“Vape is a Lie” is a Lie

If you were watching television on Monday night, you might have seen a troubling commercial. The Arizona Department of Health Services launched a campaign called “Vape is a Lie,” intended to frighten the public away from vaping. Let’s tear this ad apart, piece by stupid piece.

Here is the ad, and try not to roll your eyes too hard:


Before I get into this, I’d like to smugly point out the dislike-to-like ratio on the YouTube page, along with the hilarious (and menacing) comments from Russian vapers. Alright, let’s get to the heat of the meat:

The Factory:

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 2.56.36 PM

Anyone who has spent any time mixing e liquid knows this dystopian Willy-Wonka-meets-Upton-Sinclair factory is a farce. Crimson propylene glycol forming a communal slurry with neon purple nicotine in a sewer trough? Please.

Alright, it’s a CGI cartoon, I can suspend my disbelief. But not when a state tax dollars are pouring into smearing a budding industry that has potential to change the world for the better.

Look at this inspired conception of the standard vape factory:

Totally legit.

Totally legit.

I don’t even need to touch this one.

The Script:

The Pulitzer-worthy script reads as follows:

Cigarettes, e-cigs, and vapes have a lot in common. They’re all filled with nicotine and other dangerous chemicals. So you’re sure to get addicted, and you’re sure to lose!

All the while, impressionable children have vapes materializing in their hands, and by the last line, a sickly alternative youth evaporates in a puff of vapor.

Let’s talk about “nicotine and other dangerous chemicals.” You know what else has nicotine, and dangerous chemicals in it? Tomatoes. Just because products have common ingredients does not make them the same product. Is Coca-Cola the same as dark chocolate, since both contain caffeine? Of course not. You must consider more variables, like chemical makeup, means of ingestion, dosage, and human absorption, among countless others.

Notably, Public Health England found vaping to be 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking. Lumping vaping in with smoking is an unscientific overgeneralization that disregards independent research. This ad seeks to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

This ad is clearly aimed at a younger demographic. In the ABOUT section of its YouTube page, it states, The Vape is a Lie campaign teaches Arizona youth that many of the same dangerous chemicals found in traditional tobacco products are also found in e-cigarettes. Since the vapers featured are all children and teens, with bright colors/animation, a childish narrator, and a less-than-subtle Portal reference for a title, the intended audience is pretty obvious.

Maybe someone should tell Arizona Department of Health Services that 82% of current vapers are ex-smokers. Any vape company that actively markets to children is morally bankrupt, and likely to get shut down. Mt Baker Vapor has a strict no-sales-to-minors policy. All states are banned from selling e-liquid to minors, so why would a vape company market to them?

Who Funds This?

Any time a smear campaign is launched against vaping, I immediately wonder where the money comes from. Is it truly concerned parents and community members, hosting fundraising bake sales? A coalition of good-samaritan doctors, trembling at the prospect of people vaping?

When it comes to tobacco, drugs, healthcare, and taxation, there is a lot of money moving hands. According to Transform Tobacco, the government has collected more than 28 billion dollars this year from smokers in America. Where is that 28 billion dollars going? There is little to no transparency with the allocation of these funds. Here’s a relevant story from NPR on post-Master Tobacco Settlement spending: 15 Years Later, Where Did All The Cigarette Money Go?

In my humble opinion, Arizona Department of Health Services should spend their money on curing diseases. Instead, they’ve chosen to attack a fledgling American industry, under the same old “THINK OF THE CHILDREN” alarmism.

Perhaps someone should make a cute video about the retched factory of corrupt government spending, and the millions of confirmed kills these bureaucrats have racked up over the decades.

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Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Dee Acaldo says:

    I’ve been vaping almost 3 yrs (11/14/2013) after being a 40+ yr cancer-stick smoker & now I’ve never felt better… vaping opens you up so breathing is easy, long live vaping 🙂

  • Evan says:

    i am speechless and in utter shock and awe of how ridiculously stupid that ad was! when will people understand that vaping is so very much more healthy than smoking?!?!?!?!? It’s unfortunate that you guys live in Arizona now after seeing this! That’s it….I’m moving to England! lol

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  • Dakota says:

    Talk about propaganda! I’ve been off cigaretts for almost 2 years. I’m an asthmatic and was chain smoking an entire pack withing 4 hours of playing video games. It was so bad that if just yawn wrong would trigger an asthma attack. I have been able to breath right switching to vaping. I also play a full contact live action role play. I am able to fight better out in the field since I no longer smoke cigarettes. Screw your propaganda!

    • Dakota says:

      I live in Indiana and EVERY vape shop ids EVERYONE that steps in the door. I’m a regular at one local shop and I have my ID out an ready as soon as I reach the counter. They don’t even allow minors into the store.

      • Tim Mechling says:

        We use age verification software for online sales, card anyone that comes through the door of our retail store, and have fraud specialists to vet customers. No one wants to keep vape products away from children more than Mt Baker Vapor.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      It’s tragic how these institutes are trying to sway public perception against vaping. I understand that children shouldn’t vape, but vape retailers are not marketing to children.

    • Raven says:

      Just because you can breathe better doesn’t mean you’re on high risk of heart disease gum disease or a form of blood poisoning caused by the glycol I know that nicotine inherently contains deadly chemical but I don’t think that stage smoke was meant to me inhaled everyday for 10 years its not paranoia it’s common sense I’m not going to test the theory so I’m just going to try to quit smoking all together I’ll say vaping is about 50% safer not 95% provide that is just ridiculous humans are not suppose to be inhaling smoke into their lungs

  • Murray B says:

    I smoked tobacco cigarettes for 46 years. When I started smoking in 1969 about two out of three adults in North America smoked some form of tobacco. When I switched to vaping about 16 months ago only about 2 in thirty people still smoked. That is an 85% decline in smoking over the last fifty years.

    The war on smokers is won and government anti-smoker forces should be demobilized. They should not be allowed to attack other groups like vapers, sugar-eaters, or fat-eaters to retain their government funding. Jobs related to smoking denormalization were always temporary positions by definition and should now be eliminated entirely. There is no excuse for civil servants to attack the same law abiding citizens they are supposed to be serving.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Isn’t it disturbing that people can get rich off limiting the freedom of others? In my eyes, our government is tyrannical towards vaping.

      • Murray B says:

        Yes, Tim, I mostly agree except I see the tyranny directed towards vapers and not vaping. Most people lose their fear of vaping once they learn it is just theatrical fog with less than 2% nicotine added. There is no rational reason to regulate it.

        • Tim Mechling says:

          It’s easier to scare people than to actually educate people. Legitimate science is tough; it takes a lot of time, expertise, and money to conduct good research. The path of least resistance is to instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

    • Raven says:

      My father was a heavy tobacco smoker and a heavy sugar eater and beer drinker which contains sugars he died of diabetes before any sort of tobacco related issues so don’t pretend smoking is the worst thing then Americans do

  • Robert says:

    Vaping help me quit smoking after 25 years and I feel great.This commercial is a pile of bs.MVP Rules.

    • Raven says:

      Now do you think you’ll be able to quit vapor probably not I just try to quit smoking all together you’re still at risk of heart disease gum disease blood poisoning

  • Ted Marple says:

    Like everything that comes from the govt’ and moreover the media…fear sells. Watch the news, most days one would wonder if it’s safe to go outside. Intellectual warfare at its finest.

  • Heidi says:

    Thank you for your article. I currently live in Arizona and was stunned to hear the antiquated facts that seem to have come to light. The first ad I heard was on the radio. It stated that vapes have harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and nicotine in them. The television ad is slightly different. All these ads are doing is scaring people.

    Before I began vaping, I did my research. I found that the Tabacco Industry paid for these articles published with a negative slant. Unfortunately, my state has chosen to use those negative articles and “facts” in this ad.

    I contacted one of our bigger chain vape shops regarding the radio ad. The following day, another advertisement came on radio rebutting that ad.

    Although I appreciate you jumping in and responding to this ad, I wish you could have laid out real facts that would call out the facts in these ads. Or, at the very least, posted links to other articles either on your blog or directly to genuine articles with sound science in them. I believe that would impact these ads in a more thought provoking way.

    Please don’t misunderstand, I was glad to find that you jumped on this right out of the gate. I would just like to post a more complete and factual rebuttal to those negative advertisements to my social network.

  • Grace says:

    Wow… hilarious

  • Zach Edwards says:

    Wow indeed. I recently started vaping. I didn’t smoke cigarettes but I did smoke hookah about 2-4 times a day for about three years. My lungs feel so much better and I don’t get headaches anymore. Vaping is soooooo dangerous!

    • Raven says:

      I had all the symptoms you named off I quit smoking name brand cigarettes and started smoking organic tobacco and they all went away I’m thinking it’s the other miscellaneous chemicals they put in cigarettes for flavor smoking is bad for you in any form so just quit you still at risk that heart disease gum disease blood poisoning

  • Sakda Detsouvanh says:

    Wtf lol

  • Jason says:

    Sad thing is you all paid for this ad.

  • Jason says:

    Actually that is the worst part

  • Jason says:

    They have actually made the video “private” LOL

  • Jamie says:

    Video is gone and I can’t find it anywhere – anyone have a mirror link?

    • Tim Mechling says:

      They have retreated. The video is set to private, they changed the name of the campaign, and Vape is a Lie’s web presence is almost non-existant. I’d chalk this up to a victory for the vaping community!

  • David Emanuel says:

    Unbelievable- what pisses me off is our tax payer money is paying for this crap. If it wasn’t for vaping, I would be a dead man now…it truly saved my life after 32 years of 2 packs of camels a day. I couldn’t stop with the patches, gums, chantix (which about drove me to suicide and homicide) and hypnosis. Finally, vaping worked and it not only restored me to being a non-smoker, my health is the best its been since my early 20’s and I’m approaching 60 now! I’ve been vaping 6 years this month and there have been absolutely none- none at all…zip zero…nada health effects from vaping!!

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  • Rita Schumacher says:

    I was a 35 year smoker and have now been vaping for over a year and cigarette free. I dont care what they say. I feel so much better and it is the first time in 25 years that I did not get a major sinus infection between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    • Raven says:

      Good for you on quitting smoking cigarettes now I would work on trying to quit vaping you still at risk of heart disease gum disease blood poisoning

  • […] Mechling of Mt Baker Vapor breaks down the dishonesty of the Vape is a Lie campaign in a post aptly entitled “‘Vape is a Lie’ is a […]

  • Robert says:

    Ridiculous.I would laugh but this stupid video is hurting our community.

  • Raven says:

    I’m reading a lot of comments about how vaping help people quit smoking cigarettes well that’s good but don’t think you can just continue on vaping and stay healthy just because you can breathe better now doesn’t mean you’re not at risk of other serious problems such as heart disease I know it’s hard to not smoke e-juice or tobacco but you got to try self control I used to be a heavy smoker almost two packs a day now I’m down to two cigarettes a day of organic tobacco it’s expensive but very effective much more potent I actually get a little buzz nicotine buzz when I smoke but thats probably due to not smoking a pack a day I’m not one of those people trying to say vaping is actually worse for you than tobacco but I’m not trying to trade one bad habit for another

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