Why does my Vape Taste Burnt?

All of a sudden you get a nasty burnt smell when you inhale your favorite e-liquid. Beginners be like, “why does my vape taste burnt?” We all would have experienced such moments, and it is very common if you don't pay attention to your vaping setup.


A burnt hit is the last thing on earth you would ever want to taste. It gives an irritating feel to your throat and taste buds. One single hit with burnt taste can spoil your mood for the rest of your vape sessions on that day.

Although a vape can taste burnt due to various reasons, all of those reasons can be identified and rectified easily. Let's see the primary reasons behind the burnt taste in your vaping sessions.

Dry wicks and coils

Filling up the vape tank is very important to avoid dry hits. If you happen to dry out the tank, then the wicks also will become dry. In such cases, you are going to receive a harsh dry hit instantly when you take a puff.

It is ideal to check the juice levels every time before starting a vaping session. Dry tanks cause dry hits. Similarly, it is important to clean the tank often to avoid contamination in e-liquids.

Why does my vape taste burnt with new coil?

Priming the coil is one of the ways to avoid the dry hits while loading a new coil head. Drip e-liquids on the cotton wick that is exposed through the gaps of the atomizer head. Also, drip a few drops on the top of the coil.

The whole idea of dripping e-juice on the sides and top of the wick is to wet the wick and the coil properly.

Further, just inhale (don’t fire) through the mouthpiece to draw e-liquid into the coil head and the wick. That way, you can ensure the wick and coil are saturated perfectly. Properly wicked and saturated coil heads tend to work perfectly without dry hits.

Mind the wattage limit

You may have soaked the wick and the coils before taking the hit. However, firing the first hit at high wattage can lead to a dry hit if you exceed the wattage limit of the coil. High wattage above the coil capacity can produce exceedingly high heat that can dry the wick swiftly.

Likewise, clogs in the wick material or atomizer head can create vacuums that lead to burning the wick. Clean or replace the coil heads at the intended intervals to avoid such clogs and dry hits.

Extended vaping sessions

Sometimes, extended vape sessions could dry up the vape tank soon. People tend to get too involved in the vaping and fail to watch the e-juice level. Especially with sleeker vape pens that fail to provide sufficient visibility.

Ensuring the appropriate amount of e-liquid in the tank can help avoid dry hits during the vaping sessions. Likewise, vape pens tend to burn a lot of e-juice while using low-ohm coils. It is critical to use high-VG e-liquids to avoid dry hits when you use a sub-ohm vape pen.

I hope that answers the question “Why does my vape pen taste burnt?”. Happy vaping !!!


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