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It is almost impossible to escape the new — and now very popular — trend of vaping. It is correct to say that vaping has become quite the modern phenomena with more and more people getting into the industry. There have been so many discussions and questions regarding this trend. Whatever your experience or opinion is regarding vaping, one thing is clear — you need to take charge of your vape wattage. Otherwise, what was meant to be a great and an amazing experience for you, can turn into a nightmare!

More or Less Vape Wattage?

Like we have already mentioned, your vaping experience will highly depend on your vape wattage settings. Unfortunately, deciding on the right voltage and wattage for your mod can be a daunting experience. With the recent technological advent of temperature control, variable wattage and voltage capabilities, this decision becomes even more overwhelming. This is because you now have to deal with an even greater range of values. However, all is not lost since there exist some simple rules that tie together or connect voltage, temperature and wattage to help get you the best outcome. This means that, although it is important to understand the science behind vaping and wattage, it is even more important to understand your desired outcomes when it comes to vaping. This will determine not only the type of vaporizer to go for, but also the wattage and voltage settings to use.

Factors to Consider When Deciding on Vape Wattage

It is crucial to note that there is no a clear-cut rule on the exact amount of wattage to use on your mod. It all comes down to your personal interests and desires. Why are you vaping?

With that question answered, we now go over some of the factors that you should consider when deciding on the best wattage settings:

  • Throat hit — A throat hit is one of the things that you must take into consideration when deciding on the best wattage to vape at. First things first, what do we mean by throat hit? Throat hit is a term used to refer to that amazing feeling that one experiences as the vapor enters your mouth — hitting the back of your throat before finally getting into the lungs. Please note that this feeling can change depending on several factors such as vape juice sweetness, viscosity and most importantly, temperature. The temperature of your vaping device is determined by the wattage and voltage input to your coils. Please note that temperature also determines the point at which your vape juice turns into vapor. It then goes without saying that voltage and wattage then determine how evenly the vape juice heats up. This, in turn, changes the throat hit since a higher temperature means faster vapor production. On the other hand, too little temperature means low vapor production which means a weaker throat hit. If you are vaping simply for a strong throat hit, then you will need a higher wattage. However, it is important that you don’t make the wattage too high as this might give you a burnt aftertaste. For a weaker throat hit? Simply turn the wattage down. Just ensure that you the wattage is not too low as this may mean no vapor at all! Any wattage range of 30-50 watts should work. However, this will highly depend on your coil, as well as the desired results.
  • Cloud chasing– Cloud chasing is another trend that has taken the vaping industry by storm! Did you know that there are some e-cig competitions that specifically deal with cloud chasing, inviting participants from all over the globe? Please note that your vape device may be modified or customized to work best for one specific task. If you are a cloud chaser, then you will want to produce as much vapor as possible. This requires high wattage and low-resistance coils, as well as a high VG vape juice. Different vape mods works differently at different wattages. However, you should be fine vaping at anywhere between 80-150 watts.
  • Sub-ohming — This article won’t be complete if we don’t talk about this other amazing and very popular vaping trend that has taken over the vaping industry. If you are a sub-ohmer, then high wattage may not be your main interest but you may need to look for a vape mod capable of pushing out more than 50 watts. 

Dangers Associated With High Vape Wattage

Although generally safe to use, vaping devices can be affected by too high of temperatures and wattages. There have been several cases of e-cig explosions due to overheating. It is therefore critical that you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into before trying any of the above-mentioned tricks such as sub-ohming and cloud-chasing. It pays to understand the basics of ohm’s law and how it affects your coils and vaping devices.

As you have seen, the voltage and wattage that you use will largely depend on the results you are trying to achieve as far as throat-hit, cloud-chasing and sub-ohming is concerned. However, it is important to mention that even with these guidelines, only you can discover what works for you. How? Take it upon yourself to experiment with those wattages until you achieve that perfect vape experience.

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