Today Only! Mt Baker Vapor’s Mesa Retail Store GRAND OPENING


You’re tired of paying out the nose for e liquid. In today’s economy, no one can afford the bottles they sling at the run-on-the-mill vape shop. Part of your decision to switch to vaping was to save money. A few visits to the typical vape shop, and you’re more broke than you were before you quit smoking. Why should you pay cigarette prices for vapor products?

There’s a better way. On August 27th from 10am to 8pm – 4049 E. Presidio St. Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85215, the most trusted name in vaping opens its doors to the Arizona public. Join Mt Baker Vapor for the Grand Opening of our retail location in Mesa! We’ll be offering 50% off all e liquid, 75% off select vaping hardware, and exclusive vaping swag packs.

Our shop features over 35 different flavors including Hawk Sauce, Berry Crunch Cereal, Banana Cream Pie, Forestberry Fusion, Desert Rain, and the entire line of GWAR Fluids. 15mL bottles of e liquid for only $2.49 and 30mL bottles starting at 3.99! For more information visit:mtbakervapor.com/mesa. Mt Baker Vapor: BY VAPERS, FOR VAPERS.

Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

  • Mike McConnell says:

    Yayy!! You guys keep growing!

  • Erica Cross says:

    I really wish you would open a store in North East PA. Like you said all the other retailers are tooo expensive to buy from. Here they charge $9 – $15 for a little bottle of juice. I’m always stocked up from MT BAKERS. Please think about coming this way. Most of the ex smokers I know now vape. And your juices are the best. Love you guys!!!!

  • Mike says:

    My biggest regret was not switching to Mt. Baker Vapor a few years ago. I used to use a competitor that charged close to $30 for a 30 ml bottle of juice. Granted, it was good, but no where near the quality or flavor of what MBV offers.

    When they started charging $5 for shipping, they lost me. I went from local vapor shop to vapor shop…all charging in upwards of $15-30 a bottle for 15-30 ml bottles, with disappointing quality/flavor. I was going through liquid (and money) left and right.

    I am so happy I started buying from you guys. Even if I’m paying for shipping, for the same price as V2 (referenced above), I am getting 5-7 bottles of liquid, versus 1.

    The diversity of flavors is almost overwhelming, the flavor quality outstanding, the prices extremely reasonable, and the shipping lightning fast.

    Seriously – never change. You guys are top notch

  • Jason says:


  • John Edward Lindsley says:

    I always buy over $50 to avoid shipping charges, but why don’t y’all off extra flavor shots anymore? And I really wish I could order the 236 ml bottles of juice again.

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