Down with 95% Vape Tax! [Call to Action]

On February 2, 2017, Arizona government officials introduced a Senate Bill (SB 1517) that, if passed, will increase the taxes on all vape-related products to 95% of the wholesale cost.  This is a severe increase of the tax on these items, and would have a devastating effect on the vaping industry, up to and including businesses shutting down.  

If you would like to voice your opposition to this proposed bill (We strongly encourage you to do so), we have added the names of the Senators and Representatives responsible for this bill with their email addresses.  YOU MUST USE A PERSONAL EMAIL TO SEND A LETTER ELECTRONICALLY.  We also request that you keep your letter civil, and refrain from using any derogatory language. Passions run high, but using abusive language will only hurt our cause.

We have also attached a template letter that you can copy, word for word if you wish, into your email to use instead of having to write one yourself.

Once again, we strongly encourage you to take action.  If we do not voice our objections now, we will have no choice but to live with the consequences of these laws.  The only way to stop the laws from passing is to unite against this law’s approval.

The list of the Senators and Representatives are as follows :

Senator Juan Mendez Email :

Senator  Jamescita Peshlakai Email :

Representative Isela Blanc Email :

Representative Kirsten Engel Email :

Representative Ray D. Martinez Email :

Representative Pamela Powers Hannley Email :

Representative Athena Salman Email :

To submit electronically, head to CASAA’s call to action page.

Here is a message that the vape community is free to use to voice their concerns, if you don’t want to write your own letter:

Dear Official,

I am writing to urge you to oppose SB 1517. This bill would impose an unjustified 95% wholesale tax on vapor products.

Imposing extra taxes on vapor products would be severely detrimental to the E-cigarette industry in the State of Arizona as well as country wide.  One of the many benefits of the E-cigarettes is the influx of jobs created by the industry.  Implementing these taxes will cause multiple E-cigarette manufacturers, distributors, and retailers close down their facilities, putting many tax-paying Americans out of work.  This outcome is far worse for the economy than the new taxes imposed by SB 1517 could offset.

Forcing legitimate businesses to shut down will also have the unintended consequence of consumers looking at creating their own E-liquid. The creation of a vapor product black market  would be dangerous.  If the consumer does not have a professional knowledge of mixing processes, dosages, and sterilization, there could be fatal consequences. This asinine bill is just shy of an outright prohibition, and history has shown us the horrific long-term effects of prohibition.

With these considerations in mind, I firmly believe that passing SB 1517 would cause a lot more harm than good in the State of Arizona, and I wholeheartedly request that you stand with your constituents and oppose this potentially crippling bill.

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

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  1. We are adults!!!! And don’t deserve to be robbed since we don’t smoke cigarettes and harm our self but politicians make money from tobacco and since there not from vape they will try

  2. Thank you for the VITAL-Post–and CALL TO ACTION–
    fowarding to all in Northern ARizona to join -YOU–in this SHOCKING 95% TAX INCREASE-
    that is OUTRAGEOUS-

  3. As you all know the AZ state legislature is proposing a 95% wholesale tax on vape liquid products. This could mean significant price increases for adult consumers and a potential floor stock tax on your inventory. If you want to help fight the tax and support a local lobby effort, please contact me:

    Ron Tully, Board Member, Vapor Technology Association
    Gilbert, AZ 85296

  4. I will definitely make my voice heard on this. I love the prohibition part of the letter, well-played, not something I had previously thought about! My state (IN) is also working on passing ridiculous legislation on vaping products. The government is removing vending machines from the schools and serving healthier lunches due to the obesity concerns of our country, yet they want to tax the hell out of any tobacco competition? Makes me so aggravated.

  5. If you hear of any more legislative change around the nation, please let us know about that as well. Through God’s good grace and the use of a vape mod, I have quit cigarettes completely for over two months now.

  6. Thank you for fighting the good fight on this Mt Baker! This is just another way to deplete our civil rights and limit choices to those the government deems appropriate (which means beneficial to them). I always come to you for the latest information on vaping regulations. It’s nice having you on my side! Thanks!

  7. i think stressing the health benefits of vaping compared to cigarette, cigar, pipe smoking and dipping need to be addressed. you could easily site european studies that tout vape as a healthier alternative to smoking. (to my knowledge no US studies have shown health hazards). it is also a very effective way to quit smoking.

  8. The government goes after vaping like crazy. Yet, cigarettes are still legal. Why don’t they apply that 95% tax to cigarettes instead of punishing those who’ve put cigarettes down and choose to vape? It seems like they’re trying to force us to go back to smoking the guaranteed coffin nails. There’s big money being taken away from the government/FDA regulated Big Tobacco industry due to the surge in the vaping industry. Therefore, they’re trying to extort it from vaping consumers.

  9. All these vape taxes are getting out of hand. You’d think they’d want us to vape instead of smoke. Oh wait, money, money, money. Greedy life suckers.

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