Vines For Vegas

What it is

Mt Baker Vapor is looking for Vines for our Las Vegas Vapefest display video, a video that will be looped on our large-format display at our lot in Las Vegas on Sept 20-21st.

What to post

Anything to do with vaping and, particularly, Mt Baker Vapor! We’re asking you to pair your Mt Baker Vapor support and enthusiasm with the extent of your creativity, leaving it up to you! Please, keep it respectful (no nudity, violence etc) and don’t do anything to jeopardize the safety of you or anyone around you (Such videos will not be considered for use).

How to do it

To submit a Vine to our Twitter page, download the Vine app and link it to your Twitter account. Then, submit it by tweeting it to us (@mtbakervapor). If we decide to use your Vine for our Vegas Vapefest video compilation, we’ll contact you privately via a Twitter DM (direct message).

Free 50mL bottle you say?

That’s right, if we decide to use your video, when we contact you, we will ask you what flavor, blend and nicotine content of Baker Vaporâ„¢ E Juice you would like (please reference our website before choosing to ensure flavor availability). You must be 18 or older (as always) and have an account with us to qualify.

Alternative video formats

Vines are preferred but digital videos of any length in mp4 format will be considered. Please send all other videos to


All submissions will be reviewed on Sept 8th. Any and all submissions posted/emailed after Sept 7th at 11:59pm PST will not be considered.

We look forward to checking out your Vines! If you have any other questions, please email We will post the entire compilation for all to see shortly after Las Vegas Vapefest.