Top 20 Best Reviews About MBV Juice

With the release of our Summit Line at play, we have taken a fine-tooth comb through the reviews left on our website for our top 5 most sold flavors. We wanted to see the positive and negative comments left by our valued customers so that we can continue on our journey back to our roots of 100% customer satisfaction.

As we worked our way through the reviews for Hawk Sauce, Extreme Ice, Thug Juice, Berry Crunch Cereal and Green Apple – we decided to pick out our 4 favorites for each. We’d like to share with you (what we feel are) the top 4 best reviews of each of our top 5 highest selling flavors.

Hawk Sauce:

“This is my first menthol flavor and I went through it quickly. Will be ordering more! I don’t get as much of the berry flavor as I do the menthol but regardless, it’s pretty good! It is a “cool” flavor as the previous reviewer mentioned. Also provides a decent throat hit but I guess that also depends on your device.”

“Hawk Sauce, I need you all day long. When I am without you, my tastebuds begin to cry tears of loneliness. Your sweet, tangy berry opens my senses, your menthol cools my throat. Subtle, yet enticing. Oh Hawk Sauce, you almost taste floral in the mornings, a sweet surprise to start my day, and a perfect vape in every way….. Thanks Mt Baker, you have a loyal customer here.”

“Best Damn juice I’ve ever tasted! A must try! This is the first juice I tried when I switched from smoking and I’m happy to say it was the reason I never will smoke again! Thanks Mt. Baker!”

“I would consistently breathe hawk sauce more than I breathe regular air if only my batteries didn’t die. It’s also a plus that it makes my breath smell good.”

Extreme Ice:

“If you like minty, menthol flavors, look no further. It’s like the Abominable Snowman, Frosty, and Mr. Freeze are having a frozen f**k fest in my lungs.”

“Just received my order today. After reading the reviews I took a chance hoping this is what I was looking for….and it was. Outstanding refreshing flavor (1 flavor shot) and good vapor with my Kayfun. Mt. Baker shipped it 2 day mail, ordered it on Saturday, received it on Monday and it didn’t cost me anything. THAT is service, and something you don’t find much now-a-days. I don’t expect that level of going above and beyond every time, but it was much appreciated. I can’t imagine why I would ever order from anyone else when I need juice. WOW is all I can say. I will make sure everyone I know even remotely interested in vaping knows who Mt. Baker is.”

“Amazing my wife begs for this every time we get paid.”

“Like Dentyne Ice in juice form.”

Thug Juice:

“All day, erry day baby! Big bottles are back! Thug life, ballin on a budget again! In all seriousness I wish this was a little more fruit, a little less menthol, but still my favorite by far.”

“My mom actually had this flavor and after I tried it I was amazed at how great the flavor was. Definitely one of my favorites!”

“Aint nuthin to F**k with. Thug juice is my all day, everyday vape, and that isn’t changing no matter how many other juices I try. Max VG, 1 or 2 shots. Haters don’t touch.”

“Thug juice is bomb. I despise menthol but I can vape this s**t all day.”

Berry Crunch Cereal:

“Another fine juice from Mount Baker. It tastes just like the description and is like a rich gateaux. Won’t be an all day vape for me as I have decided sweet juices are generally not my thing but others will love this unusual blend.”

“This is the best go to vape for long time vape users. If you’ve gotten past your addiction and want to give your taste buds something special here it is.”

“If you like to relax with a fat bowl of cereal, you’re going to like the Admiral Berry Crunch. Authentic flavor even at the higher nic levels. After my 30ml was gone I came back for the big bottle. There’s a reason this is a best seller.”

“It’s not as milky as I hoped, but the flavor with an extra shot was great. My wife likes the aroma too, which is always a plus when she’s happy!”

Green Apple:

“Almost a Granny Smith. I can taste the crisp apple-y goodness. Not too sweet, not too tart. This juice is a winner.”

“Green Apple is really yummy! I’m a lifelong fan of Jolly Ranchers and anything sour & sour apple, so this really hits the spot. I found it really doesn’t need extra flavor shots.”

“Straight out of the mail, I love this flavor. This is the closest thing I can compare it to- do you remember those suckers that come in a green wrapper on a stick that have a layer of solid caramel on the outside with a green apple flavored sucker underneath? Yeah, well it reminds me of how the interior green part of the sucker tasted like after getting through the entire caramel layer.”

“I had been searching for something that tasted like this for over 1.5 years and Mt. Baker NAILED IT! Not only does it smell and taste like you just bit into a freshly ripe Green Apple, but it also taste almost exactly like the Green Apple (Jolly Rancher) flavor. I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes Apples, Green Apples & especially Green Apple Jolly Ranchers. I will always have a bottle of this in my rotation, If I could give it 11 stars I would.”

– Reviews taken directly from our product pages; edited for grammar and shortened as necessary. –

Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.