The Most Patriotic Vapes for the Summer Holidays From Mt Baker Vapor

Summer is the time that every American can celebrate our most patriotic holidays. There’s July 4th, of course, but also Memorial Day and Labor Day, as well as Columbus Day and Veterans Day once summer has passed. While there’s never a bad time to celebrate being an American, those holidays are a great reason to indulge in the most patriotic, summer-themed vape juice flavors Mt Baker Vapor offers. The following are just a few of the standout flavors in their vape juice lineup.

USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juice

What says “America” more than a Mt Baker Vapor vape juice flavor featuring not only tobacco but also “USA” in the title? Probably not much. The USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juicefeatures the flavor profile of sweet, light USA tobacco for a pleasurable, smooth vape.

Watermelon Vape Juice

This vaping juice represents the incomparable experience of enjoying a juicy watermelon slice on a hot summer day. As watermelon is red, Mt Baker Vapor’s Watermelon Vape Juice can also represent the red of the American flag.

USA Menthol Vape Juice

Rugged and independent while cool, chill, classic, and refreshing. That description applies to both Americans in general and the USA Menthol Vape Juice blended to smooth, brisk perfection by the proud folk at Mt Baker Vapor. Since it’s a clear vape juice, it also gets to be the white of Old Glory.

Blue Moo Vape Juice

Blue Moo Vape Juice has the honor, among all of Mt Baker Vapor’s vape flavors, to complete the colors of our flag. It also has the honor of being incredibly delicious. The flavor-master patriots at Mt Baker Vapor took the very essence of plump, ripe blueberries and the richest cream and mixed them together for a refreshing vape experience that’s hard to beat. Celebrating America never tasted this amazing.

Vape-A-Vet T-Shirt

Patriotic as all of those flavors may be, Mt Baker Vapor has given us a way to show our patriotism in another incredibly important way. They’re proud supporters of the Vape A Vet Project, a nonprofit organization that supplies vets, both in the USA and outside of it, access to a variety of vaping products. Check out and pick up one (or more) of their Vape-A-Vet T-shirts. Not only is it a super-stylish investment, but $5 of every shirt purchased also goes to the nonprofit.

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