Vapor Visuals Abroad: Downtown Glasgow

Welcome vape fans! This is the first installment of my twenty-part tour of the United Kingdom. Join me in exploring what these cities have to offer and find out where you can buy your favorite MBV E Juice along the way. My first stop of the tour is Scotland’s largest town, Glasgow. Originally founded during the 6th century by Saint Mungo, Glasgow has grown from a small church village into a sprawling metropolis. Over 615,000 people currently live in the city and over 1.8 million populate the surrounding metro. In 2015, it was estimated that over 7% of Scottish people vape and with Glasgow accounting for 1/3 of the country’s population this seems like the perfect place to start our journey.

Starting at Glasgow Central Station I make my way down Argyle Street towards Buchanan Street.

Coincidently named after a wealthy tobacco lord in 1777, Buchanan Street is packed as usual. I wonder what Mr. Buchanan would have thought of our magical smoking contraptions?

Just a short detour from our destination is George Square. Here I find a towering statue of the celebrated Scottish writer, Sir Walter Scott.

In the same square resides the Glasgow City Chambers.

Heading back to Buchanan Street I find a statue of Donald Dewar, Labour party politician and former First Minister of Scotland, making a great perch spot for our seagull friend.

After turning left from the head of Buchanan Street onto Sauchiehall Street, I head down about half a mile to my destination, Vaporized!

Inside the shop you will find a wide variety of MBV e-juice!

Be sure to say hello to their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first installment of Vapor Visuals Abroad. Look below for a full list of Vaporized locations in Glasgow to find out where you can purchase MBV E Juice. Next up on our tour is St. Andrews, Scotland, the birth place of golf. Don’t forget to follow us on all your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to stay up to date on everything vape related.


1581 Great Western Road, Anniesland, Glasgow, G13 1LS
0141 959 3705

Forge Shopping Center
Unit 53D, Forge Shopping Centre, Glasgow, G31 4EB
0141 550 1747

365 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6BA
0141 337 1547

Sauchiehall Street
342 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD
0141 331 1827

37 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands, Glasgow, G41 3YN
0141 237 5445

1064 Shettleston Road, Shettleston, Glasgow, G32 7PW
0141 573 9164

Union Street
9 Union Street, Glasgow, G1 3RB
0141 248 1001


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