Tobacco Free CA Becomes “Victims” Of Grassroots Astroturfing

In a Facebook post by Tobacco Free CA yesterday, public health officials are claiming to be victims of vapers astroturfing industry propaganda. The irony of reporting this on an industry blog does not escape me. In fact, the whole situation is completely conspicuous, considering the evidence.

The vaping industry, aka small businesses made from the ground up, are generally about as late to the advocacy party as big tobacco is to the industry, introducing their outdated, look-a-likes of their products that kill consumers. The reactionary “#NotBlowingSmoke” campaign was made primarily by one consumer who has absolutely no monetary stake in either electonic cigarettes or the campaign itself. If anything, the campaign should have been initiated by the vaping industry’s indulgence. However, the industry and it’s own organizations are too busy battling bills that go beyond the limits of reason. And, the seemingly supplemental support by businesses attempting to better our efforts as advocates is also in-lieu of the will of it’s customers, as the rest of the business is based. But, if there’s one thing that public health is good at, it is playing the role of the victim.

As vapers, we were the victims. Not only were we the victims of the health consequences of our actions, but also of a society that has been taught and trained to bash the simple sight of you, the smoker. The strategy, while effectively manipulating some into quitting smoking… for a while, is a campaign of un-humorous humiliation and hate.

Instead of campaigning for care and commitment, we’re left to select from an obsolete array of abstract therapy, including pills that could potentially poison our pre-dispositions. Scary sounds and subliminal messages flashing across our television screens continue to spread confusion and contempt to millions watching and wondering who these “vapers” really are.

We need to send the message to everyone that citizens of the vaping community are helpful and respectful members of society. We need to say that smoking is the problem, not smokers or vapers. And, we will no-longer play the part of victims to professional propaganda campaigns.

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Vapin Hot Granny says:

    Interesting that they seem at the moment to be blocking the comment section on Facebook. Afraid to face other peoples opinion?

  • Alex Carlson says:

    I think it appeared for a while to be being blocked, but I think it could have been just glitchy with so many vapers commenting. I agree though, do go voice your concerns! You only get one shot at your first wedding.

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