A New Study Confirms Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

The US is probably one of the least friendly countries in the world towards vaping. Conversely, the UK fully supports the industry and funds studies which help to clear up the negative implications of long term use. Cancer Research UK recently funded a small study which confirmed what we, as vapers, all know — that vaping helps smokers quit.

This study was small in scope. There were only 40 participants, but surprisingly there have been only a handful of similar studies. Dr. Caitlin Notley, of Norwich Medical School, at the University of East Anglia said of the study that [they] “found that vaping may support long-term smoking abstinence.”  I could have told you years ago that vaping helps smokers quit. In fact, I can count at least 40 people who have quit using vaping. I have not used a combustible cigarette in over five years due to vaping and am down to 3 mg of nicotine. If anecdotal evidence counts for anything, me and my friends could write a book.

So why is vaping so effective as a quitting method? Well, vaping helps smokers quit because it has “many of the physical, psychological, social and cultural elements of cigarette smoking”, Notley said. In fact, 17 percent of the participants in this particular study had never seriously attempted to quit and “accidentally” quit using vaping.

Quitting using vaping is definitely a huge step in harm reduction for users of traditional smoking. Recent scientific studies and press releases have backed up assertions that vaping is WAY safer than combustible cigarettes (i.e. American Cancer Society and National Academies of Sciences). Public Health England and the U.S. Office of the Surgeon General say that vaping has a similar risk profile as the traditional harm reduction methods (patches, gum, etc.). Public Health England, after extensive research, confirms that vaping — at the least — is 95 percent safer than smoking.

The FDA is making a huge mistake in not taking advantage of this godsend of a harm reduction method for the scourge of smoking. Instead, they are waging war against it and funding a massive smear campaign. Make sure to do your part by battling misinformation!

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Caroline Sparks

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  • Michelle says:

    If it wasn’t for vaping, I’d still be smoking. Had smoked for 47 years constantly. Up to about 48 per day for the last 4-5 years. Had tried cold turkey (that worked well – NOT), hypnosis, patches, gum & Cahmpix – all to no avail. In just over a week of starting to vape, I finally ditched the durries & haven’t looked back. Yeah, every now & then I think, hmmmm a ciggy’d be nice but I just have a few vapes & the feeling passes quickly. It’s been over 6 months now without a ciggy & I couldn’t be happier.

  • Ronda says:

    I have been raised around smokers, and my kids smoked. I watched my oldest quit with vaping, so I started. It is helping me quit a nasty habit. And as I do, I feel better all the time. My skin is clear, lungs, more energy and I don’t avoid ppl from embarrassment of a bad stinky habit. I use 6mg of nicotine. My health is much better for it.!

  • David says:

    I vape like crazy every single day. I also work out 5 times a week. If you smoke a pack a day and jump on that treadmill for a mile. You’re gonna be dying trying to breathe. I can run 4 miles, hop off and have a few puffs of my vape and no big deal. That’s proof enough for me. Thank you guys for posting the truth about vaping. There’s too many idiots out there getting misimformation.

  • Marc says:

    I was a 4 pack-a-day smoker, starting at the age of 9 until I was 52…yep…43 YEARS!!! I figured that I would die with a stinky in my mouth, or hand. I could not quit by all of the other methods as most of them had some fairly serious side effects; welts from patches, mouth sores from gum, and anger issues from Chantix (Why is that still on the market?). Went down to 1/2 pack a day in 2 days! Been smoke-free for over 4 years. Nothing anecdotal about that, as you all know. I can breathe without 100 coughing fits everyday, I can play with my grandkids (my lovely motivation), and I actually enjoy walking. I think the government has a bad case of cranial-rectal insertion disease!

  • Sylvia Falk says:

    I smoked for 40 yrs. I grew up in a smoking home and worked in a smoking bar for 30 years. 6 years ago I was introduced to vaping by my sister. I have not once missed or had the urge to have a cigarette. Vaping is not harmful to ANYONE!!!! My lungs have been x-rayed several times (due to joint replacement surgeries) and my doctor can’t believe how clear my lungs are. If I hadn’t found out about vaping I would still be smoking cigs. Thank you to who everccame up with vaping!! Thank you MBV for your great juice:) A VERY HAPPY 59yr old non-smoker!!!

  • Hannu says:

    Great feed back people, keep spreading the news 😊

  • Lawence says:

    I started smoking when I was in middle school. I am now 63 and have been smoke free for over a year and a half. I honestly feel I could not have quit if not for Vaping.
    I asked my Doctor what he thought. He said go for it as getting all those poisons out of my body certainly could not hurt. I started at 24%, then a few months later I moved along to 18% The transition was not bad at all bit I could still feel the need for nicotine. A few months later moved to 12%. This was not to bad at all. I have now been on 6% for about two months. I will be at 3% soon then 0% after that.

    For the FDA to stop or prevent, that is ludicrous. Vaping I believe saved my life as my Doctor say’s all my blood tests show all my numbers are right on. My point being that I started taking more care of myself since my quit date. I’m sure BCBS is happy!

  • Brad says:

    I quit cigarettes on July 1, 2013 when Minneapolis added a 1.60 a PACK to cigarettes! I moved to vaping and although it took a while to find a flavor I could deal day to day, I did settle on some light flavors like raspberry.
    I still use my old iclear 16 which doesnt produce huge clouds of smoke, and I still use 22mg of nico, but at least its pure nico, not a part of the 4000 to 6000 chemicals identified in burned tobacco.
    within the first 6 months, I saw the same effects as non-smokers, i.e. the smell of smoke was bad, and my lungs felt better.
    There might still be some long term effects of the Propeylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycol (AKA PG and VG) in our vape juice, but its got to be pretty minimal compared to cigarettes.

  • Vicki Noe says:

    I been vaping for 4 years and feel so much better no stinky from smoke. My Dr. Said vaping is not bad as cigs. I continue to vape since the flavors are so good. Most of the people in around don’t know a thing about how the vape work, so they so like it. Guess ignorance is bliss??

  • William says:

    The FDA is basically owned by the drug companies – after all, it is set up so a fair share of the FDA funding comes from the fees they charge for approving drugs. At best, the FDA will occasionally force a company to withdraw from the market a drug that proves to be highly dangerous. Unfortunately, drugs with known serious side effects are routinely approved, even when there are other drugs that treat the same condition just as effectively – or even more effectively in many instances.

  • mark says:

    i been cigareets free 2 yrs now and dont cough and hack up in the morning just about a week after quitting cigs i feel much much better breathing much better. i vape 6 ml nic and going to go to 3 ml. saving alot of money also

  • Steve says:

    After 38 years of smoking, I started vaping. I was hesitant because I tried one of those first e-cigs that looked like a cigarette with the blue light at the tip. Unsatisfying to say the least. I bumped into a former co-worker who was a 5-pack smoker who had a nice rig. I tried that and I was sold. It’s been 5 years now. I’m down to 12% on MTL and 3% sub-ohm. I don’t stink, I can smell things again, and I don’t hack-n-cough. What I don’t like is being thrown in with smokers on where I can vape. People don’t understand it’s a completely different animal and I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke.

  • Lisa says:

    I have written a lengthy email to the FDA regarding the control they want to impose on vaping. As I explained to them, In 2011, I was told as a 52 yr old woman, I had to quit smoking or I would be dead by my 55th birthday. I was introduced to vaping, and after several tries, I am cigarette free since Feb. 2012!! And I’m still here! My pulmonologist, oncologist (both of them), and my GI doctor have all told me I can vape as much and as long as I want to!! I am down to 3mg of nicotine….not sure I want to go any lower, but according to the doctors, that’s not an issue. So, I thank God every day that someone invented vaping. And, my husband also quit smoking 6 months after I did and still vapes too!! Vape On – Our government agencies need to stay out of our choices that benefit us!!

  • Russell says:

    I smoked Pall Mall non-filter cigarettes for 40 years and got my vape on July 11, 2016. I used it for a couple of hours and decided to have a cigarette. I took three drags and it had no taste compared to the vape, so I put it out and haven’t gone back since. I quit in one day with no withdrawals whatsoever. I love my vape and can’t recommend it highly enough.

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