Why Do People Love to Hate Vaping?

Do you hate vaping? Whether someone chooses to vape is a personal decision. It could be a method for quitting smoking, a way to relieve stress, or a substitute for high calorie foods that can satisfy their sweet tooth. No matter what drives them to make the decision to pick up vaping, it is their choice and theirs alone.

Despite this fact, some people seem to have taken it upon themselves to have a personal vendetta against all things vaping and hate vaping. To these people, if you’re spotted with a mod in public, you’re wearing a “fedora for your mouth” or are committing  unspeakable things to a robot’s nether regions.

That’s how you end up with articles like this from The Cannabist entitled Why Vaping is the Dumbest Thing Ever. In it, the author states “I’ll admit, I think ‘vape’ is a dumb-sounding word and generally looks about as cool as wearing a Bluetooth headset.” He goes on to cite a source from the GQ Gentleman’s Guide to Vaping that says, “It doesn’t matter who you are – pursing your lips around a plastic tube that atomizes nicotine-infused propylene glycol into vapour reads as slightly douche.”

Now, the authors are welcome to have their own opinion just like vapers are welcome to choose how and why they use a product. But I can’t help but give my own opinion: vaping haters are just scared of something new.

This isn’t any sort of revelation. Psychologists have often pondered why people seem to be so scared of new things. It has to do with our comfort in the known world. New things offer uncertainty, something evolution has trained us to be wary of. Some people even believe that we fear an unknown outcome more than we do a known bad one.

So, instead of welcoming the exciting technology that is vaping, haters fall back on the tried-and-true human response of being wary of new things while hiding behind the thin veil of tradition. From the aforementioned Cannabist article:

“People have been smoking cannabis and tobacco for thousands of years, maintaining a visceral, primal connection with something that grows naturally. Sucking on a machine puts up a wall between you and the thing you’re supposedly committed to consuming.”

No mention of the fact that many vapers commit much more time and energy to their habit than smokers. Never mind the thriving online communities that bring people together from all over the world, forget about the brick and mortar stores popping up providing real people real jobs and supporting local economies. 

Nope. To these people, vaping is new and therefore it is bad and we should probably do away with the internal combustion engine while we’re at it. Who cares if this technology is an immense improvement over the combustion of actual tobacco to be inhaled into a person’s lungs? People still hate vaping.

In the end, these vaping haters don’t matter. Superior technology and a passionate community will always win out over those who decide to stubbornly hold on to the past.

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Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

  • JAKE says:

    To the person that wrote“Sucking on a machine…” please, for the love of everything, look up the definition of machine.

  • Alan says:

    When I first weaned myself off cigarettes I noticed a new vape shop in my neighborhood. I waited for them to open, excited to see what they had to offer.

    It was a cloud chaser hang out, and the douchnozzle behind the counter made it clear my spinner and 20mg sauce had no business there.

    As long as we remain cohesive as vapers, we have power. Power we’re going to need as new laws and restrictions are enacted.

    See a smoker? Ask them if they’ve ever thought of trying the fog. Encourage wanna-be smog monsters to learn something about Ohm’s Law, for safety’s sake. Taste new creations by kitchen magicians.

    Don’t behave like douches, and our habit won’t appear douchey.

    • John Swanke says:

      “Taste new creations by kitchen magicians.” – I like that. I think it’s a good rule to just not be a jerk, and treat others how you want to be treated. People need to realize that there is a vape set up for everyone. And not all people who vape are about chasing clouds. We need to respect others and the choices they make when it comes to vaping.

  • Maria says:

    When the motorized engine appeared on the scenes, people said it was a passing fade and would never last! lol 😉

  • DyNama, Ohio says:

    I must admit being removed from a natural product like tobacco leaves gives me pause. After all, i don’t buy any foods that have had vilified ingredients removed, saying i don’t want my food to go thru a laboratory first. But I had to concede that vaping was the only way I was going to quit smoking cuz frankly, I liked smoking. I enjoy watching 60s and 70s TV shows on dvd and lighting up whenever the characters did–I’ve had many cigarets with Perry Mason and Dr. Richard Kimble! Plus I needed to save money–tho I’m tired of “save money” stories, I want “get more money” stories–so I tried vaping, which proved to be an adequate alternative to smoking. That was 2 years ago last week and I haven’t had a cigaret since! 15,530 cigarets not smoked, $3,500 not spent on tobacco! Better Living Through Chemistry!

    I’m still not going to buy fat-free milk or low salt potato chips though.

  • Myke says:

    because people hate to see other people better themselves

  • Kendell says:

    Some people just need to b!#ch about certain things. Most people that I have heard complain about not getting enough nicotine. I tell them to keep on vaping, it will come to you. Gotta give it a chance. Then before you know it you want more juice and different flavors. Alright!

  • Megan says:

    I never thought I’d ever quit smoking. I had settled to fact that I was going to die too young with some cancer related to smoking. I first picked up the habit when I was 13. My whole family smoked. The only ones that didn’t were the ones still in diapers I’m sad to say. I’m 27 now. And I had tried to quit so many time. Cold turkey, patches, lozenges, keeping my hands and mouth busy. Nothing worked. I always ended up going back to smoking. Until my co-worker who was a 3 pack a day smoker quit and started vaping. I was curious I picked her brain. Did my own research. And got my husband on board. And we have been smoke free for 3 month . I don’t crave them at all. I can’t stand the smell of them. It actually makes me nauseated. And I tested myself and had a drag off of one of her cigarettes and it made me physically sick. And I’m so happy about that. I never thought I’d be able to say I’m a non-smoker when I was a 2- 2 1/2 pack a day smoker. ☺

  • oreo says:

    well actually i love to do new things just not do that ‘stuff’ like vaping. Vaping, well you dont actually know what it could do to your body in the later years. and why do it at all, waste of time and you can get addicted to it and thats horrible. so that my opinion.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I can see your points. There is not long term study on what vaping can do for you. There are testimonials that it has helped people quit smoking though and that is a plus. There are multiple hospitals who recommend vaping to their smoking patients to try and get them off of smoke cigarettes.

      • Hunter says:

        There are actually a lot of such studies. There are studies on r I the three major ingredients (nicotine, propelyne glycol, and vegetable glycerin) in rats and other lab animals. Rats have exposed to HIGH concentrations of those ingredients in their air for their entire lives without any evidence of shortened lives or outer health issues.

        The vaping scene has also been rather good at self-policing themselves, testing various ingredients in flavors a blacklisting many chemicals, even if there’s only anecdotal evidence that they are dangerous.

        Nicotine itself, while somewhat addictive, is only as harmless as caffeine. Hell there’s a that leads to nicotine preventing the onset of Parkinson’s, in people predisposed to it.

        Tl;Dr the whole “no/very little research”argument is a myth and a lie perpetuated by the tobacco industry, because they are afraid people aren’t gonna be smoking in 20 years. Hell they make faulty/dangerous products then fund studies on them to “prove” vaping is dangerous.

  • Des says:

    I live with someone who vapes, and I will tell you the reason I hate it is because it reeks. Maybe if he were considerate about it, and didn’t treat the world as his personal vaping lounge, it wouldn’t be so bad…

  • Larissa says:

    Started vaping instead of smoking almost 2 months ago. All good things I expected came except something I need to work on. A new bad habit I’ve picked up. I never used to smoke cigs inside my house. But now I vape inside. Gotta change that!

  • Ruan Aucamp says:

    Vapers are the reason why we need to have more vapers. For eg. everytime i meet new people and they see my mod, i always let them try it before lashing out on me. I always get people into vaping, beacause we need to stand together. Our right wil grow. Our world wil get healthier. This is why we need vaping, not for stress releave, not because it is fun, it is because it would change the way this world is going to do with us.

    Everyone reading this. We need you to help with this probleme.

  • For all we know vaping might still be kinda unhealthy (for those who never smoke in their life) and it’s beyond reasonable that people don’t want you doing it in places with kids and asthmatics and shit.

  • Justin says:

    I deal with a few vapor haters at work….every day it’s some new derogatory comment about it, they try to act like they are joking and say it with a smile, it does not infuriate me anymore….everyone has a vice, it might be alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, chocolate, or playing video games….the world will always be full of haters for something….hell, I’m a hater at times I’m sure for some things and some people too, but at least I can admit that….the same people that hate on vaping may tell you how wrong you are, and for all I know they go home and beat their wives, for example…..my testimony is that I woke up 4 months ago, after smoking cigarettes for 17 years, and decided it was causing my health to decline…so, I started vaping….I don’t know what long term effects it will have but I believe it will be a lot less than smoking cigarettes….I don’t care what people think about it, I now try to educate people in a respectful way if their ignorant ass will even listen…..keep on vaping, cheers to saving money, staying healthier and taking advantage to new technology. …

  • Sorta vape hater says:

    My brother and my friends have single handedly made hate vaping. None of the have ever smoked cigarettes or anything else, they’ve merely picked up the habit of vaping due to its “coolness”. I will admit some of the tricks and stuff people do with their vapes are cool but now I cannot hang out with my friends anymore and just watch TV or something without the whole fuckin room filling up with vapor and having to turn on the subtitles because of the constant noise of their vapes going off every 10 seconds. Its the general irritating behavior that has come from vaping that has made me hate it vicariously due to the people that do it, not the technology or the act itself.

  • texas says:

    after ten years of smoking my lungs were shit and i developed heart issues as well as the beginning of buergers disease from the cigs… nearly a year later the buergers has reversed and health is sssoooo much better.. that being said, its idiots and children that are making society hate vaping with the retarded, rude shit they do!

  • Reba says:

    Almost 5 years ago I started vaping to help me quit smoking. It worked! I was immediately won over by the fact that it is less bad for me than smoking tobacco. The smell is tons better. I feel better. I still vape because I love it. I’m seriously considering going to 0 nicotine soon but I’m not sure that I will ever completely give up vaping. I’m thankful that I finally found something that worked to help me quit smoking after 30 years. Haters gonna hate 🙂

  • Kevin says:

    everyone should familiarize themselves with Missouri’s vaping laws. I am NOT from Missouri but recently visited there. They are the most vape-friendly state I’ve ever visited. ONLY if an establishment posts on their front door that vaping is prohibited is vaping prohibited, and vaping is explicitly recognized as NOT SMOKING.
    I’d encourage everyone to download a copy of Missouri’s law and forward it to your own state representatives.

  • Marcia clark says:

    I also quit smoking a couple of years ago. I was a pack and a half a day smoker. My husband also quit smoking and started vaping. I got down to 3mg. Nicotine in a few months. I feel so much better and no more cig stink on my hands, etc. I definitely see it as the lesser of 2 evils. I am so thankful I discovered vapinh. People actually comment all the time that it smells good! I use raspberry flavor and it seems to be a hit!

  • Testimony says:

    October will mark 5 years I’ve kicked cigarettes thanks to vaping and lowered my nicotine intake from 18mg to 3mg. While discussing how I kicked my habit with a smoker friend online, she said she tried it, but it had given her nasty headaches.

    I gave her 3 suggestions: try again using a higher VG content as some are more PG sensitive. Drink more water because it can dehydrate you some. Or try a lower dose of nicotine.

    Turns out she was PG sensitive and kicked the cigarettes to the curb going on 6 months now.

    Vaping, in my opinion, is a life line for those of us who have been life long smokers trying everything to kick the habit. Encouraging people to get off cigarettes should be priority and not vilify as to how they do it.

  • Gil Franklin says:

    Because of vaping I quit smoking 1-1/2 years ago… MUCH better on my lungs. I have not had as many negative reactions to the vape device as I used to have with cigarettes, but have seen reactions from uneducated folks who just don’t understand the concept. These people I just feel sorry for. But there is another group who really piss me off – we all know who they are. They simply don’t believe that someone is enjoying something which they do not participate in. Yes, it’s true – they cannot accept that you are having fun and they are not.
    However, I was glad to see the comment on Cloud Chasers with Mega Mods – that is not my thing and I do not understand it. But as long as they don’t care that my Kangertech pens with 1000mah batteries and very little vapor are ok, then I say just go blow billows around me, I just do not care. Have fun, guys!

  • James Hanson Jr. says:

    I was a smoker and was able to quit with the use of vaping, its funny because any time there is somebody that makes a negative comment about vaping my,,, 2 kids know to take a seat cause i go on the defensive and educate people and when im done they usually do not think that all vape devices blow up in your face and that when these incidents occur it is user error i know because it happened to me luckily was not serious, Its all pretty simple really we know as a fact that cigs have chemicals known to cause cancer, nothing has been proven that electronic cigarettes(with their limited ingredients) promote cancer, so im going to stick to something that does not require fire and does not burn on its own

  • John says:

    I smoked for over 45 years. And tried numerous times to quit. I’d tried vaping as an alternative a few years ago and it caused more probs than the smoking did. Raw throat, burning lungs and difficulty breathing butt a buddy convinced me to try it again with a regular mod not an ecig style and I’ve been cig free 4 months now. Now when smoker friends say they tried vaping I ask them what type of ecig/mod they’ve tried and make suggestions what what they might try or look into. With the variety of types n styles there should be something out there for everyone it just needs to be found. Almost anything beats doing the Gaggers. Just ordered a fresh batch of juices and am down to 6mg nic(you don’t want to know how high it was when I started on my 1st sub-ohm setup) and am looking forward to the day when I hit 0 nic and just do it to P.O. the haters and blow flavorful clouds of smoke. Take care. Peace

  • James Hanson Jr. says:

    Congrats John, Vape on!!

  • Pamela Lyles says:

    I am glad that the pod systems and high nicotine salts came around. I was just about to go back to cigarettes to get the nicotine that my body was craving. I have been vaping for eight years now and I am so glad that I didn’t get a pack of cigarettes.

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