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Hello MBVers! For this week’s flavor spotlight, we are going to focus on a classic staple of the MBV line-up, USA Blend Tobacco E Juice. This is our fan favorite tobacco vape juice and many of those who prefer the tobacco e liquids, love this one! Here is the description from our website: USA Blend Tobacco E Juice gives you all the flavor of a classic American tobacco, but with none of the smoke!

But what is the history of tobacco in the US? It’s a complicated tale, which involves the economy, war and politics. Read on to find out more about the namesake of USA Blend Tobacco E Juice.

USA Blend Tobacco E Juice History

Tobacco grows natively in North and South America and is closely related to both the potato and the pepper. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, it is in the same family as Deadly Nightshade. Many historians trace back tobacco crops to 6,000 BC in Americas. In 1 BC, indigenous Americans began cultivating tobacco for recreational and ceremonial purposes. In fact, many Americans believe tobacco to be perfect for a range of medicinal issues.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus was gifted tobacco from indigenous Americans. He brought the dried leaves back to Europe were it was grown and cultivated. In 1588, Thomas Harriet from Virginia promoted smoking tobacco as a way to get a daily dose of the plant. By this time, all throughout Europe and in the Americas, tobacco was widely regarded as a “cure-all”. 1760 saw the establishment of the oldest tobacco company in the United States. This company was called P. Lorillard and it was founded in NYC, where it produced tobacco, cigars, and snuff.

The Americans were financed during the Revolutionary War by using tobacco as collateral for loans borrowed from France. It wasn’t until 1826 that nicotine was isolated and was understood to be a chemical possible of poisoning individuals. The potential for addiction was thus discovered. Phillip Morris was established in 1847 when they started selling hand rolled, Turkish cigarettes. The 1900’s saw the invention of cigarettes, which exploded during WWI. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that evidence started piling up which suggested that smoking was linked to lung cancer. In response, the tobacco industry promoted cigarettes with filters and “lower tar”.

In 1964, the groundbreaking report from the Surgeon General titled “Smoking and Health” came out. Because of this report, the government was able to start regulating cigarettes and tobacco products. After this, many of the tobacco companies started diversifying their products and bought into areas such as beer, aluminum foil and the food industry. The advertisement of tobacco products was strictly regulated at this point.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Big Tobacco started seeing lawsuits. Smoking started becoming socially unacceptable and many people started to seriously understand the health consequences of the habit.

With the sordid history of Big Tobacco and cigarettes, it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to vaping. With our USA Blend Tobacco E Juice, you can enjoy the taste of tobacco without the terrible side effects of combustible cigarettes. Check it out!

USA Blend Tobacco E Juice Reviews

William K.
After 35 years of smoking Marlboro reds, I bought this USA BLEND and the very day I vaped it, I never smoked another cigarette. 11 months later and its STILL my go to ejuice. I love others like strawberry and cream, and certain custards, but nothing takes the place of MBV USA BLEND. Love it! Thank you MBV!!

Marshall S.
It works great for me since I quit smoking cigs 3 years ago and started vaping. Great replacement for Marlboro lights

Strong tobacco flavor, not sweet. For the die hard original styles.

Caroline Sparks

Writer, Vaper, Advocate Have an idea? Comment below!

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