Where Did My Flavor Go?

e Liquid Losing Flavor? Things You Can Do

Your e-juice bottles of Hawk Sauce, Blue Moo, Demon Energy and  have just been delivered. Sweet! Now you have more than 2 weeks worth of great-tasting e-juice – nothing to worry about, life is good.

You took a long drag and savored that oh-so-flavorful vapor. But by the third or fourth drag, the vape has become cool and the flavor has turned very bland. With every draw, the vape tastes more and more like flavorless nicotine.

You set your e-cig aside for a while, wondering why it’s losing flavor. After an hour, you pick it up again and start vaping. The first two or three draws are flavorful but quickly turn bland by 5th draw. Rinse and repeat. What on earth is going on!?

Isolating The Problem – Cartridge, Battery, Or Atomizer?

When your e liquid is losing flavor with every draw, there could be different factors in play. It’s possible that battery doesn’t deliver enough power, or your atomizer might be at fault.

Don’t panic – try changing your e-cig’s battery and atomizer to isolate the problem. Considering switching between low- and high-resistance atomizers, and make sure the atomizers you try out are new and in perfect working condition. And finally, you also want to ensure that your cartridge has enough e-liquid.

Dual-Coil Cartomizers

Another possible reason why you’re losing flavor is that the atomizer isn’t getting enough e-liquid through the tank system. If you suspect this is true for your case, it’s highly recommended to switch to dual-coil cartomizers.

Many vapers who experienced the same dilemma fixed the issue by making the switch. You see, dual-coil cartomizers, as the name implies, uses two coils to provide resistance of about 1.5 ohms. Moreover, these cartomizers can hold 1.5 to 3.5ml of e liquid – ensuring that you get enough flavor and vapor with every draw.

“Nothings Working!”

If you’ve replaced batteries; ensured that your atomizer is working; checked the cartridge for sufficient juice; or switched to dual-coil cartomizers and you’re still losing flavor, it’s possible that your tastebuds need a bit of a break from your usual e-juice flavors.

The e-cigarette and vaping community is yet to narrow this tastebud-problem of sorts down to a science. However, according to users reports and experiences, here are a few things you can do to get the flavor and awesome vaping experience back:

  • Eat chocolate or drink a can of carbonated drink – not really a 100% fix but has helped others to significant extent.
  • Drink more water. It’s possible that your tongue is drying out due to constant vaping, and needs some break and refreshing.
  • Try mentholated or minty e-juice flavors. If you are losing flavor on a menthol/fruit flavor, try a flavor with a completely different flavor profile.

As mentioned earlier, the community is yet to narrow things down to a science. But hey, this is better than nothing. If any of the recommendations above prove useful to you, we’d love to hear about your experience!


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  • Pedro R. says:

    Yeah, I can second this whole post. Great advice. The soda does work for me but the best thing to do if you can’t stop vaping is to have 2 totally different flavors. I had Rob and Peach Rings. Every time one would start to lose flavor, I’d just switch out. I love them both so i think the trick is to have two of your favorite flavors at all times, like a fruit and a candy. IDK what the heck Rob juice is but after a few puffs of Peach Rings the flavor came right back and vise versa. Although my Peach Rings was that extra bottle free gift and they gave me 5 extra shots on 80VG so it never seemed to lose its flavor 😛 unlike Rob which only had 2 shots.

  • nick w says:

    I have 4 different flavors of juice and just an hour ago I can’t taste any of them. Even my wife who doesn’t vape said they all taste the same, like candlewax. What’s my problem?

  • tim l. says:

    What does this mean steeping you’re juice? I just got some from a local guy which I like the idea of but the flavours aren’t holding like some other juices I’ve had.

  • Nathan says:

    i just have to say that nothing regarding human senses can be 100% scientifically accurate, since we, as humans all vary and differ. in addition, each generation is slightly different than the previous.

    it’s with this in mind that i have to say that back when i chewed, we (myself and my chewing buddies) had a trick mentioned here. when one type of chew would lose flavor, we’d switch to another, and when that can was done, we’d go back to our preferred can, with renewed vigor. what happens is that your senses are naturally dulled to repeated exposure to the same stimuli. think about. you here water dripping, you only here it for a while, before your subconscious blocks it. it’s believed that this is a result of evolutionary advances, allowing us to single our differences in patterns (remember that we were once all hunters. as such, being able to here game in a forest of noises was important.)

    anyhow, as i was originally saying, i have to agree with the part about changing it up once in a while. try drinking more water, as saliva is important in your sense of taste. if you have a duller flavor (most tobacco flavors), try eating or drinking something sweet. if you’ve got a sweeter flavor (most fruits, monster, or my favorite, the 555 tobacco), try eating or drinking something with a duller or more bitter flavor. using my 555, i trade drink for drag between it and a cup of plain, black coffee, and both taste amazingly different, yet astoundingly sharp compared to just one or the other. but, i final word of warning, don’t use the same combination ALL the time, as that can lead to desensitization as well. so, when that starts to go dull, i switch to plain water, and leave my e-cig alone for a couple hours. it’s hard, but it’s so much more rewarding. basically, just try various tricks, and see what works for you.

    • John Swanke says:

      Yes, this is great advice and exactly what I like to tell people. You need to cleanse your pallet once in awhile. I like to sip coffee between vapes of Ruyan 4, and the flavor never dulls!

  • DURBAN says:

    So fed up of people telling me it’s vaper’s tongue or vaper’s fatigue.

    I’ve tried everything in this post. Swapped batteries, coils, atomisers, liquids. Upped the voltage, turned it down again. Eaten chocolate, drank soda, etc etc.

    My vape tastes of nothing after the first blast, and never returns.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      My advice would be to keep experimenting! There’s a world of combinations that might unleash maximum flavor. Thanks for the insight!

    • Arkadi says:

      I got a kayfun mini v3, the only atomiser that worked flawlessly with high vg, i started vaping like crazy and i thought omg i am in heaven. Then oops flavour is gone. Replacing o rings, battrries, mods, recoiling rewicking. The taste is back? Almost one puff and again gone. Switching juices couple of puffs and again gone. I vaped the whole tank to see the flavohr again gone. The first thing is like oh almost my battery just does not hit hard enough. It seems like instead of a vapor u get a steam that comes out of when u piss on hot engine of your car. You check everything is working. You look at the vapor it is there. Where is the freaking taste!!! My ciggaretes never let me down in such a horrible way. They tasted tge best all the time the more i smoked the better they stinked. No dry hits no leaking. They got wet dry out with a lighter and smoke they got broken empty some part from filter stick your tobsco there and smoke.

    • Darren says:

      Me too, your not alone! If you find a fix let me know, and I’ll do the same.

    • Mister says:

      I know what you mean. I sometimes think the flavors are not completely mixed wihtthe juice and your first squirt contains more flavor. After that it all too dilute.

      I also wonder if the cost of the vape juice is a factor. They send those online reviewers free e-juice and I bet they give them extra strong blends so they think something is so great and everyone wants it

    • Mister says:

      Sometimes I sit my vaporizer after vaping, with out cooling it by inhaling after releasing the power button and some of the juice evaporates. After this the flavor is a little better, which might say there is not enough flavor. It may concentrate the juice.
      Another thing that increases the flavor from no favor, after rewicking and/or changing the coil, is taking it off temp control and letting it run hot, just after getting the burnt taste, which’s not good- it is as if it neutralizes the cotton somehow, releasing the flavors and you begin to get more flavor on the temp control, the sweet flavors start to come through.
      I am relatively new to this myself.

    • Jordan says:

      Are you using smok coils? I experienced no flavor with the big baby beast due to the cheap manufacturing of the coils with crappy cotton etc. I switched to the Uwell Valyrian and originally had amazing success and all the flavor came back….until….it happened again. I switch juices, I know all the tricks and stay ahead of the curve on vapors tongue but here I am yet again…..flavorless pulls. I’m vaping Naked Lava Flow and I’ve only had it a week and not only does it taste bland and a little sour now, even though it’s mainly strawberry and pineapple, but the consistency even looks different. There is about 25% juice left in the bottle and it’s much more watery then it used to be. and when I shake it up it doesn’t get the little bubbles anymore. Same when it’s in my tank. Has anybody heard of this happening? Flavor straight up disappeared and consistency is way more runny. So runny that it’s oozing out of my Valyrian coil cotton and in to the bottom of the tank when I’m not using it.

  • lol says:


    Next time don’t bother answering pls.

  • Georgia says:

    Why aren’t ejuice producers steeping the product before they bottle it? They can ask premium price and have better satisfaction. Ligour distillers do it, cheese producers do it. If you are an artisan that wants your customers to have full taste satisfaction STEEP it.

    • John Swanke says:

      Steeping is definitely a topic we’re addressing. For now we highly recommend all of our customers steep our juice, but taste is subjective. Some juice I find is better fresh, and others don’t reach their prime for a couple weeks. It’s all about your personal preference.

  • Dylan says:

    I don’t seem to understand bakers juice. It does really seem to fade and I’ve had my bottle (big 236ml) for over a month and it seems to dull dramatically within the first couple puffs of the day. That’s with 2 flavor shots. Idk if I’m just use to the top end juices (with unfortunately top end prices) or if I have to up to 4-5 flavor shots. I’d really like advice from anyone who can help. Right now I’m keeping my bottle as a juice I’ll use if I’m just practicing tricks or don’t wanna waste good juice. I really want mt baker juice to work cause you can’t beat their prices/shipping/customer service. But those top end juices for like $15 a small bottle (insanely high price) and like $25 for a 30ml… Those juices though i can go through multiple fills in my tank, tank after tank, and my 300th hit tastes the exact same as my 1st hit, as my 100th hit, as my 200th hit. I can go without switching or taking breaks or anything and vape through bottles of that stuff and it’s always strait flavor. Idk what they do differently or if I need to up your juice to 5 shots cause I might be use to insanely potent flavoring. Idk but someone please help me out! I love my bakers price and everything about them, even their flavoring, cause their juice DOES taste amazing but not for long and idk why.

    Ps I’m a really advanced “vaper-er?” I guess you would call it. So I know it’s not my mod or battery or tank. I even bought expensive 24k plated Clapton coil packs for my tank that brings out flavor of all my juices plus normal .2 ohm coils, .5 ohm coils (claptons are .3) and it has to be the juice

    • John Swanke says:

      Have you been steeping your juice? We highly recommend at least a week for the juice to steep. And make sure you’re shaking up and agitating the bottle to keep things well mixed.

  • Derrick harris says:

    I made my own with your flavors. Its a vg based 3mg nic juice mixed with 20% baker flavor. It dull to say the least. Should i have mixed more flavor into my juice?

    • John Swanke says:

      You could try adding a little more flavoring, but have you allowed it any time to steep? If you’re mixing on your own you should give it at least a few days steep time. Store your juice in a cool dark place and try shaking the bottle occasionally and periodically squeezing some air out of the bottle. Letting the e-juice sit for a few days will allow the flavoring and blend to mix together and the flavoring will mature as time goes on. Confused about steeping? This blog post should help.

  • home says:


  • Cody says:

    I’m starting to have a problem with flavor loss and its not a steeping problem because they are all pre steeped now.. Not the batteries and the coil. Was left overnight to saturate bottles kept in dark cabinet house kept at 72°f I need the nicotine this is week there smoke free and I am having really bad craveings.

    • Corey Gefroh says:

      It sounds like you are doing everything correctly. If you are looking for more robust flavors, perhaps try our premium line Photonic! Normally $10.99, only $7.99 this week! Check them out: http://www.mtbakervapor.com
      Use coupon code “PHOTONIC” at checkout.

  • Zach says:

    Seems like all mt baker juices lack in flavor even after steeping for a month. I know its not my set up be ause i go to a brick and mortar and get pin up or cyclops and its so flavorful i feel like im taking a bite outa watever its suposed to be and almost have an urge to chew its so good. Mt baker you guys need to add more flavor to your liquids my 240ml bottle of blueberry i just got is even worse than usual i cant even vape on intil i buy some flavor shots which i feel i shouldnt have to do its normally a little bland but never this bad its usually vapable at least. i usually add shots but cdidnt have the opition didnt realise i couldv got shots in a bottle. it taste like unflavored pg vg its like vaping scentless candle wax with a very very small hint of blueberry on the inhale and nothimg on exhale. and im using the new valyrian which is an amazing tank for both flavor and vapor productio so flavor should be on point. If you guys could send me a bottle or two of flavor id apreaciate it cause this bottle i got this time is severly lacking and i have spent alot of money with you guys over the years and keep buying your stuff because its a good deal and your customer service has been great thus far plus you help out with keepimg vaping around for us.

  • Dr.Coilsburn says:

    Duuuuuude Jaaaamessss you be jammin mah man!!!!! Yes thank you very very much for the helpful info it did indeed prove VERY MUCH HELPFUL! All of it!!! Turns out I had literally juuuust switched to a dual coil last night for some help because my last coil which was brand spanking new yesterday Morning had a bad spot on it that was just ruining everything!!!! So that part about the dual coil…✔
    Next. I’ve finally figured out beyond reasonable doubt that it is in fact not my vape…nope it’s not you VooPoo…it’s me. Yes me. My taste buds are absolutely shot. Between vaping all day long with hardly any down time off of it (I’m running on little to no sleep from the previous night and when I’m that tired I just CRAVE nicotine and smoke AND I recently quit smoking cigarettes only 5 days ago now)
    and the almost always number one cause of all of my negative symptoms in life….dehydration is taking it’s seemingly constant toll on my quality of life and vaping experience. Its a shame I can’t continue to over indulge myself with this amazing new strawberry banana vape100 flavor I recently splurged over 40 bucks on for a 100 mil bottle just because I had to have it now and this small towns vape shops are all a highway robbery when it comes to prices on everything besides the devices. Coils run a solid 5 to TEN USD! Yeah!!! And you aren’t even allowed to sample any of the flava flavvvsss!!!!!! It’s a travesty!!! Somebody please anybody come save graves county Kentucky asap by bringing us a legitimate vape retailer store!!!! We’re getting raped out chea!!!!!

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