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Father’s Day is the best time of year for thanking the men who have made all of our lives possible. Here at Mt. Baker Vapor, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate some great stories about vaping dads from the community. A special thank you goes out to all the people who agreed to let us use their stories!


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MBV e-juice keeping Dad off cigs – via Reddit /u/cubbyad

I’m so happy for my dad! He got into vaping about a year ago and has been using some pretty crappy set ups so for father’s day I pieced him together a nice kit. I git him the sigelei 150w with 2 efest 30a and a kanger subtank with a big old bottle of his favorite juice, mbv french vanilla ice cream. And don’t worry I’m not just going to give him that heavy of a set up with no guidance, I’ve been teaching him for a bit with my own similar set up and will continue to until he can do it safely! Just a quick post I wanted to make because I’m so excited for him! P.S. happy early father’s day to all you vapin’ dad’s out there 🙂

My Dad and Vaping – David Forrest via Zodist

“I think you just saved my life.”

My father said this to me late in January of this year just before I got off of the phone with him, after I had explained how I had switched to vaping from smoking and how easy the transition was.  My dad, Dave Sr., has more years of smoking under his belt than I have years of breathing and I’ve been breathing for almost 45 years.

Like many of us, including myself, he has tried to quit numerous times using different methods only to relapse shortly afterwards.  When I talked to him in January about vaping, his only harm reduction was smoking a “light” cigarette… over three packs of them a day.

I live more than a couple thousand miles away from him, he is on the California coast and I am in the middle of New York.  I was worried that I might not be able to help much but I was determined to try.  When I was about two weeks into vaping, I knew that vaporizers were a game-changer in the world of harm reduction and cessation products.  I was excited to act as an ambassador for the vaping community.   I started with a little bit of chit-chat in the Facebook chat window.  Told him about vaping and linked a few articles about the relative safety of vaping over smoking.  I also told him how insanely easy it was for me to make the transition.  I had his curiosity at this point and he was interested in giving it a try.  I know ordering gear online is much cheaper, but I also know my dad.  He will want to talk to a salesperson, see the product, have it demonstrated, and have someone there to answer questions. Not to mention that he is from a generation that believes business should be conducted face-to-face and sealed with a handshake.  With a little help from Google, I found a few B&M vape shops with good reputations near his house and sent him the addresses.

Later that same day he calls me and tells me about his haul: A 2x EVOD starter kit and several bottles of juice.  I had recommended that he tries tobacco flavors at first to make the transition easier, which he told me he had bought plenty of… and pink lemonade!  I could practically see a big goofy smile on his face as he was telling me this over the phone.

During the next couple of weeks I hounded him about giving me status updates on his progress.  He was still smoking, albeit much less.  About a half of a pack a day versus the three packs he had been.  It turned out that they were more from habit than from actually craving one.  So I had the idea of telling him to hide his cigarettes from himself.  I suggested the trunk of his car, the garage, just any place where he can’t just grab one by habit and smoke it but still have them accessible “just in case”.

He followed my suggestion and put them in the garage.  He only smoked a few more after that.  After a couple weeks of his smokes going untouched, he finally tossed them out.  Over the next three months he also started cutting back on his vaping.  Not long ago he sent me his starter kit, saying he no longer needed it, having quit nicotine entirely.

Now he gives me a hard time about continuing to vape…

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Best Day Ever – via Reddit /u/HaydenSI

So onto why today was the best day ever (so far) Me and my father have not always been close but recently we have started to grow close and talk quite often. He always knew I smoked and vise versa but it was never spoken of and we never smoked near each other, or before meeting with each other for lunch or whatever.

Today was a little different though. He made the 3 hour trip up to go to lunch with me. While at lunch he looks at me with a look I hadn’t seen before and asks me if I was smoking again. I told him no and told him today marked 6 months. I don’t expect my dad to tell me congratulations or anything of that nature but just to shake his head and change the subject. Instead he asked me about devices and about juice.

Imagine a mid 50’s year old ex military man vaping fruity flavors. Not gonna happen at least not with my dad. None of the flavors out satisfied him and the cheap gas station disposables “didn’t taste like tobacco” I told him I had what he needed and for a second I was a smile on his face.

We leave lunch and he follows me home. I hook him up with a bottle of grizzlies Simple 1 that I used for drunk vaping. I told him it wouldn’t taste like a cigarette but was the closest to tobacco I had ever tasted.

Fast foward 12 hours and my phone lights up. Its 12am who the fuck is texting me. Dad “I haven’t had a cigarette all day this bottle you gave me is good. Thank you and I’m proud of you”

Holy fuck, those words are few and far between, but its not the words I was excited about. My best day is thinking this is it. After 30+ years of smoking did something finally work for my dad. 12 hours is a short time but hes broke faster on other quit methods.

I pray that this sticks and I want to thank you all here for giving me to knowledge to pass onto my dad a decent kit and to the mad scientist behind simple 1 for making a juice that could possibly save my dad’s life. I honestly can not thank you all enough, and I hope that everyone gets the chance of helping a loved one make a huge change in their life.

And sometimes a picture is all you need – via Reddit /u/Biggsavage


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