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Vape tricks are arguably one of the most gratifying aspects of vaping. Some basic tricks, such as blowing smoke rings, are not only easy to learn, but they have also been around for decades. Most people do these tricks for entertainment. Nowadays, there are competitions for the best tricks. Experienced vapers keep coming up with new and advanced tricks to showcase their skills in these competitions. Wouldn’t it be cool to have some tricks up your sleeve that you can use to entertain your friends? This article covers some basic, intermediate and advanced vape tricks. It teaches you how to do them so that you are not left out on all the fun.

Beginner Vape Tricks

Learning simple vape tricks brings you a step closer to knowing even the most advanced ones. Here are some cool vape tricks for beginners:

Ghost inhale

This is one of the easiest vape tricks for beginners. Basically, you release a ball of vapor then sip it back in. This trick is also known as ghost hit, snap inhale or the mushroom cloud.

How to do the ghost hit

Take a long drag from your vape mod/pen and do not let the vapor go into your lungs. Let it sit in your oral cavity for a few seconds. Push the vapor out of your mouth in small balls. Do not open your mouth too wide or else the vapor scatters. As soon as you push out the vapor from your mouth, suck it back in. This trick is known to cause burping and coughing.

The dragon

The dragon makes you look like a mythical beast, hence the name. Like the ghost hit, it is pretty easy to learn. It involves blowing vapor simultaneously from your nostrils and the two corners of your mouth. This trick requires a good vape device and a lot of vapor.

How to do the dragon

Begin by mastering how to tightly close the center of your mouth while opening the sides and you are good to go. Take a long drag until your mouth is full of vapor, without letting the vapor go to your oral cavity or lungs. Exhale the air through your nostril and the corners of your mouth.

Vapor bubble

Another impressive vape trick for newbies. All you have to do is make a bubble and trap vapor inside it.

How it’s done

Cut off the base of a small bottle and dip its end in a mixture of water and hand soap. Take a huge drag and exhale through the hole you made at the base. The results will be a beautiful vapor-filled bubble.

The waterfall

Our final beginner vape trick is the waterfall. You need to have a bottle and thick vapor to perform this one.

How it’s done

Take a big drag and exhale into a bottle. Let the vapor settle then pour it onto a table. It will fall out like a waterfall.

Intermediate vape tricks

If you have been in the vaping game for a while and you have mastered all four beginner tricks, these are for you.

The tornado

Tornado is quite the trick to graduate into mid-level vaping with. It is just what the name suggests. You use vapor to tornado shapes. You need a pen or mod that produces thick still vapor to pull this one off.

How to do the tornado

Exhale thick vapor on a flat surface, say a table. Using your hand, chop the surface from the sides going in, as if you are shaking someone’s hand. When you get to the middle, flick your wrist and raise your arm. Do this in one swift move and there you’ll have your little tornado.

Blowing O’s 

As the name suggests, it involves making smoke rings in the shape of O’s. Blowing O’s is not new to the vaping community, but mastering the art takes a little more practice.

How to Blow O’s

First, you need to practice inhaling vapor and keeping it in your throat, with your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of your throat. Once you get the hang of that, learn how to shape your mouth to release the perfect O’s. Your mouth should be shaped as if you are yawning but hiding your teeth with your lips. Now that you have mastered the two requirements, take a pull from your vape and inhale it to your throat, keeping your tongue as we have discussed. With your mouth in the shape of an O, push out a little vapor from your throat by making a tiny cough like motion. A little practice will make perfect.

Double and triple O’s

After perfecting the art of pushing out an O, try learning to push out double O’s from the corners of your mouth and triple them with an O from the center.

How to do it

You can master this one easily if you have learnt how to blow O’s. Take a big draw from your vape device and place a finger on your mouth, pressing and pulling the upper lip down. This will split your mouth into two sections, allowing you to blow out two O’s. Do the same for triple O’s but open your mouth wider for excellent results.

Push and Bend O’s

This is simply blowing an O and moving it with your hand to widen it or get it to go in a specific direction.

How to do it

Your O has to be moving a little fast. Put your hand next to your mouth and blow out an O. follow the O with your hand, and gently direct it in the direction you want it to go. Do not get too close to The O or you’ll break it. Your hand should be about 2 inches behind. With time, you can learn how to bend the O.

French Inhale

Also known as the Irish waterfall, it looks like a waterfall in reverse whereby vapor is blown out of the mouth and inhaled back in through the nostrils.

How it’s done

Take a drag and let the vapor settle in your mouth. Do not inhale it. Then, push out your bottom jaw, taking care not to open your mouth quickly. Let the vapor flow out and inhale it back through your nose. It’s a pretty cool trick. You can also connect the top row of your teeth with the bottom lip to create gaps in the vapor then inhale it through your nose. This is also known as the bane.

Advanced vape tricks

Have you been vaping for a long time and you have learned all the tricks we have discussed? Move on to these advanced ones.

Vape triangles

This trick is almost similar to blowing O’s. In fact, having the know-how of blowing O’s is a requirement to do the triangles.

How to do it

Blow a thick O and use your forearm to push the ring down by tapping its side twice. The taps should be done quickly to bend it into a triangle. It sounds simple, but it requires proper timing, quick hand movement, and lots of practice.


This vape trick is also known as the atomic bomb. It involves pushing a small O through a big one.

How to do it

You need to master pushing big, and small O’s and the ghost inhale. Take a drag from your vape and blow out a large O. put your hand behind it to slow it down whilst taking another draw from your device. Exhale a smaller O that looks like the first part of the ghost inhale through the large ring. Leave a trail behind the O to form a jellyfish-like shape.


It looks like inhaling a bow tie.

How to do it

Blow several O’s on a row, in quick succession. Before they scatter, inhale them back. When you inhale two at a go, they become thin on the sides and look like a bow tie.


Vape tricks make vaping fun, especially for cloud chasers. To pull them off, you need to use e-juice with high VG content to produce enough vapor. For most, you also need a vaping device that is in good standing — excellent coils, a great mod, and great batteries. After reading the cool tricks we have put together for you, how about you try them and tell us how good you are at performing them!

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