Troubleshooting Vaping Problems | What To Do For Common Issues

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding that your vape device is not functioning when you want to vape. What you need to know is that it is normal to experience problems when vaping. The good news is that these are problems common to users, and they are easy to resolve after troubleshooting vaping problems. Today, let’s focus on common vaping problems and offer quick solutions so that you can enjoy vaping once more!

My vape won’t turn on | Troubleshooting Vaping Problems

Have you tried to turn on your mod or vape pen to no avail? There are several reasons why your vape isn’t working:

The device is off

If your vape is fully charged, but it is not turning on, this means that it is off. How so? Well, many vape devices have a default feature which allows them to be switched off completely to prevent discharging in case the power button is accidentally fired. Pressing some devices continuously five times (or three depending on the manufacturer) within two seconds switches them off.

How can you fix this? The battery will use the same command to switch on, so try pressing it five times within two seconds and voila!

The batteries lifespan has come to an end

Most vape batteries have a lifespan of two to three years. Some might stop working before this time, depending on how you use them. Dead batteries could be the reason why your device won’t turn on1.

Try charging your mod and if it does not pick up any charge, replace the batteries or dispose the device and get a new one if yours has built-in batteries.

Your battery door is not closed properly

When the battery door is not properly closed, your device might not work2. Most devices rely on battery doors to complete the circuit. Check if yours is properly locked. Sometimes it won’t close, and this calls for a door replacement. 

The batteries are uneven

Are your batteries new and the mod won’t fire up? The reason could be uneven batteries. Batteries are manufactured in bulk, and sometimes there might be a fault in the manufacturing process, making the batteries uneven in size.

Switch the batteries (but still put them in the right configuration), and if the mod works, it means that either the nipples (positive poles) are uneven, or that one has a dent that is causing incomplete circuits. 

Your mods brightness is low, or it is in stealth mode

Vape devices have a setting known as “stealth mode” which allows the device to work when the screen is unlit. Check if the mod is firing the tank. If the tank is receiving power, it means you accidentally set the device to stealth mode, which you can change in the device settings.

Another reason why your device won’t turn on but still fires the tank is low brightness. Adjust the brightness in the device settings. 

Residues are blocking the connection

Sometimes, e-juice seeps into the battery connection, obstructing the circuit. Check for dirt and residues on your vape mod pin and battery nipple. Wipe the dirt using tissue and your mod will be good as new.  

Your device is damaged

Did your device fall or come into contact with excessive water before it malfunctioned? It could be permanently damaged due to interference with the internal connections. 

Try the solutions we have discussed above and if it is still not powering up, get a new one.

Note: uncharged batteries and incorrectly installed batteries are also the top reasons why mods don’t turn on. On top of that, the vape pin connecting to the battery might have recessed2 due to a fall; so, ensure that the pin touches the positive pole and it is not too tight. 

That said, let’s look at the second most common problem!

My vape is hard to pull | Troubleshooting Vaping Problems

Do you have to draw too hard form your coil and even then you do not get enough vapor? This is the reason:

You’ve been pulling too hard in the past

When you pull e-juice too hard, the wicks absorb more juice than the coils can vaporize. The excess juice leaks into the atty through the air passage10. This gunks up the air holes requiring you to pull harder to get e-juice to rise to the wicks.

Unscrew the atty and clean the threading using a tissue. Clean the threading on the battery, too. Clean the tank using warm water and dry it. Blow into the air holes to check if they are working well. Clean the area where the coil comes into contact with the mod using a tissue. Also, make sure that the coil is not blackened and prime it.

Why my coils taste burnt | Troubleshooting Vaping Problems

Burnt coils taste terrible, and they burn your throat hard. They might make you wish you never vaped, but guess what? They are a pretty common problem! Here are the causes of burnt coils and how you can resolve them:

Your coils are old

Whenever your coils taste burnt, ask yourself when the last time you changed them was, especially if your device was at optimal performance before.

As soon as you begin experiencing a change in taste, change your vape coils3. Ideally, change them every two weeks if you never want to taste burnt vapor again.

You’ve not primed your coils

Are your coils new but still give a charred taste? Whenever you install new coils in your vape device, it is vital that you saturate it with e-juice before using it to avoid getting a bad taste4. Put e-juice on the wicks until they are soaked entirely then leave it for a while before using it to enjoy great tastes.

Chain vaping

Vaping without taking pauses sounds fun, but it is likely to make your vaping experience less enjoyable. You will often experience a “burnt cotton taste” when you chain vape. This kind of vaping does not allow your wicks to absorb more vape juice, causing it to dry out and burn. 

Stop your wick from burning when chain vaping by allowing 30 seconds in between puffs. Alternatively, use PG based e-juices to get a quick throat hit to stop chain vaping. This is especially useful if you are chain vaping to counter nicotine cravings.

The coils are dirty

How often do you clean your coils? Dirty coils are one of the top causes of dry hits and burnt taste. To avoid this, change your wicks weekly and rinse your coils with warm water to eliminate the gunk.

The coil loops have hotspots

A hotspot refers to an area in your coil that heats up faster than the rest of the coil. A loop that has a hotspot glows brighter than the other loops on a coil. Hotspots decrease the life of your coil and cause charred tastes even if your wicks are soaked up. To get rid of them, strum your coil with a screwdriver or pinch the loops together using tweezers5. 

High power vaping

Exceeding the recommended vape device wattage can cause your coils to burn. Also, high temperatures vaporize e-juice faster than your wick absorbs it hence the wick too will burn. Make sure that you know and use the recommended wattage for your device. If you love vaping at high temperatures, consider switching to an RDA.

Your E-juice is running low

Do not wait till your e-liquid is in its last drop to refill your tank. If you do so, you risk burning your wicks and getting a bad taste. Ensure that you never let your tank levels drop below a quarter full to avoid burning your wicks.

Having solved that, let’s explore our fourth problem.

My vape says “no atomizer” | Troubleshooting Vaping Problems

The “no atomizer” message on the screen might cause concern. This message could be brought about by a faulty coil installation whereby the coil has no connection to the mod. Check to see if your coil is well connected.

Secondly, it could be due to a loose 510 connection between the mod and the atty. Ensure that the vape pin touches the positive pole of your battery. If it does, check whether dirt is interfering with the connection by unscrewing the tank from the mod6. Be sure to clean any juice or residues on the 510 areas of the tank and mod with a tissue. 

Let’s resolve the next issue.

My battery life is short | Troubleshooting Vaping Problems

Is your vape battery not lasting as long as it used to? Here are a few things that are reducing your battery lifespan:

You’re overcharging the battery

According to research by the Battery University, batteries that charge up to 85% have a longer lifespan than those that charge fully. 

Avoid overcharging, by not leaving the battery charging all day or overnight. It might be convenient because you will wake up to a full battery, but it reduces the lifespan of the cell.

The battery is constantly discharged

Continually draining vape battery before recharging does your cells no good.

To improve the life of your battery, do not fully drain it before charging it. A battery that is not fully drained requires less energy to recharge compared to one that is fully depleted. Recharging a fully drained battery puts a strain on it and diminishes its life fast.

You are not using your batteries regularly

Failing to use your vape battery daily diminishes its lifespan. 

Use your batteries daily to maintain optimal performance and prevent them from slowly losing power. 

You’re leaving your vape device on

Just like your electric appliances, vape devices suck away power when left on, even when they are not being used. Continually leaving them on reduces their lifespan.

Extend your battery’s life by turning your vape off every time that you aren’t using it. 

Your vape battery is dirty

Occasional e-liquid spills and dirt from pockets can dirty your vape battery. When your battery is dirty, it will require more energy to send power to the vaporizer because dirt weakens the connection8. Overworking to power up your device will ultimately reduce battery life.

Clean your batteries, tank, and atomizers regularly to get rid of any e-juice that might have spilled over and improve battery life.

Wrong battery storage

Do you keep your battery at room temperature? Too high or too low temperatures reduce battery longevity. Store your battery in room temperatures and avoid leaving it in your car when it is too hot or too cold. Temperatures between 50⁰F and 70⁰F are ideal. 86⁰F+7 is considered elevated, and it can damage your battery quickly.

If you don’t fully charge your battery before storing it, it will slowly suck the charge. Store fully charged batteries in a safe bag, in a cool and dry place to increase their lifespan9.

My batteries are getting stuck in the vape | Troubleshooting Vaping Problems

Your batteries slid easily into the vape mod, but you can’t get them out now. What could be the issue? Your wrapper might have got rolled up, and a bit stuck or your battery has overheated, vented and swelled.

How can you resolve this? Wait for at least an hour after the last time you fired it, then try pushing it out using a wooden stick through the 510. Push it far enough till you can grab and pull it. 

Final take

Burnt taste, vapes that won’t turn on, batteries with short life, stuck batteries, and atomizer issues are the most common problems that you will come across when vaping. Luckily, you can resolve them with a few DIY steps and continue enjoying vaping. Remember to exercise safety when addressing these problems to avoid shorts and possible explosions.

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  • Stella Leon says:

    It is also a very common problem for people to report a leaking clearomizer tank. It is no fun to have ejuice leak all over you vape pen, but it does happen. That is the nature of vaping. There are some things you can do to prevent the leaking issue. Here are some common causes for a leaking vape pen:

    Overfilled Tank: if you overfill your clearomizer tank, this can cause it to leak.
    Ejuice in Air Hole: Most vapers know that gurgling sound they get when vaping. This means you likely have e juice down the center air hole. You can get ejuice in the air hole from a few different ways.
    From Filling: One way E juice can get an air hole is when you are filling the clearomizer tank. if you pour too much too quickly, it can spill into the air hole. To fill the clearomizer tank correctly, you must make sure you pour slowly and against the edge of the tank.

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