low-cost item for our customers. When you purchase glass e-juice bottles you are paying for that cost of quality which has nothing to do with the actual juice purchased. We have a premium line of e-juice! Try GWAR and Photonic for higher quality!

  7. I swear, I learn something new, every time I log on to MBV! I didn’t know at the time I placed my order about the shade’s diagrams, but I have noticed that darker shades do tend to gum up my coils a lot faster, so that’s something I’ll have to consider the next time I order, although I’m totally hooked on caramel flavors, which your site rates about a 3.

    I do have a question: I bought some caramel flavored e-juice locally (Centalia), and while I was vaping it (about 2 weeks) I averaged about 2 coils a week! I knew that was extreme, & I’ve been suspicious of the vender because he packed up his shop and disappeared overnight on the 1st. Could it have been a low quality VG that caused my coils to burn up soo fast???

  8. This was my first order with MB & I was blown away with the shipping time. Ordered on Friday/afternoon, received my order on Monday/morning. And I am in Ohio. I wish you could advise some other establishments how to accomplish this (lol). Order was perfect, my gift juice “Thawed Sauce” is most fabulous, I will be ordering that with my next order, perhaps I should just let MB surprise me with juices. Just kidding. I am a very elated new customer!!!! Thank you James Thompson, et al.

    1. Welcome to the MBV Family! We love taking care of our fellow vapers! The shipping is a super secret magic trick that involves our production team being amazing, so unfortunately we’re going to keep that a trade secret πŸ™‚ Enjoy your new e-juice and vape on!

  9. As usual another very satisfied customer! Been buying 236ml Admiral Berry for a while and just switched up to a few samples. Thawed, Hug, Banana Cream Pie and got a 15mil of Sticky Bun thrown in. Love you guys! Always amazingly fast shipping and spot on products!

  10. I just got my first order from mvb. I ordered about 8 different e juices on the 5th and they arrived today wich is the 7th. I couldnt be more impressed with your shipping time. I have yet to try any of the flavors im slightly concerned they wont be what i expect without the proper steeping time… even though im dieng to give one of the flavors a try, wich leads me to my question is it ok and will they vape ok and have good flavor if i give a flavor a try before giving it two weeks or so to steep?

    1. Flavor is all subjective. While we recommend 2-4 weeks of steeping time, you are more then welcome to try your e-juice right away. I would suggest trying it, if it’s not the flavor you’re looking for, let it steep for a week and try it again. Repeat as needed until you get the flavor profile you’re hoping for.

  11. Do you guys have a cigar flavor? I’m new to vaping and just some GWAR juice. Can’t wait to receive my order.

  12. Wow this sucks, ordered my juices with high VG and max VG and its all high and higher PG how is a guy supposed to use that with all rda applications.

  13. I tend to like the flavors that leave a sweet, aromatic/aroma in the air on exhale… I wish there were a way to easily find the aromatic flavors… I ordered about 7 different flavors of ejuice from MBV and have been fairly pleased with each bottle.. My last order had freebee of Coffee cake and its now my favorite sweet and aromatic πŸ™‚ Most of the other flavors taste great but little to no aroma on exhale… I steep my ejuice 3 to 5 weeks.. I love MBV πŸ™‚

    1. Trial and error.. trial and error! That is like the one bad thing about e-cigarettes, there are so many flavors out there and it comes down to finding that perfect flavor to become your all day vape. But if you reach out to our customer service and ask for recommendations, we are sure they can point you int he right direction on our website. We love you too! πŸ™‚

    2. The apple and Carmel apple both have a lovely smell on exhale. Very close the the real smells of apples and Carmel apples. Haven’t tried other flavors yet, but my non smoking sweet toothed girlfriend picked them for the smell, and the vape taste is just as good. Although the higher the nicotine rating the greater aftertaste. If you tend to go 24mg consider the 18mg and just vape a bit more frequently. Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.

  14. Hi., I haven’t tried any of your liquids yet. I quit smoking cigarettes in February,after spending a ridiculous amount of money on atomizers, clearomizers, and batteries.
    One day I found a wonderful Vape shop close by. I was so impressed with the flavors that I swore I wouldn’t go anywhere else ever again!
    Well, this is getting to be costly,at $22.00 for 30 ml. I find myself going through that easily in a week! I love the Milly Vanilla but cannot afford to pay every week AND I definitely don’t want to go back to cigarettes.
    I stumbled upon this site just now and I was hoping that you could help me? I really love this blueberry vanilla taste. Sorry for the essay…lol, Thank you in advance.

    1. If you like blueberry vanilla you could use our build your own option to create a custom mix of our blueberry flavor and any of our vanillas (we have vanilla ice cream, vanilla butternut, vanilla custard, and french vanilla). You could also try our blue moo, which is a mixture of blueberry and cream flavors!

    2. These guys are fantastic and the most cost effective I found. It might take a little trial and error, but they have an amazing selection. My son vapes a blueberry custard flavor (I am not sure of the name), it might be close to what you seek., you could also just get the blueberry and extra vanilla flavor too. Good luck!

  15. I have been vaping for 2 years now and I have never seen this website and now I’m ordering lists after lists almost scrolls of orders lol

    1. Honestly, I’ve never tried treasure island v2, so I couldn’t make a fair comparison. I can tell you it’s delicious and reminds me of the delicious cereal days of yesteryear.

  16. I love you product!!!! 99% loyaly!!! That 1% goes to a place that I hate going to (rude employees) but you don’t make a toasted marshmallow πŸ™ please please please make a toasted marshmallow. I love adding it to your flavors and it is honestly the only flavor I vape that you don’t make! Love you guys!!!!

  17. I have been a mvb customer for a while now and love how the flavors taste and how quick the service is. But my favorite flavor is Dream Tea and u don’t seem to have it anymore, will u get again soon?

  18. Looking for a flavor that mimics or better yet is exactly on par with Alice in vapelands zombie apocalypse which is a strawberry cupcake flavor that was done very accurately just wondered if MBV could help me out as the prices at AIV are too steep πŸ˜‰ LOL

  19. Is your extreme ice the same as or close to a juice called “ice mint”?

    Also, my husband and I quit smoking going on 3 years ago so our juice has 0 nicotine. We still like a good throat hit though.

    According to what I read on your site, PG gives a better throat hit. I am working on our order now, but what I need to know is, instead of ordering 50pg/50vg, can I order my juice with higher levels of PG without sacrificing taste?

    Thanks so much! I just found your site last night and I’m so impressed with all of the info you pass on to your customers and what appears to be a great customer service dept!

    1. Phyllis, Glad to hear you’re trying us out! If you want more of a throat hit I would recommend ordering our 65pg/35vg option. You won’t be sacrificing on flavor either because most people find PG holds flavor better than VG! I’m not aware of a juice called Ice Mint, but if you are looking for an intense minty vape Extreme Ice is an excellent option for you.

  20. Do your juices need to “breathe” in the steeping process? I’ve been steeping some Graham Cracker juice for about 2 and a half weeks and I’m still noticing an odd saccharin-like taste.

  21. Just wanted to say that I have just sampled my freebie bottle of Green Ice from my order three weeks ago. This could end up being my go to juice. Definitely will be ordering the large bottle on my next order.

    1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the juice. Please continue to let us know how you feel about your orders. Our customers feedback is the greatest tool we have to improving our quality. Cheers, and vape on!

  22. I smoke pall mall light’s 100’s & am please needing to know if your website has an an e juice with nicotine that is very or as close to the taste of pall mall light’s 100’s i’m new to this & not really sure which i need to try? Could you please assist me with this issue, any suggestion’s welcommed. I have one bottle of next vapor mar red 9mg & it was given to me so i can hopefully get off of these cigarettes but have found that the 9mg just isn’t cutting it for me, i know everybody statr’s at a different strength, etc i have been told by a family friend that i need to possibly start at 24, but i’m not sure that i could handle that strength? I am thinking of perhap’s a 12mg as i have been smoking pall mall light’s for some time now & desperatly need off these cigarettes. Do you by chance have any suggestion’s & do you happen to have a multi variety pack with the pall mall light’s 100’s taste tobacco? Thank you & god bless, i hope to hear back from you soon, also i have a glass tip on my eGO-t/ecig if that help’s any?

    1. As someone who has never smoked a Pall Mall I’m not really sure what to tell you. We do have some lovely tobacco flavors. I would suggest trying East Coast Tobacco or 555. East Coast Tobacco is a dry and robust tobacco vape. Less on the sweet side and full body in flavor. 555 is a rich, yet not too sweet tobacco flavor with hints of chocolate and hazelnut. If you’ve been smoking lights then I could see how 24mg might be too much. I suggest ordering some of our different tobacco flavors in varying levels of nicotine to see what works for you. You may want to start with 18mg or even 12mg and then go from there. I hope this helps.

  23. I ordered for the 1st time on the 1st and received it today. I was skeptical about trying, the e-juice from this company I had never heard of, but wow I should’ve left that old high priced over rated takes 45minutes to get to store a heck of a long time ago. MBV you rock. Never did I detect any hesitation in your staff when it came to trouble shooting when I couldn’t login. I’ll be a life long loyal customers. Without steeping the e-juice taste great!!!! Thanks

    1. Glad you love it and us, Jay! We’re dedicated to making high-quality juice at an affordable price, and making the switch from cigarettes much easier. We’re in this for the people!

      Keep on vaping in the free world!

  24. I’ve searched far and wide, with that being said, I hope to make my final stop here! HELP!! I’m huge on the dessert/pastrie flavors. I’ve tried many different genres of e-juice but end up displeased and then go right back to the dessert flavor. Could you please suggest a yummy or your best flavored dessert anything? Currently obsessing over Ruthless MΓ©nage de Trios. However, due to vape tongue and no longer being able to enjoy the flavor, it may be time to try something new. But I just CANNOT find anything that is packed in flavor. HELP?

    1. As far as desserts go, I would definitely recommend Jizmoglobin and German Chocolate Beefcake from our GWAR line of premium juices. Aside from that, Berried Treasure has been doing phenomenally well…

  25. Hi my husband and I have just started vaping this week after smoking for 25 years very quick delivery as we live in Aus just wondering if any suggestions for savory juices we got raspberry, jungle juice and mint and I’m finding it quite sweet
    Thanks Bec

    1. Savory flavors have had mixed results, sales-wise. We carry a lot of savory-sweet flavors, many of the tobacco flavors. If you’re less into sweets, you might try tobacco and menthol flavors!

  26. Just placed my 2nd order for blue moo. I am completely in love. Best vape I have tried yet. Like many people just starting out, I have over- ordered and way over spent to find my personal fave everyday vape. You guys made it easier and your flavors are easy to customize without some asshole sales kid telling me that’s not what I want. Thanks for that!

  27. I just got my very first order from MBV and I’m thrilled with the flavors. However, I have a couple of questions. I got a build your own juice, i used a mix of blue berry and ecto cooler, trying to get a mix similar to the Uncle Junks Blue Fog (BTW is there a way to request that yall carry a particular brand if so consider this my endorsement). However, the juice has a strange bite to it. Its my first 65% PG vs the typical 60VG/40PG i get. Could that be the bite im getting or is it the extra shot of flavoring? Honestly a quick/informational run through of the pros/cons of all the different blends would be amazing. I still very please over all with everything I got my fiancee is currently attempting to steal my Hawk Sauce as we speak. You guys are awesome hope to order again soon

    1. The extra PG could be delivering that little extra “bite” you’re getting. Also, a lot of flavoring is PG based so adding more flavor shots could also be adding to what you are experiencing. In general PG carries flavor more but adds more of a throat hit. VG tends to mute the flavor a little bit, but will produce a much smoother vape. I hope this helps! Cheers, and vape on!

  28. I just received my juice and I think it’s absolutely bad I know you guys can do better would I be able to get a refund

  29. I’m assuming these ratings are for the shade when it is first mixed, is that correct? if so i think it would be very helpful if there was a second chart that showed the shade rating after the proper steeping time. the shade before steeping is very misleading.

    1. Thanks for your insights, Adam! Unfortunately, there are so many variables involved in the color of the juice. We did our best to provide a universal shade rating, but it is far from perfect.

  30. I just received my first order with MBV. Shipping time was excellent! I’ve ordered from other companies that say they ship within 24-48 hrs and 10 days later (or more!), I finally receive them! Unacceptable! Shipping was only from Texas to Alabama. Anyway, many props to your shipping department. They do good work. I came across your website by reviewing top ejuice flavors/companies and many times, Mt Baker Vapor was mentioned. Word of mouth goes a long way! I ordered several different flavors and know I should steep but I just couldn’t help myself and went ahead and tried the banana cream pie. If this juice is this flavorful upon receiving, wow is it gonna be fantastic after steeping! Great job! Rich banana cream on inhale and yummy graham cracker crust on exhale! I don’t know how y’all do that but keep up the excellent work! I am now a loyal customer! Oh- and did I mention how great your prices are??!! Affordable doesn’t always mean “cheap”! 2 thumbs up!!! πŸ™‚

    1. We salute your enthusiasm! We pride ourselves on our shipping times, and keeping quality juice affordable for all walks of life. We’re trying to set the bar high for the vaping industry. Vape on!

  31. I’ve been stumbling from site to site looking for another brand of juice to replace that brand I use to vape, and this is the first company I found that has a cotton candy flavor that actually tastes like it. GREAT PRODUCT.

  32. Another thing I was wondering if you guys/girls had a flavor of blue raspberry that isn’t really sweet and doesn’t taste exactly like cotton candy. Thank for your time.

    1. Our freebies do not contain nicotine because it is easier when dealing with international orders. We want to be able to send everyone a little freebie to try and doing 0mg nic makes it easier to get some new flavors in the hands of as many people as possible.

  33. I am an American living in New Zealand. We cannot buy e-juices with Nicotine in them. After doing quite a bit of research I found MBV. The first thing I love about them is their e-juices do not contain Diacetyl. This was a biggie for me.

    Secondly they ship my orders to New Zealand with no problems on this end. (We can order nicotine based juices (for our own personal use only).

    I have always had the best service from MBV and therefore the are the only place I buy from.

    Thanks to you all at MBV for the amazing flavors and quick delivery. I have had several smokers asking me where I got my e-cig and juices. I got my e-cig when I was in the states in 2013. But didn’t know about Mt Baker Vapor until 2014/15. So now I have put all my friends onto MBV for their juices.

    My favourites are hazelnut coffee, east coast tobacco, extreme Ice. Not into fruity flavors but love butter toffee as well.

    Thanks again!

  34. I found you by accident and gave you a shot. So far, I’ve loved the flavors. Is it possible to get the free bottle with nicotine? On my second order I requested the sweet flavor with nicotine in the free juice bottle with the comments section, however, it was given to me without nicotine, again. What’s up with that?

    1. Glad you discovered us! We do not currently offer freebies with nicotine in them. All freebies come with 0mg nicotine. If you would like to opt out of receiving these in the future just leave us a message in the order comments! Thanks. πŸ™‚

  35. ordered my stuff late on a Saturday, holiday Monday, got my stuff on Wednesday. You folks are the best, the flavors are spot on, I am going to try a lower nic level next time. thanks for making this so easy.

    1. By the wings of mercury we shall make haste!
      Glad you’re order arrived in such a timely fashion. Good luck on lowering your nicotine levels. Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you!

  36. I’d want something that’s PG 20% VG 80% and 6mg of Nicotine…
    What would be a good smooth and sweet flavor (no tobacco flavors) here that’s light in color for a 0.5ohm steel coil with Japanese cotton? I’ve been buying stuff everywhere and it’s always too harsh for a sub-ohm.

  37. A friend of mine has a bottle of your vapor that she purchased from a vapor store nearby. She would like to purchase it online, but can’t find it on your site. It is called caramel coffee with 6 mg nicotine, 80% pg 20% vg. Is this the same as caramel latte? Thanks.

    1. We recently have changed up our coffee flavors a little bit. Caramel Latte is our new take on the old Caramel Coffee flavor. We made some tweaks to all our coffee flavors, and I can honestly say they are way better now!

  38. I have a question. I use an Aspire nautilus mini tank. I’ve notice that my e juices from you (hawk sauce 50/50 12 nic. And constable coconut cookies 50/50 12 nic 1 extra flavor shot) are both quite clear in the bottle. I’ve put about 4 mg of liquid into my tanks. The longe they stay in the tanks and the more I use it, the darker the juice becomes. The left over juice in the original bottle is still fairly claer. Can you explain what the process is that makes the juice become darker in the tank? I’m not sure if the occurs with all e juices or just ones from Mt. Baker, as theses are relatively new tanks for me and I haven’t paid attention until now. Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.

    1. This is most likely due to the fact that the juice in the tank is being heated and vaped. This process will most likely be what is causing the change of color.

  39. Do you use alcohol chemical in the product range of collections ? Is there a product where the alcohol chemical ?

  40. I’m looking for a menthol flavor as close to Pall Mall or L&M Menthol 100’s as possible Mainly no hint of mint. I would be happy for something close to Kool 100’s as an alternative. I greatly appreciate your time

  41. RE: 3/8/2016 comment from “Rachel” & reply from “John Swankle @ MBV”. Once any e-liquid is put into a clearomizer or tank, the longer it’s in there, the darker in color.. you’ll notice it getting. (even more noticeable w/ higher levels of nicotine) Just as both time & more so, uncapping/oxygen will do, while steeping….. that smaller amount in a tank, now (for all practical purposes) exposed to the air, is naturally oxidizing even quicker. That oxygen, is actually what makes it darker.. the longer it sits in there. Doesn’t hurt the liquid tho & if anything…. might even help it steep a little quicker! So, IF you happen to have an extra tank & a flavor you’re impatient about vaping, yet know it really needs to be steeped first… Just fill that extra tank & set it aside for a day or 2, ready to go. ((& Good Lord.. IF using ANY top fill tank, always ALWAYS close airflow control BEFORE touching the top fill part, for your own good…. esp when refilling. These tanks work on vacuum pressure, which… if broken will leak all over, until empty! Close AFC, open top, fill quickly, close/seal, take a primer pull just to ensure air-tight & re-establish pressure, then open AFC & get back to vaping… That one second will ensure you don’t get gurgling, flooding OR leaking. Esp since, by design.. none of ’em “should” leak. If they do, 99.9% is just user error & a good sign to stop & check stuff. As many as I see commenting or asking about leaking…. just thought I’d mention. CLOSE afc before refilling & leaking won’t be an issue for ya! For all those who say you don’t have to? Maybe they got lucky.. did it really fast, idk…. Just keep in mind they haven’t always been top fill…. for a reason. Besides, totally worth the extra half a second imho.. so that the device & table aren’t getting to enjoy all that good e-liquid.. instead of you! … just sayin’. lol)) Anyway… after a day or 2 set aside, “steep” should be done, liquid will be darker & it should be more than good by that point. MUCH quicker than just leaving it ALL in the bottle & waiting.. trust! πŸ™‚ Hope that helps the person who asked, as well as others going forward who may wonder the same thing. (well, also so MBV can provide ’em with the right info too. πŸ˜‰ wink wink) * Live long(ER) & get that MBV vape on! * πŸ™‚

  42. Im trying to quit smoking camel lights. Any recommendations on an e liquid with a similar flavor? I’m also trying to mostly recreate the throat hit. Any suggest pv to vg ratio? i smoke about 3/4 a pack a day. Think i’d get my nic fix at 12mg? one random question, do you have a coffee mix that tastes mostly like a cig but with hints of coffee? Thanks much, i’m excited to start the switch!

    1. Our 555 flavor would probably hit the spot for you. It is a tobacco flavor with a nutty and chocolate hint. It is really good. What equipment are you using? If you have a small pen type then the 12 nic would be good. If you have anything bigger than a pen I would suggest start at 3 and see if that works for you. When you hit on the mods bigger than a pen, you get a lot more vape so you need less nic. Normally, I tell people to start at a 3 or 6 if they are not using a pen.

  43. To start with I love the prompt shipping and all the flavors I have gotten, I order every week. I have gotten all my vape friends to start buying from MBV, however I bought a goliath RTA, dropped it and broke the tank, ugh, no replacement tanks available , so I bought the goliath v2 and I like them both but the v2 leaks bad! I have changed all orings along with trying many different coil sizes and amounts of cotton. I get all my vape relates stuff from MBV, you guys rock! Any suggestions? I just hate wasting so much juice from the leaking.

    1. When you are wicking it, do cone wicks. So cut the cotton at an angle and then put it in. This should fix it.

  44. so i ordered some juicy cube and the flavor is just not there do i have to let it steep for a while? i was told when i called that the juices come pre steeped so i could just start vaping them right away. Also i bought the 150ml and was hoping to get the free bottle of fruit flavor but you didn’t throw it in with my order πŸ™

    1. Hi Niki,

      We loved the 8 oz bottles too! Because of the new FDA Deeming Regulations we’ve been forced to stop offering the larger bottles. I’ve heard that the cost of FDA testing for the larger bottles can cost in the millions to gain approval. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  45. This pre-steeped change has really bummed me out. I used to order in bulk, my everyday vape of Cotton Candy. My latest order I received a bunch of 30ml bottles, all pre-steeped. The Cotton Candy graph rating shows it as a 1. Before this pre-steeped change I would say it was a 2. Now it is definitely a 4. This juice killed my new coil in 2 days. I can’t afford to buy that many coils! $50 worth of juice and I won’t even be able to vape any of it. The worst part is the pre-steeping didn’t even make the flavour any better. So a change in how you process this for no added benefit. Any plans to update your rating graphs? I’ll have to switch to a different everyday vape that’s actually a 1 but I feel like I can’t believe the graphs anymore. πŸ™

    1. When juices steep, they do change shades. The shade ratings are not all the way up to date since we are pre-steeping the juices. It is true that the dark shades tend to hurt coils more. I do apologize for the shade rating, we are working on them.

  46. I’ve been checking back for about a week but you are still out of 24mg, 18mg, max vg Extreme Ice Flavor. Also, you don’t make the big bottles anymore. When will you be getting more stock? Will you be offering a discount for quantity purchases? Thanks

    1. We are working getting everything in stock. There are a lot of flavors and a ton of mixing to do but they will be back. I have requested an ETA on when Extreme Ice might be back in stock. As for bulk discounts, we are working on this. We understand that the bulk prices are a lot better deal than buying the singles.

  47. I really like the shade ratings because I like to get the light juices so it really helps me. I don’t really like the darker juices.

  48. I got Fruity hoops in the mail the other day and I have never seen such a dark juice like this before.Smells great,in unfortunately my mod broke so I can’t taste it.

  49. I’m not seeing the shade ratings on the product pages! Will someone please post a screenshot so I’ll know what I’m looking for? Thanks!

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