The Superior Pleasures of E-Cigarettes

If you’ve ever read electronic cigarette reviews you may be wondering how e-cigarettes are different from the “real thing”. Electronic cigarette reviews, however, can be somewhat misleading if you don’t know the facts about this innovative and pleasurable alternative to cigarettes. Below are reviews of electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have come a long way since their introduction in China in 2004.  These first electronic cigarettes were patented under the name “Runyan” which means “almost like smoke” in Chinese.  Marketed by the Golden Dragon group, they caught on quickly via internet sales and hundreds of other brands joined the fray with their own versions of the product.  This competition meant that discriminating smokers had choices as to brands, flavors, strengths of the nicotine delivered and could even pick styles and colors that they liked.  The typical electric cigarette review would praise the convenience, the cost and the flavor of this cigarette alternative but often did not tell the whole story.  The early e-cigarettes systems were often costly and lacking in flavor.

Mt Baker Vapor makes e-cigarettes that are economical, convenient and come in a wide variety of flavors.  “Smoking” Mt. Baker Vapor e-cigarettes is pleasant, fulfilling and very cost effective.  In fact, by vaping e-cigarettes you’ll usually spend less than half of what you used to spend on traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes. 

You’ll find many rewards when you switch to e-cigarettes; according to research as well as many electronic cigarette reviews, you’ll discover that food tastes better and your sinuses are once again open to the delicious scents of everyday life.  If you’ve stopped smoking inside your own home because of concerns for your children, pets or partner, by making the switch you can resume enjoying a satisfying vape after dinner in the comfort of your own living room.  There are no messy ashes, no stale odors clinging to your furniture and clothing and no yellow film coating your walls and other surfaces of your home.  E-cigarettes are convenient, clean and satisfying.

As you read various electronic cigarettes reviews you’ll find that Mt Baker Vapor stands out from the crowd in many ways.  While other manufacturers can now give you a few options in choosing the flavor of your e-cigarettes, Mt Baker Vapor offers you more than one hundred choices.  There are many different categories of flavors, including menthol flavors, regular tobacco flavors, beverage flavors, sweet flavors, fruity flavors, dessert flavors, and many more. Why settle for the ordinary when you can vape the extraordinary?

Electronic cigarette reviews also praise the choice of nicotine strength you can choose from. Mt Baker Vapor offers nicotine dosages ranging from extra strong, to mild, to no nicotine content at all.  

An economical starter kit includes batteries, atomizers, cartridges, charger and liquid nicotine for less than the price of a carton of generic cigarettes.  You can choose from 4 colors and any flavor among the more than two dozen that are listed. 

Although many electronic cigarettes reviews will tell you that e-cigarettes are acceptable anywhere, please check your local laws. Some establishments still view vaping as smoking and prohibit vaping inside. But every electric cigarette review agrees—you can now indulge in a premium cigarette experience nearly anytime you wish without all the mess, smell and expense of conventional cigarettes! When looking for electronic cigarette reviews Mt Baker Vapor provides the e-cigarette experience that everyone is looking for. 


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