Vapor Visuals: 15% Off Mt Baker Vapor 15ml E Liquid Bottles

Welcome back to another edition of Mt Baker Vapor’s Vapor Visuals! This week, we’re celebrating our 15ml bottle size with a 15% off sale. All 15ml bottles of our Mt Baker Vapor brand flavors have been marked down to $4.25. They’ll be at this lowered price for a full week! There’s never been a better time to stock up on this compact and convenient bottle size, or to try out a few flavors you’ve been eyeing.

For anyone looking to visit the natural beauty on display in these photos, you can see the Google Maps location here. This is on the bank of the Salt River in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona.

15ml e liquid

Bottles of our classic best seller Cinnatoast Munch are listed for only $4.25!

VV 15mL Cinnatoast Munch 02

Keep in mind that these discounts are built in, not provided by a coupon code. That means you can use a code such as vaperfrombaker for an additional 10% off!

15ml e liquid

Take your bottle of Berry Crunch Cereal everywhere you go with the convenience of Mt Baker Vapor’s 15ml e liquid bottle size. 

VV 15mL Berry Crunch Cereal 02

This sale will be running from now until next Sunday, September 25th, at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. Make sure to act now to take advantage of the deals! Click the link to see our entire selection of Mt Baker Vapor 15ml e liquids.

AZ Wild Horse

If you take a trip to vape and hike, you just might run into some of the wild horses that roam the area!

AZ Wild HorsesThanks for tuning in to another edition of Mt Baker Vapor’s Vapor Visuals. Make sure to take advantage of the 15% off sale while you can!

Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

  • Bryan pierce says:

    Blue moo is the best

  • Bryan pierce says:

    Love blue moo

  • Bryan pierce says:

    Blue moo is my all time fav all day everyday vape.

  • Bryan pierce says:

    Mbv is my all time fav all day everyday vape.

  • Ahmad says:

    Hello Admin ! how can we get access your Products 15% Off Mt Baker Vapor 15ml E Liquid Bottles is a great deal what other brand do you have ?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      The prices on the 15 mL bottles have all been reduced so they are 4.25 with the discount. You can also use VAPORFROMBAKER for an extra 10% off.

  • Alyson says:

    Looking forward to trying these. I’m so glad there’s a coupon for them!

  • a concerned customer says:

    Any idea when you are going to bring back bulk pricing? What happened to the x10 30 ml bottles for $50? Why was this removed? I have seen multiple posts saying we are working on bringing bulk purchasing back always followed by but nothing is in stone. But nothing else no explanation as to why they disappeared when they were just added either. Word is that you are testing the resolve of the customer and waiting for sales results to see just how much single bottle pricing will effect bottom line. Also that the decision to remove the 236ml bottle that arguably solidified MBVs current position was made because there was more money and more opportunity to manipulate 30ml bottles vs 236ml bottles. I mean it is easier to raise the price per ml when you selling 30ml bottles and not 236ml bottles. Common sense dictates that it is more expensive to fill, label and ship x10 30ml bottles which was the replacement for the 236ml bottle that was removed. Blaming this on federal regulations is not really valid as they are not targeting or testing each eliquid bottle size. The feds are more concerned with the actual eliquid (batch) itself.

    Ultimately in the end it is your company, you make the decisions that you feel you need to make to be profitable. HOWEVER, the decision to not be transparent and coming out what most would deem as shady will hurt bottom line more than coming out and stating the obvious. Not being forthcoming with loyal customers will drive them to from your quality product to lesser quality products that could ultimately prove to hurt them.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      As a response to a new era of regulation and our desire to keep our product consistent while keeping customer safety a high priority, MBV has moved to an automated process to meet the demands of the Federal Government, to keep our commitment to consistency and to ensure a safe product. Unfortunately, with the move to automation in an effort to meet our goals, MBV had to eliminate the 8oz option. We are still working and pushing on getting the bulk pricing option. We understand the value of the 8oz and wish we could have kept it but we are being proactive in the unlikely case the FDA regulations do stick. I do apologize for this.

      • a concerned customer says:

        Josh thank you for the response however a lot of things make no sense at all.

        first and foremost:
        “but we are being proactive in the unlikely case the FDA regulations do stick.”
        I can understand being proactive however at the detriment to your consumer? And please explain how bulk options are being proactive which segues into the next item. How does your automation prevent you from offering bulk pricing on the 30ml bottles? How does your software prevent you from applying discounts by way of coupons or sale prices on 30 ml bottles or add new items like an 8oz bottle or x10 bottles for $50.00? If this is truly the case you need to go pick up some other inventory management software, because yours is severely lacking and would definitively be archaic in the eyes of the federal government . But I don’t think this is the case because it is not preventing you from offering multiple discounts on the 15ml bottles. However it is clear that your “goals” maybe different than 2 months ago or that you led people to believe. Over a month of no discount options for the 30 ml bottles is a good indicator of where things are headed.
        People understand that you have overhead especially with your new “green” line of juice and with the brick and mortar opening up. And a little bit of “google-fu” will show that other vendors are not running into the issues that you are running into. However people can surmise that your current pricing will be the norm going forward. People will appreciate the acknowledgment of that instead of playing on words and trying to talk in possibilities, what nots, and circles.

        And back to the “being proactive in the unlikely case …” being proactive is having a back up plan to hit the ground running with and not stripping away everything that made you what you are and becoming just like every other juice vendor “in the unlikely case”.

        I put in an order tonight simply because my wife loves your blueberry however until someone at Mt Baker Vapor comes out and states this is the new direction your business is taking for a plethora of valid reasons or you somehow bring back the additional value via bulk pricing. This will be my last order.

        Please note that $7.99 for 30ml is still a value however it is the non-transparency that is taking place that is unnerving to people. Also note that my grocery store sells 30ml bottles of juice for $8.00. In your next meeting maybe someone should talk about how to keep customer loyalty in the face of hard decisions vs leading people on.

        Just my 2 cents

  • Thomas M Wright says:

    Hanna Cream Pie with just a few drops of banana is SUPREME…… Although each by themselves are awesome, I found that mixing adds that EXTRA POW!!!!

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