Vaping Causes Heart Attacks? | A Misleading Study

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines the past couple of days all claiming that vaping can “double your risk of heart attacks”. A new study from notorious anti-smoking advocate Stanton Glantz, says it has proof of this. But why does this study claim vaping causes heart attacks? And where is this data coming from?

Firstly, every time you see a study claiming something like vaping causes heart attacks, take it with a grain of salt and do some digging to get another perspective. We are living in a time when the vaping community is being vilified and made out to be in the same category as big tobacco, which is just ridiculous. In fact, we are fighting against big tobacco and trying to get people to QUIT SMOKING and improve their health.

The Details of The Study Claiming Vaping Causes Heart Attacks

This study is a result of data collected by Prof. Glantz and three students. Glantz is a career anti-smoking crusader (and anti-vaping). He is based at UCSF and runs the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education. In other words, he is inherently biased. And if that isn’t enough to convince you of his bias, his center is funded by the FDA (surprise, surprise).

The study in question, is the result of surveying participants during the 2014 and 2016 National Health Interview Survey. They were asked if they used e-cigarettes and if they had a heart attack. However, saying that using e-cigarettes increases the risk of heart attacks is incredibly deceptive using this data. This is for a few reasons. Firstly, smokers who switch over to vaping still have the damage done to their body from smoking. No mention was made in the study of how long they smoked, how long they had been switched, if they were still doing both, or if they started smoking again. Not to mention, the question didn’t specify if the heart attack happened before or after they started vaping. Perhaps the heart attack was a catalyst for switching and it’s impossible to say vaping causes heart attacks.

These extremely deceptive studies, which aren’t the first done by Glantz, are extremely damaging and can actually end up killing people who need vaping to get healthy and off of cigarettes. It’s important as members of the vaping community, to dig up the truth and tell those who are misinformed the truth about the propaganda being spread from big pharma and the FDA.

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  • Alex Simone says:

    Man they never quit do they. A few weeks back I had to argue the popcorn lung thing with a co-worker.

    • Kathryn Smith says:

      What a pile if BS, my cousin was a heavy smoker who had a massive heart attack & was encouraged to take up vaping if he couldn’t quit smoking (after quadruple bypass surgery). He’s been a committed vaper since 2011 & is back to being able to work full time & enjoy a more active lifestyle than he was able to as a smoker.

  • Pamela Lyles says:

    They should be congratulating people who quit smoking and start vaping!! Some people still think that it’s a fad, but we are here to stay!!! I would be dead by now if I were still smoking. Thanks to vaping, my lungs are now clear and I was able to quit smoking without gaining weight. In fact I have lost some weight.

  • jerri l konczak says:

    I had a heart attack in 2002 I quit smoking and started vaping about 4 years ago my cardiologist is thrilled he sees no problem with vaping and thinks it’s a fabulous idea

  • D.Carbee says:

    No…they never quit. Hmmnnnn…..wonder how much grant money the FDA would give me to publish a literature research paper on the correlation of vaping to left great toe pain?

  • Jon D Quinzani says:

    Nicotine is a powerful, fast onset, short acting alkaloid stimulant with known addictive properties. Though ingesting stimulants certainly can cause cardiac output and blood pressure to suddenly increase, this alone, is typically not anything like enough to cause heart attack on it’s own. Stimulants, from caffeine to amphetamines must usually be consumed at overdose levels to induce heart disease. In fact, the nicotine in cigarette smoke, even with chronic use, is typically not the primary cause of cardio pulmonary disease in long term smokers. That honor, belongs largely to the ingestion, by cigarette smokers, of carbon monoxide concomitant with the increased pressure put on the pulmonary system by alveolar damage caused by the tar contained in cigarette smoke, and the hundreds of lesser known chemicals, like cyanide (which also blockades cellular oxygen absorption). Of course, there is plenty of dispute to this conclusion, especially when Big Tobacco pays staggering sums of money to chronically underfunded scientists (thanks GOP) to publish “gee, I’m not absolutely certain that damaging the lungs capacity to absorb oxygen, while hitting the smoker with carbon monoxide, which actually blocks cellular oxygen absorption at the same time, is the primary cause of heart disease in long-term smokers” opinions. Though There is NO tar and only trace amounts of carbon monoxide in vapor, if there is any at all, anti-smoking advocates and the FDA seem happy to assign the same level of risk to vaping as it does to smoking. Anyone remember the Carlton ads ? ” If you smoke, please smoke Caelton? ” Carlton, with the brand’s ultra-low tar and nicotine ( like the low dose of nicotine , and zero tar that is available in sub-ohm vaping) was heralded as “responsible” by both the FDA and anti-smoking advocates. It seems that Vaping, with NO tar, lower than Carleton nicotine levels, and none of the carcinogens, and addiction enhancers (which were called “ammonia technology” and worked to free the base of the alkaloid stimulant, nicotine, exactly the way ammonia was used to free the base of the alkaloid stimulant cocaine, which was a popular and terrible street drug in the 80’s and 90’s called “crack cocaine”) that were added by tobacco companies as “flavoring agents” does not enjoy the same aura of industrial “responsible -ness” as at least one brand of cigarettes. I can’t help but wonder why. I mean, vaping, especially sub-ohm vaping, is an extremely viable, and far safer option than inhaling the smoke of ANYTHING. Gee, “I wonder who could possibly be pushing such a reckless agenda?” We vapers certainly don’t compete for profits with the FDA, and inhaling only a single known chemical, instead of the hundred or thousands of chemicals, known and unknown (because of “proprietary formulas”, used industrial giants) seems a whole lot safer to my quaint, unsophisticated common sense. Hmm. I guess I’ll just go ahead and trust the smoking experts, because that has worked out so well in the past.

  • Dave Bonwell says:

    Vaping is the only thing that got me away from cigarettes after 35 years of smoking their poison. I have my lung capacity back feel much better, blood pressure normal. Find somewhere else to get you taxes. Vaping will help get many people off of years of smoking the poison. Cigarettes should be outlawed.

  • still alive tom says:

    hi, i know this is not true. i had a hart attack in Dec 2017. was a smoker for over 30 years. had to stop smoking cold turkey so i did my study and been using vaping as an option ever since. all the Doctors i seen had one thing to say. stop smoking due to smoke it self having over 4 thousand chemicals in it. vaping has only nicotine and minimal additives. nicotine does not cause hart attacks…. i been vaping since DEC of 2017 and i am living proof that is a BS that vaping causes heart issues or heart attacks. My heart has been getting stronger and better every day. if i didn’t have vaping as alt healthier option to go to i don’t know what i would have done. sorry to say they can go take a hike.

  • Tariq Cabel says:

    While smoking I got to where I could not climb one floor of stairs without getting winded. Two weeks after I switched to vaping. My entire body felt better. Climbing stairs once again was effortless. It’s been more than five years now and I feel great. Vaping for me is an amazing alternative to smoking. My overall health has improved significantly. This is reflected in my medical records.

  • Jeremy s Pavey says:

    Nicotine itself causes blood vessel constricting temporarily . That’s a fact , if you never smoked their is no reason to start vaping . If you did smoke like I did for 23 years vaping is a much better option . These so called scientist are very irresponsible and should be chastised for spreading these lies. My cardiologist told me he didn’t care if I took nicotine in any form as long as I didn’t smoke and now my blood pressure meds have been cut in half and I have done nothing but vape for two years and I can actually run now without coughing up a lung. These anti vapers are just plain stupid!

  • Chris says:

    I had a heart attack 2 years after switching to vaping, but what people like this do not take into account is prior history, such as I smoked for over 20 years and I live in the south where there is a fast food place on EVERY block. My prior smoking and clogged arteries caused it, NOT vaping. My lungs are clear and even my doctor told me to vape if it keeps me off smoking….my HEART doctor. My M.D. said the same thing. It is all about demonizing it so they can tax it, they have betrayed the public health they claim to care about.

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  • evan says:

    yes, let’s all trust the “smoking” experts!! pft.

  • Rick says:

    I don’t know what Stanton Glantz is smoking but it sure ain’t cigarettes.

    The guy is a research money whore. Pay him enough and he’ll say anything, true or not. (Usually not.)

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