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Once you begin vaping, you are pushed to the limit to seek every possibility to enhance the performance of your vape device. You have to choose the best atomizers, wicks, and e-juice for your device in order to enjoy vaping. Coil builds are an excellent way to enhance device performance and personal satisfaction and in order to find the best types of vape coils, you have to do some research.

The vape market keeps growing and individuals, as well as manufacturers, have come up with complex and intricate  types of vape coils to increase enjoyment. Some vapers prefer advanced coil builds because they enhance vapor production and flavor, while others love them for their appearance. Let’s look at the different types of vape coils in the market today and how they can enhance your vaping experience.

Types of Vape Coils

Clapton coil

The Clapton coil has become so famous, especially among sub-ohmers. The first Clapton coil traces its roots to an E-Cigarette Forum member by the name mrdee3. This coil is made of a vape wire, with a core of wire tightly wrapped by a thinner gauge wire. Clapton coils are popular because:

  • They increase cloud production. Clapton coils have many wires and a large surface area which exposes more wire to the e-juice. The many wires allow the coil to heat large amounts of e-juice, producing lots of vapor much to the satisfaction of cloud chasers. 
  • Enhance flavor. The outer wire of Clapton coils heats up less fast than the inner wire. This exposes e-juice to different temperatures allowing vapors to taste flavors that have been heated by both low and high temperatures.
  • They have longevity. These coils do not produce a burnt taste as fast as others do because of their intricate design. Also, they act as wicks by storing excessive e-juice in their cavities.

There are different types of Clapton coils including Alien Clapton, Staggered Fused Clapton, and Naked Staple Coil.

Inception coils

The inception coil comprises a Nano coil inside a macro coil made from one continuous wire. The most important part of this coil is the wicking. For it to work correctly, wicking material is placed in the central and outer coils. This coil is designed to allow air to circulate either form the inner coil or from the space between the inner and the outer coil. The heat from the coil then shoots the vapor towards the air intake, allowing maximum vapor production. The inception coil is ideal for you if you are a cloud chaser or if you love doing vape tricks. 

Strip Coil

The strip coil is a revolutionary porous coil made of Kanthal. Its porous structure gives it great absorption which allows for better and faster e-juice absorption. Also, it prevents the accumulation of heat, which could cause the corrosion of your heating material. Due to their large heating and radiation areas, these types of vape coils heat e-juice evenly allowing excellent flavor production. Compared to regular coils, strip coils load power faster, and they are long-lasting. These types of vape coils are ideal for sub-ohm vape devices.

Nano dragon coil

This coil produces immense amounts of vapor; hence it is suitable for you if you are using VG based e-juice. The Nano dragon is king when it comes to vapor production. Therefore, it makes an excellent pick for every vapor enthusiasts out there. The dragon style coil and wick are credited to a Facebook user called iTeo. The Nano dragon coil comprises two coils, each with separate wicks set up to produce vapor in two different directions. Hence, when you take one draw, you get twice the vapor. Nano dragon coils are suitable for three or four post atomizers. Instead of placing the wicks to go through the coil, you put them between the posts (underneath the coil) on either side, then wrap them over the coils. 

Stove top coils

Also known as induction coils, the coils look just like a stove top; hence the name. With enough cotton, this coil build produces the best throat hit as well as immense vapor and great flavor. Stove top coils vaporize e-juice faster than any other coil build hence if you use them with an RDA, you have to keep on refilling e-juice after every two draws when breaking in. After a while, they glaze over, and they stop requiring too much refilling, and they also allow you to take longer draws. Even with super short hits, stove top coils produce dense clouds of vapor. Because stove top coils produce the best throat hit, it is advisable to avoid using nicotine strengths above 6mg/ml with these coils. 

Diamond coil

The diamond coil is basically four coils in one. The four coils are designed in a fashion that two coils sit diagonally at the top and the other two sit diagonally at the bottom. The four coils go round in the shape of a circle, but they produce the shape of a diamond at the center. These four Nano coils usually have one wick running through them. Their open center allows surplus air into your vape chamber giving you more vapor. The two top coils produce heat and flavor while the bottom coils produce vapor. The diamond coil is better in flavor and vapor production compared to Micro coils owing to its two extra coils. 

Tiger coil

This coil is made with Kanthal wire, and flat ribbon wire twisted together. These two wires work well together to give vapers great flavor and excellent vapor production. Flat ribbon wire produces a cleaner and crisper flavor compared to the Kanthal wire. However, it lacks heat and density, which the Kanthal wire compensates for. Because the coil is not a micro coil, all the loops do not touch; thus you lose some heat. The tiger coil is ideal for flavor chasers, and it works best with fruity flavors. 


Having the right coils for your vape device is a hobby for most vapers, which explains numerous coil innovations. At the end of the day, the correct coils allow vapers to take pride in vaping and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The types of vape coils we have discussed are pretty easy to build and the material needed is easy to find. These coils allow you to enjoy maximum vapor and flavor. If you have to build them yourself, do not forget to prime them and break them in to guarantee longevity. 

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