What is a “Blunt Needle Tip” and “How do I install it”?

A blunt needle tip is essentially a bottle cap with a built in stainless steel needle point. People typically purchase this item to (re)fill e-juice cartridges or tanks that have small fill openings that a normal bottle nose has trouble fitting into.

How to Install A “Blunt Needle Tip”

First, depress the child safety lock by pressing down the bottle cap, then twist counter-clockwise while still keeping the bottle cap pressed down until the bottle cap is loose enough to pull off. Now that you have the bottle cap off, use your thumb to pop off the bottle nipple by pressing against the bottle nipple top with the tip of your inner thumb, as if you are trying to roll the bottle nipple off the bottle with the tip of your thumb. Now that you have the bottle cap and bottle nipple off, you can screw the blunt needle tip on. This cap does not have a child safety and can simply be twisted on by placing the bottom of the tip onto the top of the bottle, aligning the blunt needle tip thread with the bottle thread and twisting clockwise until the blunt needle tip fits snugly on the bottle. There is also a rubber accessory built onto the blunt needle tip which can be placed over the stainless steel tip to prevent leaking, and help keep the blunt needle tip sanitary.

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  • Kim Greene says:

    Awesome you posted this. I got sent one of these free with my first MBV order, which was really cool of you. I didn’t even realize that the tops of the juice bottles popped off, so I cut mine off and went too low and it didn’t fit as perfect. Still worked though. We are all noobs at some point and it’s great to help people out through that process. These are great for easily filling a tank without a syringe. Thanks MBV!

  • Kurtis says:

    had no idea I had to remove the bottle nipple, and was bummed because it wouldn’t fit on my 30ml or 15ml bottles. This guide is a must-have!

  • Rob Wheeler says:

    I had NO CLUE that you had to remove the nipple, it makes sense, but I assumed there was something wrong with them. Just an FYI, may want to include that in the product description or something.

  • Gary says:

    Well, hum, I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone but ah dah????
    However, I did learn something about using your thumb to give it a little push to get them off so I will try that next time instead of using my screw driver to pry it off, didn’t think they can come off that easy, but certainly had no problem figuring out how to screw a cap with a needle on it to the bottle, that’s a big DAH ,, heh heh heh, ha ha ha so funny really.
    But sometimes the little things can be confusing, should have seen me trying to get a Genesis to work for the first time, it only took me a month, now that’s a big DAH. and I won’t say why it took me so long because I’d look really stupider than not knowing how to screw a cap on a bottle, must be that pokey thing sticking out that gets folks, careful might poke your eye out…. LOL☺☺☻

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