Vapor Product Spotlight: Kanger Subtank Nano

Good day, fellow vapesters! I’m back at it again with the Product Spotlight Video of the week! Today we are going to be checking out the Kanger Subtank Nano, a reliable tank for beginners and advanced users!

When it comes down to it, we all want great flavor and the visual satisfaction of the vapor production! With the Subtank Nano you will be getting exactly that, and more 🙂 This tank took the spot of my other tanks and RDAs, I’d expect the same to happen with you! In the video below, I will be showing you the features of the Kanger Subtank Nano! Vape on!

This is what some of our customers had to say about the Subtank Nano:


“This tank surprisingly has huge vapor production for a small device. I use this with the istick 30 w and man let me tell you I’m in heaven with my setup! Very impressed with the tank”

Marilyn R:

“It has the best flavor in my opinion of all the Kanger tanks out there. The Nano should get more love, its a little beast with a lot of power and flavor!
I love it! I have 2 set ups, along with a Kanger subtank mini, but the flavor the nano has can’t be beat.”

Something to think about:

Have you tried any of the Kanger Subtanks? If so, what is your favorite tank out of the series? Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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Tim Mechling

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  • tony says:

    not a fan of the nano in the least. got too hot to quick

  • Louis N says:

    This is my first sub ohm tank. I’ve been using it for about a month. Great flavor and vapor. I have had a few issues using very sweet juices on the 1.2 ohm vertical (square) occ’s. The juice would turn dark and the coils would get gunked up than after a day or two start tasting terrible. This is part user error and part of the unexpected things that can happen but are not anyones fault. Otherwise the coils last up to 7 days when I’m chain vaping. The tank is a decent price and size. Never a leak. Give it a try!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Thanks for the support, Louis! Each new piece of hardware has a bit of a learning curve. Keep in mind, we have a wonderful CS team that is more than happy to provide tricks of the trade!

  • Pauline Gendreau says:

    I have the Subtank Nano on my Eleaf Istick 30W, been using it for about a year now. I love it!
    The only down fall is, I wish the tank was bigger. I am constantly refilling it. A sign of vaping too much?! Lol
    All and all a great tank!

  • Kristen says:

    I wish this was a little more information in this video. I’d be interested in descriptions of the different ohm coils or suggestions about how to get best use out of the tank

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