Vaping Can Save 3.3 Million Life Years By 2070

Despite what all the nay sayers about vaping have to say, it is undeniable that many studies have come out saying that it is much better for you than combustible smoking. Recently, another study at the University of Michigan once again proves that vaping is much more preferable to traditional smoking, especially when it comes to tacking on years to your life. This study used a simulation to prove that 3.3 million life years will be added to the public health landscape by 2070 due to vaping. If more people make the switch, then vaping can save even more lives.

Scientists at the University of Michigan said that the benefits of using vaping to quit smoking outweigh the risks of teenagers using products such as JUUL. One of the concerns that critics bring up about vaping is the chemicals that the smoke contains. However, what they won’t tell you is that vape smoke contains WAY fewer chemicals than the 7,000 found in cigarettes and in far fewer quantities — a factor that the purveyors of this study took into account for their simulation.

Kenneth Warner and David Mendez, the authors of the study, ran this base simulation taking into account vaping role in smoking cessation and initiation. The 3.3 million years gained is a reflection of vaping helping traditional smokers to quit their habit. It was found that vaping caused 260,000 life years lost — this was due to teenagers transitioning from vaping to smoking — an issue that the vaping industry needs to tackle as a whole from a marketing standpoint.

Author of Study Saves Vaping Can Save Lives

Kenneth Warner says of the study, “I believe the case is strong; the benefits outweigh the risks.”

“We are fortunate to know the risks of cigarette smoking, based on decades of epidemiological research.” Warner said. “It could take years before we know the full health impact of vaping, if indeed we ever will. Meanwhile, we have a crisis on our hands. Five hundred thousand people are dying each year as a result of smoking. One out of six Americans remain as smokers.”

Overall, the study concludes that vaping can save millions of lives over time, due to the minimization of lower amounts of toxic chemicals.

This is great news for all you cloud chasers!

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