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With the recent flavor ban in San Francisco, as well as the FDA looking to enact regulations forcing vape companies to get literally all old and new juices approved, it seems that there is a war on vape juice flavors. Looking at a new study, this could actually be incredibly detrimental to vapers, especially those who have used the devices to quit smoking. Vape juice flavors have been key for many former smokers, who actually prefer fruit and dessert flavors to tobacco and menthol.

In the peer-reviewed research set forth by the Harm Reduction Journal, Dr. Christopher Russell said, “The results show that non-tobacco flavours, especially fruit based flavours, are being increasingly preferred to tobacco flavours by adult vapers who have completely switched from combustible cigarettes to vapour products.”

Vape Juice Flavors, The Study

The Centre for Substance Use Research conducted this survey, which is the largest of its kind to focus on vape juice flavor’s role in  harm reduction. It polled 20,000 current vapers. Of over 20,000 vapers, 16,000 completely switched from smoking to vaping, where 5,000 were still doing both. Many started out vaping on tobacco flavors, but quickly transitioned to fruit or dessert flavors. 82.9% preferred fruit or fruit beverage flavors and 68.5% preferred dessert/pastry flavors. Tobacco and menthol were 5th and 6th on the list of preferred flavors. The study found that vapers who quit smoking are sustained by non-tobacco vape juice flavors. Taking those away, like in San Francisco, is a recipe for disaster and many would likely revert to the more harmful habit of analog cigarettes. Not only that, but those who are on the fence about switching or may switch in the future, may be dissuaded if these enticing options are not available. First time uses of vape juice flavors also saw a major increase in fruit/dessert and a major decrease in vapers starting out on tobacco or menthol flavors.

Since the FDA recently came out and finally admitted that vaping is not as harmful as combustible cigarettes, we should all be on the same team in terms of smokers switching over (and staying switched). Getting rid of vape juice flavors and reducing the ability of vape companies to produce a variety of good juices, decreases the likelihood that smokers will make the switch. If the CDC and FDA truly care about American’s health, then they will back the competition and innovation of the vape industry and their ability to produce a variety of enticing products and flavors. This is the only way to promote harm reduction, which has already saved countless lives.

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  • Gil Franklin says:

    Well, I have a comment about flavors that I cannot get an answer on. When I first started vaping I tried many, many flavors – some I liked, some not. But I hit on one called Cinnamint by Monster Vape and BINGO! I loved it, and now do not like anything but that one. It is sort of addictive in itself. However, I saw one article that stated that it was a dangerous mixture, and had some type of side effect. I lost that article about a year ago, and cannot find out if this is true or not. Anyone? Please, because I need my Cinnamint, and also need my health.

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