Tongue Tired? A Fellow Vaper’s Guide to Vaper’s Tongue

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ve probably heard of “Vaper’s Tongue.” If you haven’t, I can almost guarantee you’ve experienced it. It’s not a condition that only affects vapers. It applies to everything you’ve ever smelled or tasted. The first thing to know about it is that it’s completely normal.


Officially, this phenomenon is called “Olfactory Fatigue.” Vapers came up with the term “Vaper’s Tongue” because it frequently affects us. You buy a bottle of e-liquid and it’s the best thing ever. Soon, the notes that once popped for you are now dull and muted. It’s easy to assume that maybe the bottle was mixed wrong, with insufficient flavoring. What’s actually happening is a process known as “Sensory Adaption.” Whenever your body is subjected to a specific stimuli repeatedly, eventually, it begins to block some of that out as “not useful” information in order to prevent it from overloading itself. The body is able to continuously check for other stimulus that is not normal. This is why you forget you are holding something, or lose your sunglasses on top of your head. If you vape Hawk Sauce for a month straight, your body is going to eventually define that as normal. When exposed to the stimuli again, your taste buds aren’t even going to bat an eye at it. If your coil was burnt, they’d certainly pick that up, but if everything remains constant, you’re going to be in Bland City in no time.


So, what can you do? My first piece of advice is that increasing the amount of flavor in the bottle will do nothing to help you. This may, in fact, make it worse! If a bottle has too much flavor, your body is going to be overwhelmed right away and may begin blocking certain notes, or even make you nauseous due to its potency. Our taste buds can only handle so much at once. My number one suggestion is to simply try a different flavor for a while. Your tastebuds will come around eventually. In the meantime, you might find a flavor you enjoy even more than the one you’ve exhausted. Fruity flavors effect us the most. If possible, keep a rotation of flavors that you enjoy on hand and switch it up frequently. I tend to rotate from a very fruity flavor to a creamy one, and then to something robust like a tobacco or chocolate. After spending a bit with the “heavy” flavors, returning to a simple fruit is delightful.

If Hawk Sauce is your bread and butter, and you absolutely must vape it exclusively, there are a few tricks that might help you: Sniffing coffee grounds is a great way to “reset” your senses and should alleviate the problem at least for a bit. Brushing your teeth or using mouthwash will obviously impart some flavor of it’s own, but is also good for resetting your palate after the minty freshness wears off. You can also try vaping at different wattages or on a different set-up, which could change the flavor just enough to bring it back to your tongue’s attention. Switching up your pg/vg blend is another option that will affect the flavor. PG tends to carry flavor better than VG, which can somewhat mute flavors.

If none of these options are working for you, it’s time to face the music. If you can’t taste it anymore, it doesn’t matter if it was the best flavor in the world. It has no flavor now, so arguably, almost anything should be better. Ask fellow vapers what flavors you might like based on the flavor you were enjoying. If it was a simple banana flavor, then going to Banana Nut Bread might be just the thing for you. There are so many options for juice flavors! Remember: as much as you love the ones you tried, think about how many you haven’t. Might I suggest one of our 5 new flavors? Just in time for the holidays, some unique profiles come together to provide the perfect remedy for your ailment!

Something to think about:

Do you have any tips or tricks for fixing vaper’s tongue?

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Brad says:

    The only thing that has every really helped me with vapor’s tongue/fatigue has been to rotate flavors. I love MBV’s cinnamon roll juice but if I vape it all day my tongue will start to feel like sand paper and I won’t be able to taste it anymore. At that point, I just switch up my flavor for a while and come back to cinnamon roll later. The best advice I could give is not to vape the same flavor all day long and try to mix it up as often as possible. There are tons of flavors out there and the more you change it up, the easier it will be to taste them!

  • Mitch Rubin says:

    Another great article by TMech! Of course ive experienced vapors tongue but up untill last week i had never known there was a term for it in the vaping community. I was at a local shop last week and a customer came in saying he cant taste the flavour as well as he could when he started vaping it. He too, just like in the article, thought perhaps the mix was off or something was wrong but he was explained by the worker that its “vapors tongue” and that was the first time I heard that saying. Its funny how once again something i just found out about or am very interested in appears right after on the mbv blog. Is it coincidence? Or the vape gods telling me something, & what that something is i have no clue. As always i really enjoyed this blog post! Keep on posting mbv!

  • Jim says:

    I found brushing your teeth and mouthwash….followed by a Chimes ginger chew works great.

  • Matt says:

    This just happened to me lol. Thanks for the post

  • Christine says:

    Soo difficult to do when you’re in love with one flavor. D:

  • Bill Truesdale says:

    One thing I’ve came across more than just the typical vapor’s tongue is falling out of love with a particular juice. For example, when I first started vaping I vaped another brand’s “Andromeda”. I loved that stuff and vaped it for a couple months straight, almost exclusively. Then, I went off of it and was vaping different stuff for awhile. I then decided to give the old Andromeda another run and quite frankly it disgusted me. Even the smell of it just makes me almost physically ill. It’s still like that to this day.

    This has happened with a couple other liquids I used as my ADV for awhile. Another company’s Snake Oil, I used to loooove so much I vaped it nonstop for a couple of months. Now, I can barely vape it at all. It does nothing for me, even though I’ve tried waiting a few months while vaping other things then coming back to it.

    Perhaps this is just an extension of vapor’s tongue. When the notes start to dull, but you continue vaping it nonetheless, going to a tank instead of a dripper, changing the wattage you vape at, etc instead of changing up the juice… Maybe vapor’s tongue changes into something a little more permanent. I really don’t know. Just throwing this out there.

    I’d love to be able to go back to some of my past ADVs and taste/love them the way I did then.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      I can’t stress this enough: Experiment! Try new and more advanced hardware. Swing for the fences with a crazy-sounding juice you’ve never tried. Play around with your blend ratios. These practices, along with the recommendations contained in the blog, will increase the pleasure in your vaping experience.

  • Al says:

    Recently had my first bout of this due to my atty doing a lot of spitting-yuk. Great advice hear, what worked well for me was lots of water and brushing my tongue more than usual.

  • Brian says:

    Caramel Coffee is my ADV and I don’t usually have a problem with Vapors Tongue. But I do vape on other flavors on other devices throughout the day so I guess that probably helps. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t taste my Caramel Coffee! It’s almost time to order another 8oz bottle of it.

  • Marie says:

    I find if I keep a bottle of water next me at almost all times and sip it after every couple of vapes it cleans the tongue off, flavor tastes fresh again and it’s good for your body to keep hydrated anyway.. Other liquids mess with the taste of e-liquid, water does not..

  • sharon says:

    Very interesting

  • Alex says:

    This has been happening to me a lot lately, especially combined with the ruined taste buds anyway from smoking. Super helpful article!

  • Mike says:

    For me, being a regular coffee drinker, I find that it mutes my taste buds as coffee tends to dry out the tongue and mouth quite a bit. I’m sure others have this problem as well, I have found that if I always stay properly hydrated with water or occasionally something sweet such as a few sips of soda or fruit juice, it really helps to reset my taste buds. It can be so annoying having a case of “vaper’s tongue” as I almost always place consistent orders on MBV!

    • John Swanke says:

      That’s interesting because for me I find that coffee is the perfect cleanser for my palate. A couple sips of coffee and some water and I’m good to go! Vapers tongue can definitely be annoying and frustrating. The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated!

  • Ellen Stalemmark says:

    I read a while back that swishing fresh lemon juice around your mouth and spitting it out would get rid of the problem. IT WORKS for me.

  • Tyler says:

    Rotating flavors is the best and easiest way to solve this problem. I never vape more than one 30ml of the same flavor at a time.

  • ChoyaC says:

    Very good information and advice here. Glad I stopped to read thru this. Thank you!

  • David says:

    My way of re-boosting my flavour recepts is to was out my mouth with Ice Cold Water for about 5 mins.Does the trick for me!?

  • Jane says:

    Restaurants use lime sherbet ice cream to “refreshen the palate” between different courses. So maybe a little squirt of lime or lemon juice in the mouth once in a while might help?

    Also…what in the world is the huge black screen that magically pops up and covers this page when I’m trying to read the various responses? It has ‘Support’ and ‘Privacy Policy’, etc on it and sure does get in the way as it’s hard to remove. Do we really need this obstruction on this page?

  • Dan B. says:

    I sometimes have to remind myself to keep my tongue tucked down and so it doesn’t receive a direct stream of vapor sometimes… it’s easy to go on vaping without thinking much about it, but if your tongue is the direct target of your vapor stream, it can cause vapor tongue much faster.

  • Henry Noss Jr says:

    I never had to deal with it.
    I use use a different juice every time I fill my tank and use a “palate cleanser” in between like solar flare in a smaller tank ,not a favorite of mine but it gets the job done.

  • Dan B. says:

    Isaiah, yes, keeping my tongue tucked down a bit down help, although it’s not quite as much of an issue now that I’m using temp control… but yes, when your tongue is getting directing blasted, it seems the taste buds do fatigue much faster.

  • Hugh says:

    It is obvious from other comments that cleaning the tongue in some way can improve the negative effects of “vapor tongue”. Some people get relief from something as simple as drinking coffee, soda, or even, water.
    When those measures don’t help, it may be necessary to brush your tongue with a very stiff brush. A regular tooth brush is too soft, so look for the stiffest brush that you can get. I use a denture brush, but they used to make a dedicated tongue brush, which I have been unable to find, recently. Try it – it works!

  • LazyWench says:

    Brushing my tongue or drinking water/green tea with lemon juice usually puts things back to normal.
    I hit my worst case of vaper’s tongue about 3 weeks after switching to vaping exclusively. Got some extra Vitamin B complex gummies to go with my multi-vitamins, since the B vitamins are necessary for all nervous system tasks — including sensory perception. Chewed a B gummi four times a day and things were back to normal in about 3 days. That was over 9 months ago, and so far I haven’t had to do it again.

  • Randy says:

    Wow, great article. In fact, Hawk Sauce is my go to and has been for a while, but it just doesn’t have the flavor I remembered. In order to enjoy fully, you must walk away for a time! So, I will swap up my choices on my next order…time to explore some new flavors!

    • John Swanke says:

      This is a great opportunity to change up your flavors and try something new. It helps to have a different flavor on hand you can vape once in awhile just to give your tastebuds a rest.

  • wikkid says:

    Thanks for the article, interesting tips. Something I thought may end up misleading (mebby misleading isnt the right word, but its what I thought of atm) is that juices also change flavor as they age.

    I used to loooove the MBV ry4 straight out of the mailbox, soooo caramely, but after a week or 10 days the caramel fades, at that point nothing short of ordering a fresh batch will bring that flavor back. Juice takes time to steep and that will change the flavor pretty much every time. It’s nothing to do with vaper’s tongue though the symptoms may sound similar at first.

    But yeah, best advice IMO is to have a couple of regular flavors and rotate. I usually start the day off with unicorn milk and switch to either mocha or one of my other picks around 4pm.

  • April says:

    Your sneaky comedic links cracked me up. Thanks Tim

  • Well a dill pickle will do wonders for you too. It is due to the pickles ability to “reset your tongue” that they are commonly served next to your favorite deli sandwich

  • Daviana Beers says:

    I honestly thought I was just getting useto a flavor and nothing more! Good info and definitely will try to broaden my horizon of flavors a bit more

  • Rob says:

    It was the worst thing ever when i could not taste my favorite E-juice .

  • Ken C says:

    One thing I have to say about this is that even if you’re experiencing vapers tongue, Extreme Ice remains pretty extreme.

  • Debbie south says:


  • Brian says:

    thankyou for the info! i am new to vaping so this is great to know

  • Sergio Maximiliano says:

    I have read similar posts and watched a lot of videos that mention the same things. So far not one has actually talked about what is happening to me. Not only that but at my local vape bar they have no idea why my “vapers tongue” is so bad. Let me explain, I can not taste the full flavor of any ejuice any more. I get very faint exhale flavor from just a handful of ejuices. It’s been over a year and it has not changed. Have tried almost any idea posted online, including stoping vaping for more than a month and still nothing. The most bizarre is that I can smell the ejuice and anything els just fine, as well as taste the ejuice and food and drinks just fine, but when I vape I can’t feel anything. If anyone out there see this and have any idea about this I hope I can get a reply. Thanks

  • Rob says:

    I heard about this.Its nice to know exactly what it means.

  • Rob says:

    I stick to just enough different flavors that this doesn’t become a problem.It does stink pretty bad when you can’t taste your flavors.

  • kross8 says:

    i think of ejuice as ‘e-film’ it settles and clogs your sensors.

    in an attempt to clean that film off, i took a really hot shower,, breathing in the humidity (i even had to buy a humidifier for Houston!–i got this idea after researching the impact of humidity is on the sense of taste,, you need humidity),

    i also used some vicks’ vapor rub in my nose , –if you can smell it,, you’re on the right path.

    i have used real pure lemon juice as a mouthwash,, but found mountain dew/monster citron work just as well if not better.

    spicing up my diet helps to keep my taste buds active too.

    i have taken sinus/allergy medicine too,, for me this was already an issue compounded with vaping.

    just some thought that may help someone else.

  • Pru says:

    Man, I suffered really bad vape tongue – I’d made the mistake of trying out higher VG with no extra flavor shots! I’d also continually vaped my favourite (Beast Treats) for a week straight.
    My sister (an advanced vapor) told me I’d have to stop for a few days.
    To all the pack a day smokers out there that have had sucess with vaping- you understand that I couldnt give it up for a few days.
    Took a while, but I drank soft drink/fizzy (sparkling?) water and got my tongue bubbly to refresh the taste buds. Brush your teeth (that’s a biggy).
    I’ve now returned to a 50/50 blend (higher PG gives me a slight acne probelm….totes able to accept that, hope it’s not fatal in the end……but way better than cigarettes)
    Higher PG means higher flavor retuention (and for me a less oily feeling in the vape).
    CHANGE UP THE LIQUID!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough! You may have that favourite go-to flavor but seriously, for your tongue’s sake…..change it up.
    My advanced vaping sister also mentioned using a menthold blend as it seems to cut through the vaper’s tongue. I haven’t tried it out, I do not like menthol.

    I think the most effective would be to not vape for a day or two…..but hell no for me

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Definitely, change your flavor up from time to time. Also, drink a lot of liquids. Vaping causes dehydration and that will cause the taste to go away!

  • Carolina says:

    I’ve had vape tongue for about a month now. Gone to different shops, googled, switched up liquids…still nothing. One shop, that just opened, I went through the whole bar in an hour and sadly walked out with just a menthol. Any other suggestions?? I’m at a loss here.

  • Mike says:

    I’ve noticed that a menthol or mint type flavour bring the boys around . Gives a sharp kick .

  • Robert says:

    Haven’t really had this problem yet.Didn’t know about it till I read this.

  • Austin Steel says:

    How long will it take to co platelet go away? I can hardly taste any of the juices I have right now. I’ve got some way different ones coming in the mail tomorrow, but all the ones I have are too similar I guess. Please make it go away. Lol

  • Lee Saul says:

    I found that licking a drop of lemon essential oil really helped. Really gross but worked.

  • David wright says:

    Very informative. Rotating flavors is definitely the best way to keep tasting good flavor. On the other hand if you find a flavor you like and you still enjoy it after a long time even with less taste its better than them nasty cigarettes! I was 2 1/2 pack a day for 25 years. Vaping has given me my life back as well as my breath! Added bonus- I no longer smell like a stinky a$$ butt.

  • Jason says:

    I feel like the best cure is probably water. Trust me, sounds simple but it works…

  • Blake says:

    I definitely agree with you 100% when it comes to switching out the flavor every once in a while. I mean, some of these e juices out there are really good, but you shouldn’t just vape on it all the time or you’ll lose the flavor you love so much.
    Plus, you never know, by expanding on your juice collection, you might find SEVERAL you love instead of just one you really enjoy. Then vapers tongue isn’t really an issue.
    Also, I gotta say hydration definitely helps as well. The vapor absorbs moisture from your mouth and can leave a film over the tongue if not hydrated enough, so be sure to drink plenty of water 🙂
    This was an awesome read btw, really helpful and easy to read! Thanks for sharing.

  • Moshe says:

    I take a lot of supplemental vitamins and such to keep my health up and found that tea tree oil, even just a drop on the tongue, will do a fast I/O reset on one’s taste buds. A very tiny btl from your fav health food shop will last a very long time. It used to hide my smoker’s breath before I switched to being a vape guy (more that 3 yr’s ago) and now it’s doing a great job allowing me to get good flavor from any juice I try. A bit of water after that ‘drop’ will asuage the natural ‘oil’ residual and give you a great new-taste sensation with your next ‘hit’.

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