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Like many retailers across the nation, we took the opportunity of a recent holiday weekend to hold a sales event. However, we couldn’t, with a clear conscious, just hold a sales event over Memorial Day Weekend and lose sight of why the holiday exists in the first place. We wanted to honor all the brave men and women who lost their lives while protecting our freedoms as US citizens. So, we reached out to a local non-profit we support — Vape-a-Vet. We wanted to work with them to set up a way in which we could turn our sales event into a donation event in order to help them out.


Founded in 2013, this 501c3 organization has provided vaping materials to our service men and women across the world at little/no cost to these brave individuals. The founder of Vape-A-Vet was a smoker of 15 years who made the switch to e-cigarettes. He wanted to help active duty/veteran military members pursue an alternative lifestyle change as well.

Quoted from their site:

“Since our humble beginnings in 2013, the number of Veterans that have been served is growing rapidly. To date, over 3000 Starter Kits & 4000 Care Packages have been sent to active and former service members (a running total can be seen on the front page of the website). 82% have successfully made the transition from tobacco to electronic cigarettes or have quit altogether.”

Our Donation:

We decided that for every 240mls of juice we sold during our promotion, we would donate 1 – 30ml bottles of juice to the Vape-a-Vet project. You guys came through, buying up a ton of juice during the promotion and growing our donation with each purchase. When the weekend concluded, we needed to donate just under 3,000 bottles of MBV vape juice to keep our commitment.

It took us close to two weeks to pull everything together, but last Friday we loaded up the MBV SUV and headed to the Vape-a-Vet warehouse in Downtown Phoenix to donate over $21,000 in e juice for a great cause — to get more people to stop smoking cigarettes.

Check out these testimonials from service members who have gotten a care package through the project to see just how much of this program makes:

“Having received my starter kit a week ago today I have gone from smoking a pack- pack and a half a day down to maybe 1-2 cigarettes a day. I figure within a week or so I will be completely off cigarettes and able to use the vaporizer without the cravings.”

John D.

“Thank you so much for the package!  I have had it for about a week and a half and haven’t had a cigarette since.  It has been great, and I appreciate the generosity of yourself and all the folks at Vape a Vet that makes it happen for us out here.”

Elbert W.

For more information on how you can help the cause, head over to their website. Even if you don’t have 3,000 bottles to donate, they have a lot of ways you can help including picking up one of their shirts from our store!

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