What’s in E Juice?

E Juice comes in all flavors, thicknesses, smells, and colors but the composition of e juice is actually pretty straightforward. Although the ingredients aren’t complex, the most simple of recipes can taste horrendous if improperly mixed. If you don’t believe me, do what I have done and add a “tbsp” of salt to your cookies dough instead of a “tsp”. The result is a trash bin full of freshly baked salty cookies! So what is in the e juice? At Mt Baker Vapor, we use four main ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and Flavoring. Come along with us as we explain each ingredient and its role in making some of your favorite e juice!

Propylene Glycol:
Propylene Glycol (PG) is a colorless, odorless liquid with a faintly sweet taste. It is the base that the nicotine and flavoring are dissolved into. PG creates a good consistency when heating vapor, and carries the flavor very well. It also has a harsher ‘throat hit’ or feeling in the back of your throat when you take a hit. The higher the ratio of PG, the stronger the flavor and the harsher the hit to the back of your throat. Essentially, PG emulates the burning sensation like a cigarette does. A common piece of anti-vaping propaganda is that vaping propylene glycol is dangerous because it is used in the manufacturing of antifreeze, but so is water. USP grade PG has been used in the manufacturing of candy, dairy products, beverages and even pharmaceuticals! The truth is, antifreeze is NOT a component whatsoever in electronic cigarette juice.

Vegetable Glycerin:
Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is another base we often use in our e juice. VG is a carbohydrate made from plant oils and is used in various food processes and cosmetic applications. It acts as a thickening agent which allows more e juice to stick to your cotton and not just leak out of the air intake holes. The difference between PG and VG is that VG does not carry the flavor as well, but offers a greater cloud production from the vapor. A great cloud production means more efficient vaping with an increased inhalation of nicotine with every hit. Because of this, many have found that using a Max VG blend has helped them reduce their nicotine levels. So if you’re looking for less feeling in the back of your throat, bigger clouds, or a more muted flavor, a higher VG level is what you’re looking for.

Nicotine, the driving force behind most vape and cigarette cravings. Not only is it known to be an addictive substance, it’s also highly toxic and is dangerous in large doses. A common misconception about nicotine is that it can be used to warm your body in cold conditions. That fact is, nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict and reduces circulation to the skin, which in fact makes you colder!  The benefit of vaping over traditional cigarettes is the ability the gradually reduce your levels of nicotine. Choosing the right nicotine level is key for a successful switch. Too much and you can get a little sick and too little will leave you feeling unsatisfied. The amount of nicotine you should start vaping is completely dependent on how often you smoked. For example, a heavy smoker that typically goes through more than a pack a day would typically want to start off vaping at a 24mg nicotine level to satisfy cravings. Once comfortable with the change, they can slowly reduce to 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg, and eventually 0mg which can be found in our premium e juice lines, GWAR and Photonic! Because nicotine is dissolved into PG, a higher nicotine lever does offer a better throat hit that is desired by many and can improve the taste of some flavors.

The final ingredient we will be looking at is the flavoring. Each individual e juice has its own unique blend of flavors. All flavorings are food grade and can be found in a variety of products. Flavor profiles vary immensely but are categorized on MtBakerVapor.com in these categories: Fruit, Candy, Beverage, Cereal, Tobacco, Dessert, Nut and Spice, and Menthol. For beginners, the typical trend is to start with a tobacco flavor to help them transition from smoking to vaping, while others stay far away from tobacco flavors as they have no interest in being reminded. Fruit and candy flavors tend to be the favorite among most vapers while dessert remains a close runner up. Menthol enthusiast benefit from the ability to mix pure menthol e juice into any flavor for an added minty kick. Many vapers enjoy mixing single note flavors such as Blueberry or Strawberry with other flavors for a customized creation!

So what e juice is best for me?
The reality is, most people want a nice balance of flavor, throat hit, and cloud production. This is why we offer so many options of PG/VG blends to our customers. We recommend all new vapers start with a 50PG/50VG blend. This blend offers a strong enough throat hit to help with the cigarette cravings, a good flavor profile, decent clouds and it works great in the majority of starter kit tanks. Starting in the middle gives you the ability to get used to vaping. However, we would recommend more of a 20PG/80VG or Max VG for those of you interested in dripping or using sub ohm tanks. As you continue along your vaping journey, we strongly recommend you try different blends to find what works best for you and your set up!

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

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    nice to know whats in the juice

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    I found that when I purchased a 3mg bottle of e juice the same flavor in higher nicotine level had more flavor and tasted better why would this be

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    seemed thicker too

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    ……do you guys sell the stuff to make juice yourself?

  • Taylor says:

    When do u think ejuice will be FDA approved?

    • Corey Gefroh says:

      Well, they do approve its use, they just regulate vaping the same as big tobacco which is the problem. Through proper education and consumer responsibility, we see change!

      • Nathan Matthew says:

        I hope so, I’m 39 and tobacco has just been a fact of life throughout my lifetime. I believe that big tobacco sees vapimg as a multi multi billion dollar problem that is here to stay! This must make them mad. I would bet that big tobacco companies are pushing and sponsoring anything that might smear and discredit the VAPE revolution. The people must do their research and hopefully within another generation, we can eliminate completely the need to grow the tobacco plant. Hey, they could use all that land to grow FOOD, of all things.. Some americans are starving, yet $$money rules and we grow tobacco to sell instead…

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    Good info.

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    Loved the post, has so much information that you can pass along to uneducated users.

  • Robert says:

    I heard the vegetable glycerin can cause something called popcorn lung.I think that’s what it was called anyways.Is there truth to that statement?

    • Nathan Matthew says:

      I thought it was caused by the artificial “popcorn butter” flavor used in MANY of the baked goods flavors… like cake, cookies, pies, cereals… I may be wrong though.. You should be very mindful when using these flavors that you are buying from a company that cares a little about whether their customers die or not.. There is Diacetyl and then there are other acetyls like mono-acetyl… Do your research.. It may be the only way you will find out the truth.

  • evan says:

    all to know is it’s healthier than cigarrettes.

  • I am agree with you Evan. Reseraching data shows that E-Juice is much safer to take rather than cigarette.

  • Ken C says:

    I’ve noticed that I can’t get my favorite flavors in max VG with a nicotine content of 12mg or higher here anymore. What’s up with that?

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    My friends still are confused how it all works.lol

  • To quit smoking try using e-cigarettes and slowly reduce the Nicotine levels.

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    Thanks for detailing the ingredients in the e-juice. People are always telling me how harmful the e-juice is, even smokers

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    Your E-juice does it have Diacetyl and other acetyls like mono-acetyl?

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    can you speak about claims of pg turning to formaldehyde at high temps?

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  • Bryan Miller says:

    Great informational article if only the FDA could understand that we care what we inhale and we stopped smoking cigarettes because of all the toxins and chemicals, why would vapers want or be willing to put worse things into their bodies?

    • Corey Gefroh says:

      We definitely agree with you and that is why MBV will continue to fight the good fight against these harsh Regulations!

    • Bill N says:

      The FDA is well aware that vaping is far safer than smoking. But they are owned by the drug industry, so are doing all they can to block or slow the adaption of vaping.

      Meanwhile, all the anti-smoking organizations are crowing about the smoking percentages dropping and claiming that it is through their efforts. That is a total lie, and they know it. The drop in smoking is primarily due to vaping with some contribution from snus.

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