True Customer Service


Knowing when you make a purchase from a company with the knowledge that they will get you the product in a timely manner is one thing, but knowing they will take care of you after you have used the product goes miles in keeping our customers happy.

As you may already know we have a wonderful new chat system on our website allowing you to communicate with us with any inquiries you may have. Whether that is about new products or even if you are looking for juice suggestion you might want to try. Our support staff operates between 7am to 11pm PST, seven days a week. They are a highly qualified and trained Customer Service Team that will address any questions/concerns you may have with your product, with the highest level of professionalism.


There are multiple ways to get in contact with our amazing hardworking team whether that is on the phone (1-877-565-8273), via email , or even just talking to us on our chat system on our Mt Baker Vapor webpage. If you have an issue, we will address it as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


When it comes to purchasing hardware from Mt Baker Vapor, if there is a manufacturing defect, there is a 6 month warranty on almost all hardware. So if you just get your battery, contact our customer service team, they will walk through trouble shooting with you to ensure it is not user error. If all avenues are exhausted they will ask you to fill out a form under the link Easy Returns at the bottom of Mt Baker Vapors home page. Once we get the defective hardware, we will put it through a slew of tests to ensure the device is broken, then we will ship you out a new device to replace the broken one complete on us. That simple! No muss, no fuss.


Mt Baker Vapor is a company that prides itself in customer service, tell us your issues and we will find a resolution that works the best for you!




Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Heather Thorne says:

    On 5/3/16 I purchased 5 kangor tanks. They came in a box. I opened the first one three days ago and just opened the 5th tank. All of them are breaking at the base. This one is my last tank and don’t have high hopes that it’s going to last more than 4-5 hours before breaking. The cig stays in my pocket of my uniform at work….I’m a burn nurse at Vanderbilt Burn Center. At home, it lives on my bedside table while I sleep……I’ve had to buy a pack of cigarettes to make it through my shifts at work because the tanks are breaking right at the beginning of my shifts, pouring liquid all done my uniforms….really frustrating!!! And I love my ecig and have never had any problem with it! Must be a bad batch.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Heather, I am sorry this is happening. If you can, give our customer service team a call, and they might be able to help. Our number is 18775658273.

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