Vaping Regulations | Germany Leads The Way, FDA Preventing Progress

We all know that the US is so fearful of the vaping industry and has been blaring fear-mongering headlines about its health risks for years. This is likely due to vaping’s disruption of the Big Pharma and Big Tobacco. Activists against vaping cannot seem to see the public health benefits far outweigh any risks that e-cigarettes present. Across the pond, countries like Germany, Britain, and Sweden, and the Czech Republic are doing the complete opposite. They are embracing this form of harm reduction and their vaping regulations are refreshingly lax. An international panel of experts have unilaterally concluded that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking. Public Health England confirmed these findings which should be enough for the US to jump onboard. So, what gives? Let’s take a look at what we should be doing:

Vaping Regulations, What is Germany Doing?

Germany does not tax vaping products and allows it in public places. There are no rules on cross-border sales of vaping products, allowing businesses to flourish. There are some restrictions on advertisements, but they are very mild. Compare this to the FDAs restrictions, which say vaping companies can’t say anything about the benefits of e-cigs to their customers. Vaping companies can’t advertise on Google or Facebook as e-cigs are categorized as a tobacco product.

The reason Germany takes this approach is because they look at the facts of vaping and are not alarmist. Nicotine may be addictive, but technically so is coffee. Are you going to ban that, too? Nicotine DOES NOT cause cancer. Vaping has been proven to be a much less harmful option than combustible cigarettes — a public health epidemic. There are 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette and far, far fewer in vape juice. Vaping regulations in the US, put forth by the FDA, are completely controlled by the purse strings of big tobacco and big pharma. Every time the FDA approves a new nicotine replacement therapy (such as a nicotine patch, etc.), they get money. Of course they want to control the vape industry in a similar way, thus limiting it’s effectiveness as a harm reduction agent.

The FDA has set the deadline for premarket tobacco applications to November 8, 2022. Many lawmakers in Washington are trying to reverse this decision back to the original date of August 2018. This would effectively cripple the majority of vape companies in the US. Something needs to change because vaping is saving lives, not hurting them.

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Caroline Sparks

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  • Tim says:

    So much for free market capitalism.

  • Dan says:

    How come no one talks or mentions that the chemicals that are in vape juuce is in Mcdonalds products and Burger King, walmart food products? We eat, we drink what is in vape juice every day! And yet people are blind to this because no one talks about that, they want people to be afraid, manipulated, and controled. Did you know tobacco companies invest in food and control and regulate whats in it that we consume! Big pharma invest tobacco and food for all the health risks!

  • Carol Larson says:

    I was a very heavy tobacco cigarette smoker for 43 years.
    I smoked 1 1/2 to 2 packs per day. I switched to vaping because I would be winded after going up stairs. Since
    I’ve been vaping I no longer get winded all the flem that was in my throat from cigarettes is completely gone. I can
    actually smell again and my taste buds have returned to normal. NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE CASE IF I WERE STILL SMOKING CIGARETTES!!!!!! It’s time for the FDA to face the facts and quit taking payoffs from the big tobacco companies and Dr lobbyist and do whats best for
    the American people instead of
    their pocket books.
    A professor/Doctor at the University of Iowa wrote a article regarding vaping and said he wasn’t promoting it
    But his findings showed you reduce your chances of a smoking cancer death by 93%. I say that’s reason enough to
    Keep vaping as an alternative to cigarettes but the Big tobacco lobbyist and Dr Lobbyist don’t want that because they make millions from people smoking cigarettes and Dr’s because of them dying from it. IT’S VERY SAD BUT IT’S
    ALL ABOUT $$$$$$$$$$ MONEY AND NOT ABOUT them caring about American lives. But they’ll never admit the truth. I suggest we contact the countries in Europe so that when the USA caves in to
    Big tobacco and the Dr. Lobbyists we can purchase it from them.

  • Damon says:

    I want cherry flavored swisher sweet flavor

  • G says:

    As as long time theatre lighting designer, it was fascinating all the hype around inhalation risks associated to theatrical effects. A long term study was conducted by ESTA to look at exposure of the various types of a atmospheric stage effects. This was back well before ecigs were an idea. They found that PG and VG based fluids in effects posed no harmful risk to the professional musicians and actors who had long hours of repeated exposure over many years on broadway shows.

    I always wonder why no one mentions these studies, as it is more relevant to the public health concerns where the participants were comprised of many non-smokers.

    I also often reference the use of PG in large air recirculation systems as an anti microbial agent…like those used in hospitals.

    I seriously hope that Merica’ wakes the F up, and realizes that we are are not free of corporate influence in many aspects of our daily lives.

    Let’s tax ecig, but use those dollars to study the properties of the flavorings when they heat. Let’s control the chain of custody from flavor house manufacturer to the end user. And if we find a bad batch; recall it and be accountable like other industries. If you run a restaurant and you don’t get a passing grade, you get either closed down or have to post your rating at the door. Set a criteria for closed down so that we as consumers aren’t being sold juice made by billy with no sanitary bottling facility. And if the approved makers start slipping they get a frown face on their bottles and all promotional materials.

    There is much work to be done to improve on the device safety and ejuice additives…but I now vape exclusively with temp control and toss comericial juices that gunk my coils in a day or two.

    Vaping has like other posters given me freedom from cigarettes and I’ve been analog free for over 3 years, vaping for a little over 8.

  • Annette McClanahan says:

    I have been vaping for almost 8 years. I quit regular cigarettes the day after I got my first vape pen. I don’t remember the last time I had a cold, cough, brocial problem, etc. vape is much better than cigarettes.

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