USA-Made E-Juice Hype

What’s The Deal With USA-Made E-Juice?

You may have taken a look around vaping forums, and found that a lot of users talk about vaping only US-made e-liquid. It may be easy to shrug it off as extreme patriotism – bordering fanaticism.

But believe me, sticking with USA-made e-juice has less to do with patriotism (which isn’t bad in itself IMHO) and more to do with quality.

A Recent e-Juice Study

In a study led by Prof. J. Francois Etter, his team of scientists looked into e-juice samples from 20 different manufacturers. The study’s aim was to analyze and test the liquid nicotine juices for impurities and contaminants that could pose health to vapers.

In concluding the study, Prof. J. Francois Etter concluded that some of the brands’ quality was exceptionally good – no impurities; no contaminants…perfectly safe for daily vaping. However, only 10 of the analyzed samples fall under this category.

As for the other half of the samples, they tests revealed that they are way below the standard requirements for nicotine medication and smoking cessation. Matter of fact, it was found that they contain 5 times the maximum limit of impurities permissible for nicotine medications.

Prof. J. Francois Etter and his team offered two plausible reasons why:

(1) It’s possible that the manufacturers are not using pure-grade nicotine. Some of them might be doing it intentionally to reduce costs, while some of them might not even know about it…being continuously deceived by their nicotine suppliers.

(2) On the other hand, the impurities might have been mixed during the manufacturing process when contact between the e-juice and other materials is impossible to prevent.

Whatever the reason however, you want to stick with vape flavors and juices that are 100% free from impurities and contaminants, which can pose health problems and has attracted a lot of fire from anti-nicotine and anti-e-cigarette movements.

And one way to ensure that is to get real, USA-made e-juice. After all, if they use US materials / ingredients and manufacture here in the country,  it’s easier for health institutions to inspect their practices ensuring that the e-juice they’re selling is 100% safe for vapers.

Not All “USA-Made e-juices” Are Created Equal

Let’s take Nissan cars as an example. The chassis, engine, brake pads, wheels, and other parts come from countries abroad. However, they are assembled here – giving them the legal right to claim that the cars are ‘Made In The USA.’

The same thing goes for many e-liquid manufacturers here in the country. They use Propylene glycol; Vegetable glycerin; flavorless nicotine; and flavoring manufactured abroad and repackage them here with the label ‘Made In The USA.’

When it comes to cars, that may not be a problem. But with e-juices, it is an issue for the reasons mentioned in the previous section. Plus, while I don’t want to demean e-Juices made abroad, most of them have a bland, unappealing flavor. I’m sure there are good ones but I haven’t had any luck in finding them. Moreover, a quick look around the net will reveal numerous user reports coming to the same conclusion – USA-made e-juice just tastes better!

So be discerning – don’t just settle for any e-juice. Go for locally manufactured e-cigarette juices. While they cost a tad more, you can be confident that they’re well worth it.


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  • lindifer says:

    I had a guy at a local shop argue with me, he was saying mbv was made in China when I told him I liked your e-juice better than the brands they carried. I won’t go back to that shop.

  • Leonard says:

    Were your liquids a part of the study?

  • Vine+Vapor says:

    Anything made completely in the USA immediately earns my respect. When its a QUALITY product made entirely in the USA I just find it hard to go with anything else.

  • rob says:

    Shame the only batterys are from china. And most are just poor quality waiting to break.

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