22nd Monday Vape Quiz

Another weekend has gone, and another week has begun! Happy Monday vapers!  Don’t let a bad case of the Monday’s get you down; take our 22nd Monday Vape Quiz and you’ll surely be put in a much better mood! If you have been reading our blogs over the past week, you should be able to pass this quiz with flying colors. Time to get to it! Especially relevant: last week’s quiz.

Welcome to The 22nd Monday Vape Quiz

What is the name of the popular magazine which recently published an article slandering e-cigarettes and the vape industry?

"... approximately _______ million lives can be saved from premature deaths, with 86.7 million fewer life years lost in the most optimistic scenario, according to the authors of a BMJ Tobacco Control study."

What is the name of the doctor who is a former professor of Global Health at Yale and one of the most dynamic anti-smoking advocates?

The aforementioned doctor accuses what organization of allowing the anti-vaping lobbyist to control their position on e-cigarettes?

What is the name of the 157w Box Mod released by Mt Baker Vapor today?

What is something you need, but does not come with the mod from question 5?

What are the four main ingredients in the dessert form of Bavarian cream?

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