Vaping is Two Times More Effective Than NRTs

Vaping advocates have been saying for over a decade that switching from combustible smoking is an incredibly effective form of harm reduction. We in the community KNOW this from the dozens and dozens of people we know personally who have quit cigarettes using vaping successfully. Until recently, we only had anecdotal evidence with many in the war against vaping saying vapes actually LEAD to cigarettes. Now we have a very convincing study to prove that this assertion is very false. In fact, vaping is incredibly effective as an NRT — twice as effective as traditional methods.

This study was led by Prof. Peter Hajek of  Queen Mary University of London. It was a randomized trial comparing smokers trying to quit using an NRT vs. a vape. After a year, 18% of the vaping group had quit smoking completely whereas only 9% of the NRT group had quit.

“The figure may sound low,” notes Prof. Hajek, “but…if they were quitting on their own, the quit rate would be about 3 percent.”

With this in mind, vaping is 6 times as effective as quitting cold turkey. Keeping this in mind, it shows how harmful the war on vaping really is and how over-regulating the industry can cheat people out of life-saving devices.

Vape on!

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Caroline Sparks

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