A Celebration Of Tim

Here at Mt Baker Vapor, we’re proud to work with one of the most talented, mysterious, and gloriously-bearded men in Arizona. His name is Tim Mechling, and today just so happens to be his birthday. In celebration of this occasion, the marketing crew has put together an all-star selection of MBV content featuring the most interesting man in the vaping industry.


“This next video was one of my favorite things to work on that we have made. Tim had been working in Marketing for maybe two months, when we had the idea to parody one of our favorite unsubscribe videos. We wanted to take it to the next level and really have fun with it. Tim’s beautiful mind produced 5 wonderfully screwed up characters, and we ran with them. Also, all of Tim’s one-liners are gold. Watch the video and see the shenanigans ensue.”




“This photo is from one of my favorite projects that the whole team worked on with Tim. We were brainstorming ideas to promote the new GWAR Fluids MAX VG and Tim came up with the idea to make a Carrie parody style video in a bath tub since one of the flavors is called bloodbath. Tim graciously volunteered his own bathroom to film the parody as well as being the actor to get covered in fake blood. After mixing up a gallon of fake blood and doing a couple test shots using water, we were ready for our star, Tim. The whole thing went off without a hitch and I was able to capture this image of him mid scream. It was great to work as a team to bring Tim’s vision to life.”


“Tim smells like my dad. My favorite content from him, is the content he doesn’t know about.”



“Tim is an honest guy, which is why one of my favorite projects was doing a Build Your Own Juice video with him. Tim has a reputation around the company of vaping almost any flavor provided it’s at least decent. So when he turns his nose up to a flavor, it must be bad. Hearing his responses in this video had me and Zay absolutely dying behind the camera and was truly a highlight of my day.”


“Tim is a very creative person.  He draws, writes and has great ideas.  One of my favorite projects he has done is the Dystopian Vaping series.  This series reminds me of my favorite kinds of stories played out in movies and video games.  It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where everything is dirty and old.  It is a great read and very entertaining.  I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out!”

Part I

Part II

Part III



“A few weeks ago, the marketing office received terrible news. Our close friend and colleague, John Swanke, was leaving MBV to accept a lucrative career opportunity at the edge of the Alaskan wilderness. Swanke was a cheerful fellow who always brought a smile to the office, and that would be missed, but we were mainly distraught because he was the only one that knew how to record and upload an episode of the Ownlife Vapor podcast.

Of course, Tim saved the day. He did not hesitate to add “Podcast Producer” to his extensive list of specialties (which already included: author, editor, talent manager, illustrator, graphic designer, model, actor, and composer). This wasn’t a surprise; Tim is the kind of person who will do anything to help the group he works with. Taking on this challenge was just another example of why we couldn’t ask for a better co-worker. This is the first episode of Ownlife that Tim produced, and we’re looking forward to plenty more.”

Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

  • Mitch Rubin says:

    Happy birthday tmech! Where would i be without the greatest customer service/marketing dude in all of vaping?! Well probably still in my parents basement but lets assume not. You really are a true gentleman and i thank u for everything you and mbv have done for me. Can’t wait for you and everyone from MtBakerVapor to come to Toronto one of these days (Vape Expo May 13-15?? Lol) so we can party it up…..vape style and paint the town gwar red. Well till then enjoy the sunny arizona weather and enjoy ur special day bro!! Happy Birthday

  • Michael Murphy says:

    Those looks like some dope vapes

  • sierra says:

    Happy BELATED birthday!!! My birthday is April 25th. It seems your personality shines just like our birth stone, a diamond. I took marketing at ECPI because I love to have a bit of buisness in my Bachelors degree program as well. We learned how to advertise to certain age groups, sex, and any other sort of things that helps us to reach out to the community we were trying to attract. I have one thing to say…it’s a LOT easier said than done. It takes a ton of work. I also learned how to build a great business presentation so i could start my own business one day. I hope one day to be able to shine like you as part of a successful team, a member that is cherished and always respected. You have done amazing work and if you don’t mind, i will try to learn from what you’ve accomplished so that MAYBE I can do what you do someday. Happy Birthday once again and HERES TO MANY, MANY MORE!!


  • kristyfree says:

    How they do that

  • KittyBoy says:

    Spooky but awesome!

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