Top 10 Vaping Safety Tips

Vaping is a hobby that we all love, but it can also be dangerous if you forget to employ best practices. Keep these 10 vaping safety tips in mind to be sure that you are doing everything you can to protect yourself and those around you. If you can think of any we missed, feel free to add your own tips in the comment section below!

1. Learn the math about your battery.


vaping safety tips

Be good to your batteries and they will be good to you.

The most dangerous aspect of vaping is undoubtedly the lithium ion batteries that we use to power most mods. While these can be counted on to perform reliably the vast majority of the time, they can become hazardous when mishandled and abused. Some of the most important vaping safety tips surround battery use.

While some regulated mods with built-in batteries remove most of the worry, if you plan on using replaceable batteries and building your own coils, you should brush up on the basic math behind battery safety. This excellent guide from OnVaping will walk you through what you need to know, but the basic rule to remember is simple: never let the discharge rate of your build be greater than the max discharge rating of your battery.

If you do not know what that last sentence means PLEASE read the linked OnVaping article before venturing into do-it-yourself builds.

2. Don’t fill your juice bottle with hot sauce and then re-use it for juice.

vaping safety tips

You would think this wouldn’t be an issue.

A special thanks goes out to /u/nomer2’s Reddit post for inspiring this tip. Our friend thought that it might be a good idea to use an e-juice bottle to carry around hot sauce to “drip” on his food. He got tired of the novelty and washed it out to be used for vaping again, but when he went to try the juice it tasted like (paraphrasing here) flatulence.

Please, Dear Vaper, if you decide to reuse your bottles for something other than e-juice DO NOT try to go back and wash them out for continued vaping use. Pick up some new empty bottles and stay safe.

3. Don’t carry batteries in your pocket.

vaping safety tips

That coin can do some serious harm.

Tossing an extra battery in your pocket before going out may seem like a good idea; nobody enjoys having their mod run out of power halfway through the night. But if loose change or a set of keys accidentally completes a circuit between the positive and negative ends you could be dealing with something worse than no vape: flaming pants. Pick up a battery case or be extremely careful not to put anything else in your pocket with a battery.

4. Stay hydrated.

vaping safety tips

You’re made of the stuff, keep it around at all times.

As much as we all love vaping, it does have an uncanny ability to leave you dehydrated, as it wicks away moisture from your body. Especially important during these summer months, make sure that you are substantially increasing the amount of water you drink. Dehydration can lead to a number of short term and long term problems health problems, so invest in a nice water bottle to carry with you!

5. Beware of heat; if things are getting overly hot set them down.

vaping safety tips

Mind the heat.

When you’re using a mod regularly, it isn’t unusual for it to get a little bit warm. But if it gets uncomfortably hot to the touch, set it down and ease off vaping for a bit. Batteries get hot when they are being overworked. If you push them too far, there is a chance they can “vent.” Venting occurs when the chemicals inside the battery become too hot and begin producing gasses. If it happens in a mod without good ventilation, it could explode.

If you put the mod away for a while, and it doesn’t cool down, quit using the device and dispose of it safely at a battery recycling center. Do not just throw faulty batteries in the trash! It could lead to a fire and is extremely harmful to the environment.

6. Keep out of reach of children/pets.

vaping safety tips

You don’t want to be the person that ruins this picture.

Many of us enjoy vaping nicotine, and there is nothing wrong with that. Here at Mt. Baker Vapor, we believe that adults of age should be able to enjoy this fairly benign drug at their own leisure. But remember: we need to look out for those who may not be able to understand what a bottle of e-liquid might contain.

At certain dosage levels nicotine does become an extremely deadly poison. There have already been cases of children drinking e-juice. These cases are tragedies and the community must do everything we can to keep them at a minimum. Please do everything you can to make sure that any bottles you have are out of reach of children and animals.

7. Don’t leave mods or batteries in extreme heat.

vaping safety tips

Do you want burning cars? Because leaving mods or batteries inside hot cars is how you get burning cars.

Another tip that is extremely important to remember during the summer months: heat is the arch-enemy of batteries. As well as being wary of overheating your battery, you must also make sure to not to put it in an environment where the battery will be heated externally.

Outside temperatures in only the 60s can cause a car (with windows up) to heat to well above 110°, almost double the recommended storage temperature of 60°. If you are planning on leaving your car sitting for any extended period of time in the sun, please avoid leaving your mod or battery inside.

8. Maintain proper charging etiquette with your batteries.

Never leave your charging batteries unattended. Invest in a quality charger like the Nitecore Digicharger D2 . Cheap battery chargers can overcharge your batteries and make them more susceptible to venting. You can use a multimeter to check your battery voltage. If it is overcharged (for 18650 batteries that would mean any voltage rating above 4.2), let it sit for a while to slowly lose charge then take it to a safe recycling facility.

9. Is your mod acting weird? Stop using it!

vaping safety tips

Worried about your mod doing something funny? Stop using it and get some help!

Vaping is very new. While we’re proud the quality and advancement of vaping, we need to be vigilant when it comes to faulty products. If we want to be free from government hassling, we need to be diligent about policing ourselves. Watch for any weird glitches in your mod, like turning itself on, auto-firing, or bizarre readings. If you notice anything like this, take the safe route. Shelling out for a new mod beats using dangerous hardware.


10. Make sure your batteries are properly wrapped.

vaping safety tips

Under no circumstances is this ok.

The pvc wrapping that goes around your batteries may seem decorative to those without experience, but it is actually a key component in making sure that your battery is safe. Faulty wraps, especially around the positive and negative contacts, can cause your battery to short.

Keep an eye on your battery’s wraps, especially if they’ve taken a fall recently. I noticed this peeling after I knocked my mod on the ground and the battery popped out. However if you are noticing any sort of flaws in your battery wrapping, all is not lost. There are some great tutorials available on how to re-wrap them yourself. Just be sure to be meticulous if you do it yourself, and DO NOT use the battery until it is rewrapped.


Please note: These tips are far from a definitive list of everything you should know about vaping safety. There are an abundance of great resources to check out online (here’s an excellent battery guide for example), and we encourage you to seek out and discover them all. It is our responsibility as a community to educate one  another to keep vaping as a safe and responsible hobby.

Take care and vape on!

Something to think about:

Are there any safety tips we missed? For the safety and well-being of all of us, please share your tips below!

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    Forgot to say, “thanks!” Items #7 and #10 are things I wasn’t thinking about. I appreciate your advocacy, information, and effort.

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    I actually did not know that vaping could dehydrate you. That’s definitely something to keep in mind! Thanks for sharing these tips!

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      You are welcome! If you stop tasting your flavors and you have been vaping a lot, it could be caused by dehydration.

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    Can a 12 years old use vape because I see of the people in my school use it. Planning to buy one give tips

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      You must be 18 or older. 21 or older in some states. Vaping is addictive and unhealthy and if you have clean lungs, and don’t currently smoke or vape, you should keep it that way!

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