What exactly is steeping?

Hey Vapefans,

A common question among new (and even experienced) vapers is, “what exactly is steeping?”

Steeping is the oxidation process that occurs in e-liquid over time that allows it to reach its full flavor profile. This takes anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the flavor; the lighter the flavor the shorter the steep time.

Steeping is completely subjective. Our juices were made fresh to order in the past, but now everything is pre-steeped! So as soon as you get your order, your e-juice should be ready to go!

To steep your juices, let them sit in a cool dark room and occasionally shake them every couple of days. There are even ways to speed up the steeping process by letting your juices sit in hot water, or even an ultrasonic cleaner works.

Check out our video breakdown on the steeping process and other different ways to get the maximum flavors out of your juice.

**Video has outdated information. All Mt Baker Vapor e-Juice is now pre-steeped! No more waiting. Just order, ship, open, vape. **

Tim Mechling

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  • Sarah Maxwell says:

    About steeping, how does the nicotine level and the PG/VG blend effect the time the juice should steep? I’ve ordered my first vape and juice with 0 nicotine and a 50/50 blend.

    • Higher vg and higher nic levels tend to need a bit longer steeping time, but they are all approximately 2-4 weeks. The key is finding the flavor you like, so keep trying it till you get that flavor you love to vape and enjoy!

  • Evan says:

    i think my extreme ice does not need any steeping. it tastes great as is.

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