The Zenith Tank

To reach the zenith is to have arrived at the pinnacle of perfection. This is exactly what Innokin did in creating the Zenith Tank. The Zenith tank is the result of a brilliant collaboration between Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis. They are two giants of Innokin, who are very well adept at understanding what it’s like to struggle with an addiction to traditional cigarettes.

The Creators of The Zenith Tank

Phil Busardo, known to vapers everywhere as pbusardo on his YouTube channel, was once a pack a day smoker — a habit he regretfully picked up in his late teens. After experiencing difficulty kicking his habit, Busardo did some research and took up an original Joye 510 manual (similar to the Joye 510CC).

According to Busardo,

“I went cold turkey on July 7th, 2009 and never looked back.”

From there, his love and respect for e-cigarette products grew, and thus we have one of the creators behind the Zenith Tank. Read more of Busardo’s story here.

Zenith Tank co-creator, Dimitris Agrafiotis, a husband, father, lover of life, and former smoker, chose electronic cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to smoking.

Teamed together, they had one goal in mind:

“… to create an easy and intuitive to use, mouth to lung (MTL) replaceable coil-heat atomizer that vapers and smokers wanting to quit, could enjoy.”

Since 2011, Innokin has helped millions of smokers transition away from traditional combustible tobacco. Suffice it to say, they have struck gold once again with their latest creation.

Unboxing Your New Tank

The Zenith Tank - Available in Multiple Colors

Immediately upon receiving your Zenith tank (still in its box), you will notice that it has a nice pull tab allowing for a smooth and easy unveiling.

Once you slide the inner housing compartment out of its main casing, lift the inner lid and behold a tank so beautiful that you’ll probably not want to get your fingerprints on it. But we suggest you go ahead and take the tank into your hand and just stare at the sleek engineering.

After a few seconds, we suggest you put the tank aside and look at all other cool contents in the box which include:

  • * One Zenith MTL Tank (previously mentioned)
  • * One 1.6 ohm Zenith Coil Head (Pre-Installed)
  • * One 0.8 ohm Zenith Coil Head
  • * Extra O-Ring and Drip Tip Pack
  • * Quick Start Guide.

Boasting a plethora of upgrades, the Zenith tank comes equipped with a 4ml glass tank section, plug and pull coil replacement, an intuitive bottom airflow control ring, and a twisting top fill design.

For the vapers who enjoy a mouth to lung experience, not to mention those who enjoy a direct to lung experience, the Zenith tank satisfies all parties involved. It’s capable of using either a 1.6Ω Kanthal Coil or a 0.8Ω Kanthal Coil.

With five airflow holes at the base of the tank, the Zenith gives the user precision control of flavor and vapor.

Coming Soon – VERY Soon

Excited yet? We sure are! Lookout for the Zenith Tank slated to be released this Monday at Mtbakervapor.com.

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