Switching to Vaping Helps Improve COPD, Suggests Study

We’ve been hearing a ton of negative press regarding vaping recently. These smear campaigns are tactics employed by Big Pharma and the FDA to paint vaping in a bad light. But if you dig a bit past the BS, you can see some of the positive news coming out of the vaping community — which we should be focusing on more. A recent study published in International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, suggests that vaping helps improve COPD and reduces the harm caused by tobacco smoke. This study shows that COPD can even be somewhat reversed by switching over to vaping. 

Switching to Vaping Helps Improve COPD

The study in question followed 44 COPD patients for over 3 years. Half of the patients stopped smoking and switched to vaping, whereas the other half continued their habits. The group that switched showed improved overall health, physical activity and very few participants went back to smoking (8.3%).

Dr. Caruso, the co-researcher of the study, had this to say: “the finding that COPD exacerbations were halved in patients who stopped or considerably reduced their smoking habit following switching to e-cigarettes was an important finding that confirms the potential for harm reversal of these products”.

The fact that switching to vaping helps improve COPD, makes a great case for harm reduction. Although vaping is not harmless, it is a better alternative to smoking. We, as a community, want to help smokers quit, not get kids hooked. It is WRONG to deny smokers the chance to be healthier with a better alternative to further selfish political goals. This study, showing that vaping helps improve COPD, is just more proof that vaping is much less harmful and needs to be embraced, rather than completely tossed aside and demonized.

Let’s come together and help smokers quit, rather than removing a completely viable and safer option of harm reduction.

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Caroline Sparks

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  • james poling says:

    Well I am an 80 y/o male. I have been vaping or ecig now for over 3 years, I am now down to zero nic. I was told 5 years ago that I have copd. I am not cured but I have been able to breathe better and I do go to the gym 5 days a week, with the silver sneakers fit classes.I have 3 kanger mini top boxes. I really don’t know the proper way to vape, I guess I just do it like I used to smoke, I would like to know what pg vg I should use, don’t know any thing about watts or any thing. So I just wanted to let you know, my story. Thank you. James Poling

  • Rick Taylor says:

    James Poling, the best way to vape is the way you want to do it! If you want to discover different vapeing ways? I would suggest visiting a vape shop and asking questions, someone should help you if you want to know the different vaping methods.

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  • Sandi says:

    I switched from cigarettes to vaping 5 years ago and I am at zero nictotine. I used to cough terribly in the morning when I smoked and that is completely gone. I can also say that I have not had to see a doctor for colds, sinus or any other common illness since I started vaping. Overall I feel soooo much better! So many negative posts on facebook now, it’s a shame because I smoked for many many years and vaping was the only way I could quit and I am so glad I did!

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