Why is my vape leaking?

Are you a beginner? Don't worry, the leaking vape is a common problem even with vintage vapers. However, it can be resolved with a few simple steps. A leaking vape can totally ruin your mood and your day. Its like bed bugs, it won't harm you but it can annoy you to the core.


There may be several reasons behind a leaking vape tank. But, it is important to identify the reason to get rid of the leak. Vapers are like, “everything seems alright, but why is my vape pen leaking?" Let's look into the common reasons that can cause your vape pen/vape tank leaking.

Why is my vape tank leaking?

Checking your vape tank/pen is the first thing you should do when it leaks. Do you clean your vape device periodically? If not, then there are high possibilities that your tank may have been damaged. Accidental drops and bumps also can damage the exteriors of the tank.

Check the glass tanks for any cracks that cause leaks. Further, see if the ‘O’ rings are in perfect shape without any cracks. Damaged ‘O’ rings won't contain the juice within, and the tank will start leaking gradually.

Why is my vape leaking out of the air holes?

Bad quality cotton wicks may not absorb the e-liquid properly which can cause leaks. Likewise, a damaged or poor-quality coil can be a reason for the leak. Leaks through the air hole happen when the wick fails to prevent the e-juice from reaching the air hole. Check the coil and wick and replace it if required to prevent leaks.

Check the e-juice

Are you using a low VG e-liquid? Even a 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid could leak if it is of low-quality. When I say low-quality, I mean the e-liquid’s density. You can tell a lot about the e-juice’s quality by just looking at it.

Did you buy a high VG liquid? If your e-juice is too watery to prevent leaking, then it is time to change your e-juice. Don't try e-liquids from random brand-names. Instead, look for brands with a visible market presence and a satisfactory customer base. 

Juice level

Filling the tank beyond the recommended level can cause leaks. Slight gaps between the mouthpiece and the juice level may not be enough. Fill the tank well below the recommended level to avoid leaks. Also, it is important to clean your vape tank once in a while. That way, you can ensure no leaks from the inside.

Why is my vape leaking into my mouth?

A faulty atomizer head may not be able to vaporize fast enough to keep the e-liquid from leaking through the chimney. Similarly, loosely held atomizer head may let e-juice to leak through the chimney. In such cases, e-liquids leak into your mouth when you inhale. You can avoid such leaks by replacing the atomizer head. If the base is damaged, then it is time to replace your vape tank.


Repairing the leaking tank can help you avoid inconveniences. Also, it helps in avoiding wastage of e-liquids. On top, you will be able to achieve a satisfying vape session only when the device works properly. A leaking vape will never give you a satisfying vape session. If anybody asks you "why my vape is leaking?" then show your expertise by guiding them with the above steps to resolve the problem.


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